Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Jena Coray

01/ gorgeous color block scarves
02/ whoa, this apartment is intense in a great way
03/ beautiful light paintings of dinosaur skeletons
04/ coveting this zig zag shift dress
05/ pumpkin cocktails with a punch
06/ in lust with this convertible teak pool table
07/ such a great idea, use scarves to make curtains!
08/ make a DIY Kelly Wearstler-inspired scarf


Pumpkin Spiced Up


A few weeks ago I tweeted something about wanting to start a second blog based entirely around all things pumpkin spice. It was a joke, but people flipped out with excitement. Because they feel that strongly about the combo. I’m not sure any flavor pairing welcomes a season like pumpkin spice does with fall. Think about it, the arrival of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is practically a national holiday! (It really should be.) Click on the image to go to the recipe and source.











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Oribbon is a sticky strip of paper that has been scored all over the place so you can fold it any which way to create three dimensional designs. If you need some direction, just follow along with the included instructions or go free-form. (via Internet Therapy)


Papillon Belle

The average butterfly only lives between 1 and 4 weeks, but Audrey Botha has found a way to immortalize them. The butterflies used in her collection are sourced from farming projects all over the world and are bred in a sustainable manner. By purchasing jewelry from Papillon Belle, you are not only helping the environment, you are also providing employment for the families in third world countries who breed and raise these delicate creatures. Love that.



Things that look like one thing but are actually another? Some of my favorites. The CuppaCan is a double-walled porcelain coffee cup shaped like an aluminum can. It even has a silicone lid to complete the illusion.



They were selling these trick or treating bags during NYFW and I thought they were fantastic both in the looks and cause department.┬áConstructed from FEED’s signature burlap, each bag generates funding to help UNICEF provide nutritious meals to children in developing countries so they can lead happy, healthy lives.


Brush Vase

I was straightening up my desk with it’s many pen, pencil, and paintbrush cups this morning when I remembered this Brush Vase by Harry Allen that I’d seen. Its intended use is to hold brushes, but an insert to turn it into a flower vase is included. (via Wantist)