Happy Weekend


01/ A fold-out bookshelf, for when you want to be fancier than you are.
02/ Huge awesome/creepy marionettes!
03/ How to make a cardboard chandelier!
04/ A reusable drink carrier that’s perfect for picnic-ing.
05/ Abstract embroidery is a thing!
06/ 10,000 meters of yarn can be really beautiful.
07/ DIY marbled glassware that’s practically screaming for a good cocktail.
08/ Doubt many people are throwing this concrete business card away.
09/ Travel tic-tac-toe that’s perfect for roadtrips.
10/ The World’s Longest Invoice. Happy I don’t have anything to add to it just yet.

2 Comments on “Happy Weekend”

  • my honest answer

    I’m so excited for this weekend – I have nothing to do but plan a party and sew a sampler for my niece!

    04-27-12 » 9:23 am »

  • adele

    I am lurvin’ that glasswear!
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

    04-27-12 » 10:26 am »

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