Happy Weekend


01/ A fold-out bookshelf, for when you want to be fancier than you are.
02/ Huge awesome/creepy marionettes!
03/ How to make a cardboard chandelier!
04/ A reusable drink carrier that’s perfect for picnic-ing.
05/ Abstract embroidery is a thing!
06/ 10,000 meters of yarn can be really beautiful.
07/ DIY marbled glassware that’s practically screaming for a good cocktail.
08/ Doubt many people are throwing this concrete business card away.
09/ Travel tic-tac-toe that’s perfect for roadtrips.
10/ The World’s Longest Invoice. Happy I don’t have anything to add to it just yet.


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: via this we heart it post (not traceable)


01.  this vintage trophy coatrack project is quite brilliant
02.  HEY! you suck at parking
03.  I like this idea of drawing my own shower curtain
04.  a nice article on the evolution of the disposable coffee cup lid
05.  definitely picking up this – Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom – for my mom
06.  I want to make a few of these skewer sculptures in neon yellow
07.  so looking forward to Miranda July’s film The Future
08.  spirograph cake decorating


Happy {Spring} Weekend

PHOTOS: mrs. french


01. how to make your own seed bombs
02. but of course French Paper Co. has lovely business cards!
03. hope you had a lovely Pi Day
04. I’d love to stay at the Whitepod Resort
05. now you can make your own Pop Rocks!
06. create a secret doorstop stash for your valuables
07. if March Madness isn’t for you, maybe Beard Madness is
08. print your own fabric
09. I forgot to do a pie roundup for Pi Day, Amy’s got my back
10. genius idea: visual note taking at SXSWi


Happy Weekend

{via have you hugged your monster today?}

+ I really like the idea of having a stamped business card

+ Forget snowmen, stop-motion snow skeletons are where it’s at!

+ A great idea for a copper wall art project

+ Brilliant soap flakes dispenser design

+ The roving Old School Diner

+ Anxious to try out these magic milk straws

+ A free Andy Warhol papertoy!

Happy Weekend!


Win It: Postal Press.

You read Alyson Graves’ blog, Unruly Things, yes? And you’ve also taken notice of her letterpress venture, Postal Press, no? Then this is definitely your lucky week. And this is definitely one of my favorite giveaways in the history of giveaways. Recently Alyson began offering custom business cards with your silhouette, all you have to do is send her your photo and they take care of the rest. Are you ready? This week one of you will be the winner of 100 custom Silhouette Business Cards!

To Enter, Tell Me:
1. What your current business cards look like.
2. Your email address (In case you win. Those who do not will sadly be disqualified.)
3. Do it all before Monday, February 8th at 9am CST

PS: Congratulations to #14 Allison, the winner of last week’s Strawberry Luna giveaway! Which is oddly fitting since Strawberry Luna is run by an Allison (who I want to say thank you to!)…



Moo dreams up new tools that help people turn their virtual content into beautiful print products. I’m loving their MiniCards and StickerBooks!

The StickerBooks are generated out of your Flickr stream or from your very own designs – 90 different, full color, glossy Stickers, printed on 15 different sheets and bound into a pocket-sized book ($9.99). There are also readymades available if your pictures suck and you want to use Moo’s. There’s free shipping on StickerBooks for July only, so hurry up and take advantage.

MiniCards are roughly half the size of a normal business card. Same deal – choose up to 100 of your own designs or pictures from your Flickr stream (or use Moos) and add up to six different lines of text on the back. The cards show up on your doorstep in a reusable plastic box ($19.99). And I figure you can probably do tons of different things with these besides using them as their intended purpose.