Be still my geometric-loving heart! Lithuanian husband and wife duo Inga and Arvydas screenprint the most awesome pieces for their shop, CORIUMI. Choose from envelope clutches, zipper pouches, and iPad sleeves emblazoned with their designs.



Celebrated 5 years of Design Crush!
Found the one plant that likes my gardening style (or lack thereof).
Peanut the Cat turned 12 July 4th.
Plenty of hot days and golden hours.


Took on this little stray girl (Yorkie/Cairn Terrier mix), Bebe, as a foster
And a few days later this handsome fella (Irish Setter/King Charles Spaniel) mix).
We celebrated Piper’s 4th adoption/birthday July 28th.
I spent lots of mornings here decompressing and trying to slow down.


2012 Olympic Cauldron

My favorite part of Friday night’s Opening Ceremony – other than the Queen’s chubby corgi dogs – was the lighting of the cauldron. Of course this is always one of the most dramatic parts of the event, but I love the way London 2012’s cauldron designed by Thomas Heatherwick feels more like an art installation than anything else. Brilliant. Check out more photos here.


Happy Weekend

01/ The Mason Jar cocktail shaker. Hipster approved.
02/ Humiliating giant head squirrel feeder.
03/ A DIY to save your sofa arms and spare an end table.
04/ AmoeBAND, a customizable bandage.
05/ A combo Beer/Shotglass, talk about space saving.
06/ Cookie + coffee cup = the cookie coffee cup!
07/ Animal sculptures made of reclaimed household items.
08/ Ever think of painting your shelves?
09/ Solar. Making triple digit temps look good.
10/ STACKED – wine, stemware, and corkscrew in one!


How Sweet It Is

no-bake coconut cream (goat cheese) cheesecake


white chocolate lavender vanilla popcorn


white pizza dip


Everyone has a secret favorite site, I don’t care who you are. Blogger or not, sometimes you don’t want to spill the beans on where all of the good stuff comes from. Well, in the case of food blogs I’m spilling. This site is just too good not to, the kind where I pin nine out of ten recipes posted.

Meet How Sweet It Is.

I’ve been following this blog for a few years, and just now realized the girl behind it all – Jessica – lives in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. And a new layer of love is added just like that. Jessica’s recipes are beyond good, they’re smart. And I think what sets them apart is the tweaking of one or two ingredients, like adding goat cheese to cheesecake or lavender to popcorn (see both above). I also love the way she looks at food through her camera lens as, really nice shots that make you start drooling on your keyboard just a little. Like I am now.


Brooklyn Toile

Mike Diamond was always my favorite Beastie Boy, and now if it’s possible maybe even more so. Because the dude created his own French toile-inspired wallpaper featuring all things Brooklyn (think the Notorious B.I.G., Coney Island, and Hasidic Jews) when he wanted something that didn’t exist for his brownstone. Mike D teamed up with Revolver New York to make Brooklyn Toile happen and then put it on sale for the rest of us through Flavor Paper. (via Design Bureau)


Memory Bank

Experiences are greater than material things, or so the thought goes. So wouldn’t it follow that memories are greater than money? I love the idea of Speechless Studios’ Memory Bank, a place to store all of those fleeting and/or momentous things you don’t want to forget.


Olympic Mania

Don’t even get me started on that logo, but the 2012 London Olympics kick off Friday and I couldn’t be more excited – I’m such a nerd. I guess it all started back in the Barcelona Games in 1992, when Kim Zmeskal and Shannon Miller (who I later took a college anthropology course with, FYI) faced off in gymnastics. I recorded it on VHS and rewatched the all-around competition over and over again. Like I didn’t know the end result. There’s just something so captivating about people who work so hard and are so incredibly driven towards something that gets me in the gut. Which is why I’ll be absolutely glued to the television for the next two weeks and go into a mild depression after the Closing Ceremony. Wait, is 32 too late to pick up a sport?

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