Happy Weekend

01/ Planet lollipops!
02/ Wood Idol – limited edition, hand-painted, wooden toys.
03/ A (Drinking) Game of Thrones.
04/ Gorgeous bird paintings.
05/ The $9 cardboard bicycle.
06/ A cloud? Nope, 6,000 lightbulbs.
07/ Swing Table would definitely make a meeting or dinner more fun!
08/ iFamily stickers for us Apple geeks.
09/ Knitted Yoga Balls – yay or nay?
10/ Inflatable metal furniture.



How sexy would Kristine Five Melvær’s Tint room divider be in the corner of a loft as a changing area? They’re inspired by curtains left to flutter in the breeze and question the amount of shield needed to define a space. (via Dezeen)


Curve BT iDock


I haven’t had a land line since 2003, so saying I depend on my cell phone is an understatement. It’s my only line of contact. But here’s something you iPhone-users can relate to, after an extended conversation those bad boys get HOT. They’re also really awkward to hold when you’re trying to do other things at the same time.

Enter the Curve BT iDock. Just plug your iPhone into the base, connect via Bluetooth, then roam freely within a 30 foot radius. It’s super sleek in either black or white and goes with just about any decor. It even charges your phone at the same time. And I have to admit, it’s made my business calls much more enjoyable and less sweaty-eared.


A Curve BT iDock sample was provided to me. All opinions and experiences are my own.


Stone + Honey Arcos Collection

Stone & Honey‘s latest collection, Arcos, abandons the rough edges and stones previously embraced by their pieces in favor of the basics. Brass, torch, hammer, and thread. The color palette is a perfect match for the cooler months that are just about upon us, and the curved arches that dominate the collection are beautifully feminine. Classics in the making, no doubt.


Bar Cart It


For years now I’ve convinced myself that the one thing missing from my home is the perfect bar cart. One that would live within feet of the front door and be stocked with essentials that I could mix up on a whim for guests. Somehow there would always magically be a full ice bucket and a bevy of garnishes at the ready for when the moment struck. I’m determined to make this a reality – at least the owning a bar cart part – and have been doing some serious research!

Clockwise from top left: 70s Gold Trolley from Merchant Archive, Arko Bar Cart from Jeff Studio, Beckett Bar Cart from Williams-Sonoma, Cart by Bao-Nghi Droste Design, Cube Bar Cart from Roberta Schilling, Dessert Cart from Paris Hanjel, Libations Bar Cart from Crate&Barrel, Luxembourg Bar Cart from Horne, The Mrs. Lilien from Society Social


Uniforma Collection


I’ve been waiting for Little Paper Planes to release the Uniforma Collection for what feels like years, but in reality has probably only been a few months. (I’m a good one for exaggeration.) Kelly Lynn Jones has a superb eye that I knew would translate beautifully to her own pieces. And I was right. The first three products are pocket wallets, camera straps, and art pouches (purses). All are available in four colors: brown, cucumber, watermelon, and blueberry and made of genuine lambskin with brass hardware.



Beef and Mushroom Ragu With Pappardelle


Yesterday morning when most people were enjoying an omelette or a Bloody Mary, I was making Beef and Mushroom Ragu With Pappardelle. Then photographing it and having some for breakfast. Because it’s what I do.

And also because I’m kicking off the blog relay for Real Simple’s Month of Dinners blog relay.

Pappardelle is my favorite pasta, but unfortunately all of Oklahoma City seemed to be out of stock and I had to settle for some serious linguine instead. All in all a very easy dish that would be perfect for a quick weeknight meal. I’ll definitely be making it again, probably doubling up on the vegetables and leaving out the meat since I don’t eat a lot of the stuff. (But if you are a beefasaurus here are 10 recipe ideas for ground beef.) You can check out Simply Stated for each day’s recipe and blog relay member, and say hello to my friend Kristin who writes it!


Electrolux Design Lab + Design Crush

As a blogger opportunities occasionally come along that are so unbelievable that you literally stop and say out loud to yourself, “Do they have the right person?” And that’s exactly what happened when I was asked to be a member of Electrolux Design Lab‘s jury for their 2012 global competition taking place in Milan, Italy October 25th.



This year marks the competition’s 10th anniversary and challenged contestants to come up with a new and exciting way to engage our senses. The ultimate goal was to draw inspiration from professional experience creators (chefs, architects, interior designers, hotel designers, etc.) to design home appliances that will provide a fuller sensory experience. No small feat.

Ten finalists, who are industrial design students or recent graduates, have been invited to present their concepts to the four-person jury of Henrik Otto (Senior VP of Design for Electrolux), Davide Oldani (founder and chef of D’O Restaurant in Milan, Italy), Dante Donegani (Director of MA in design Domus Academy Milan, Italy), and myself. We’ll be judging the designs based on intuitive design, innovation, aesthetic qualities and consumer insight. First prize is a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design center and 5,000 Euros. A second prize of 3,000 Euros and third prize of 2,000 Euros will also be awarded. Not too shabby, right?

You can read full descriptions of each finalist on the Design Lab site, as well as see the list of 30 finalists before they were narrowed down. Stayed tuned for more up-to-date information as judgement day rolls closer!


Happy Weekend

01/ A handwriting font. For doctors.
02/ GPS shoes to getcha home.
03/ A Coffee Cup Cookie, naturally.
04/ How to Write a Love Letter.
05/ Pi in the sky!
06/ If you have to muzzle your dog might as well make it adorably hilarious with Quack.
07/ Tiny detailed paintings on pennies.
08/ Now this is a well designed tape measure!
09/ Chemistry Crayons – each one is named after the chemical that makes the color possible.
10/ A large-scale charm bracelet for the streets.