Jessica Harrison

Jessica Harrison-1-Deisgn Crush


Two worlds collide in the form of Jessica Harrison‘s porcelain figures wearing voluminous ball gowns, all while inked up with neck-to-wrist sailor tattoos. I love everything about this collection, from the wistful looks upon their sweet faces to the intricacies of the very accurate ink jobs adorning them. (In the past she’s also explored gowned porcelain ladies in a more sinister fashion.)


Jessica Harrison-2-Deisgn Crush


Jessica Harrison-3-Deisgn Crush

(via Arrested Motion)


Sons & Daughters

Sons & Daughters-1-Design Crush


Sons & Daughters-2-Design Crush


Minimal, functional, and beautifully designed. That’s a solid description of Portland’s Sons & Daughters and the leatherwork owner Katie MacFaarlane creates. From laptop sleeves to clutches, every piece is created to wear well and last. I can definitely see these being classic hand-me-downs for years to come.


Sons & Daughters-3-Design Crush

Sons & Daughters-4-Design Crush

Sons & Daughters-5-Design Crush



Land Style-1-Design Crush


Longtime friends Orlin Mantchev and Amrita Chandra have a shared love of art, travel, and nature. Their studio – LandStyle – is a celebration of landscapes that are dear to them both, and Orlin’s abstract representations put them on full display. The goal is create affordable paintings and prints that are more accessible to art lovers everywhere, which is a mindset I can definitely get behind.


Land Style-2-Design Crush


Land Style-3-Design Crush


Tips&Tricks: Travel


I usually look forward to traveling, but in this day and age it can be tricky. So many regulations, so much security – and that’s just in the U.S. Going abroad or taking a serious road trip is an entirely different story. With summer just around the corner and so many vacations on the horizon, I pulled together some tips and tricks that you’ll want to remember for years to come.


Tips for traveling with a toddler.

Tips for traveling on a shoestring budget.

Tips for surviving extremely long flights… in economy.

Five tips to help you survive a road trip.

How to fight jet lag.

The best packing tips and tricks.

Learn about the best time to book travel.

The 8 things you never pack but should.

How to affordably stay connected abroad.

Fifteen tips for first time cruise-goers.

Dealing with money while traveling.



LaMalconttenta-1-Design Crush


Let’s just make today all about summer, shall we? This time I’m talking about LaMalconttenta, a line by the uber talented Lydia de la Piñera. Ceramics, prints, jewelry, and more that convey the casual effortlessness of the warmest days of the year are all present in Lydia’s Etsy shop. All with the perfect balance of white space and intensely pigmented colors to balance it all out.


LaMalconttenta-2-Design Crush


LaMalconttenta-3-Design Crush


Margaux Roy

Margaux Roy-1-Design Crush


The blown-out photography of Margaux Roy is the definition of summer. Great light, whitewashed landscapes, and long days. I want to live in them, don’t you? I’ll bring the beach towels and Coppertone, you bring the cooler and umbrella.


Margaux Roy-2-Design Crush


Margaux Roy-3-Design Crush


Quercus & Co.

Quercus & Co-1-Design Crush

Quercus & Co-2-Design Crush


My walls are practically bursting at the seams with art, but that doesn’t stop me from ogling everything at Quercus & Co. The Sydney-based wallpaper design and printing company shows off an obvious love of pattern and color and has a gift for combining the two. Every design available is either hand-painted or drawn before being printed onto eco-friendly paper. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my wish list has just grown by an item or two!


Quercus & Co-3-Design Crush


Quercus & Co-4-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ I know you’ve been wondering what a drop of sea water looks like magnified 25 times.
02/ Tiffanie Turner’s gigantic paper flowers are something to behold.
03/ Swingling is a portable playground swing you can take with you anywhere!
04/ Gigantic candy sculptures that look exactly like the real thing.
05/ The Drinkable Book has pages that are actually water filters.
06/ Delectably artistic chocolate bars from Unelefante.
07/ Books repurposed as an actual tabletop.
08/ Turns out security cameras are less intimidating with animals on them.
09/ Animal Architecture is an incredible book about the structures creatures create.
10/ Breakdancing Buddhist monks pay tribute to the late Adam Yauch.

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