The Versatility of a Good Throw

Snowe Home-1-Design Crush


January is not only the coldest, but the month demanding the highest level of coziness. Thankfully Snowe recently released the perfect throw blanket for the job. I’ve been carrying it from room to room for the past week as I work through my day, because it’s just that functional and versatile. It’s a great throw to curl up with during a nap, and the super luxe cashmere, merino lambswool. and silk feel as amazing as they sound.


Snowe Home-2-Design Crush

Snowe Home-3-Design Crush


I’ve been trying to get back into my reading groove in the new year. This throw is the perfect thing to curl up with in my favorite chair – just add a book and a steaming mug of tea! Not only does this beauty look seamless in my living room, it’s also static resistant so it attracts less… like my pups’ hair.


Snowe Home-4-Design Crush

Snowe Home-5-Design Crush


Last, but certainly not least, it’s ideal for curling up in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine. Just like all of Snowe‘s goods, it’s exceptionally made and thoughtfully designed. I’m looking forward to adding more of their pieces to my home over time.

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Rayleigh Table Lamp

Rayleigh Table Lamp-1-Design Crush


Though it carries a hefty price tag, I can’t help but stare at the Rayleigh Table Lamp. When switched off it comes off as a pretty pastel geometric sculpture, but flip the switch and light flows through a series of prisms to create a spectrum of neon hues.


Rayleigh Table Lamp-2-Design Crush


Ajean Ryan

Ajean Ryan-1-Design Crush


Installations, paintings, graphite, pastel, sculpture… and dimensional drawings. Ajean Ryan‘s portfolio is a robust one, full of experiment and whimsy. And the last category above is the one that intrigues me most – dimensional drawings covered in bits and baubles from everyday life that all but jump off the page at you.


Ajean Ryan-2-Design Crush

Ajean Ryan-3-Design Crush

Ajean Ryan-4-Design Crush

Ajean Ryan-5-Design Crush

Ajean Ryan-6-Design Crush

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Spaghetti Squash 12 Ways

I was first introduced to spaghetti squash back in the 90s when my mom was on a clean eating diet. Being a picky teenage vegetarian at that time, I fell hard for the weird squash that took on the form of one of my favorite foods. These days it’s everywhere, and in about a hundred more forms and recipes – here are twelve I’d love to try.














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Alexander Straulino

Alexander Straulino-1-Design Crush


It’s rare that we share photography, but I’m making a conscious effort to change that beginning with lauded German photographer Alexander Straulino. His stylistic perfection, aesthetic boldness, and saturated tones turn models into works of art with a click of the shutter. Straulino’s willingness to step out on a limb and experiment in the obscure is the definition of art.


Alexander Straulino-2-Design Crush

Alexander Straulino-3-Design Crush

Alexander Straulino-4-Design Crush

Alexander Straulino-5-Design Crush

Alexander Straulino-6-Design Crush

Alexander Straulino-7-Design Crush


Refocusing with Pique Tea

Pique Tea-1-Design Crush


It’s no secret that working from home can be a challenge some days. For every advantage (flexible schedule!) there’s a disadvantage (distractions!). As Design Crush has continued to grow as a business my approach has had to change, and the latest curve is one I can’t say I was expecting.

As a freelance or contract worker there’s always the fear that the current job I’m working on will be the last. It’s the nature of the beast, and in my case the anxiety – and I don’t like saying no because of it. In the past year I’ve said yes a few too many times, and found myself slogging through the last three months of 2015 with way too much on my shoulders. Namely, I was neglecting to make any time for myself.


Pique Tea-2-Design Crush


I knew I had to change up my routine and focus on the times during the day when I felt most productive as for that hour or two that left me dragging. I used to end my day during chillier months with a cup of tea, and thought that maybe rescheduling what used to be my downtime as a time to refocus might help me out.


Pique Tea-3-Design Crush


Then along came Pique Tea. Designed for excellence with every sip, Pique Tea has taken the tea world by storm with their new Tea Crystals. I love that even though my tea is ready in an instant the results aren’t compromised, the tea in my mug is pure and rich and tastes just as though I’d thoughtfully brewed it.


Pique Tea-4-Design Crush


So just how does Pique Tea achieve this tea crystal sorcery? It’s relatively simple – they brew high quality organic loose tea leaves, then when the perfect brew is reached they distill it into pure tea crystals. Basically taking the guesswork out of making a great cup of tea, and helping me avoid over-brewing by walking out of the kitchen and letting my tea steep for too long. (So guilty.) The hope is that a great cup of tea made easy will cause a ripple effect of feeling well, doing well, and doing more.


Pique Tea-5-Design Crush


But don’t take my word for it, try Pique Tea for yourself. Sign up for a free trial and receive all five flavors – Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Mint Sencha, Sencha, and Jasmine – to try on your own (that’s 14 sachets, or a week’s supply)! Now tell me, how do you make time for yourself during the weekdays?

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Angela Schwer

Angela Schwer-1-Design Crush


California-based artist Angela Schwer creates the most incredible sculptures – for your wall. Nature inspires the flower, fungi, and sea plant pieces that are both insanely detailed and beautifully monochromatic. Each of Angela’s artworks are created as a wall tile to be easily hung in your space. Check out her Etsy shop, Dilly Pad, to pick up a piece of your own.


Angela Schwer-2-Design Crush

Angela Schwer-3-Design Crush

Angela Schwer-4-Design Crush

Angela Schwer-5-Design Crush

Angela Schwer-6-Design Crush

Angela Schwer-7-Design Crush

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42 Pressed

42 Pressed-1-Design Crush


It’s been awhile since a letterpress shop smacked me upside the head and left me reeling. (In a good way.) But that’s exactly what I happened when I first laid eyes on 42 Pressed a few months ago. The color, style, and sizing of every piece is spot on spectacular. Shop founder and creative director Jackie Hall Robinson fuses hand painting, patterns, typography, and letterpress to create something so good that I can’t help but gush.


42 Pressed-2-Design Crush

42 Pressed-3-Design Crush

42 Pressed-4-Design Crush

42 Pressed-5-Design Crush

42 Pressed-6-Design Crush

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