Let’s Talk Entryways

HGTV-Design Crush

The entryway to your home is the handshake, the how-do-you-do, nice-to-meet-you extended toward guests. You want it to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional – aplace to drop keys, hang coats, and wipe feet. And when done right it can feel like its very own room, despite the size.


Old Brand New-Design Crush
Old Brand New


Leroy Merlin-Design Crush
Leroy Merlin


Wit & Delight-Design Crush
Wit & Delight


via Marie Claire Maison-Design Crush
via Marie Claire Maison


House of Jade-Design Crush
House of Jade


via Domino1-Design Crush
via Domino


Style and Create-Design Crush
Style and Create


dét Dia-Design Crush
dét Dia


via Domino-Design Crush
via Domino


Craig Ward / In Loving Memory of Colour

Craig Ward-1-Design Crush


Craig Ward is an artist with an admitted fear of color. Most of his works lean towards black and white because, technically speaking, we trust them more and are able to focus on the composition without any added information that might distract. But Ward has decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak by undertaking a series of experiments – In Loving Memory of Colour – where every medium is fair game.


Craig Ward-2-Design Crush

Craig Ward-3-Design Crush

Craig Ward-4-Design Crush

Craig Ward-5-Design Crush


Living with Pattern

Rebecca Atwood-Design Crush


Rebecca Atwood may very well be my favorite textile maker, and I’ve been waiting for her book – Living with Pattern – since she first uttered word of its impending arrival. Pattern is one of the most prominent presences in any room, but it can also be one of the most challenging to introduce. Rebecca shares just how to mix and layer prints throughout your space using things you might already own and talks about some areas you may not have thought to add it to (remember my fireplace using her wallpaper?). Pick up a copy for brilliant ideas and beautiful photography.


Rebecca Atwood's Living with Pattern-1-Design Crush

Rebecca Atwood's Living with Pattern-2-Design Crush

Rebecca Atwood's Living with Pattern-3-Design Crush

Rebecca Atwood's Living with Pattern-4-Design Crush


Kirsten Sims

Kirsten Sims-1-Design Crush


Kirsten Sims‘ paintings feel like someplace I want to live, they perfectly encapsulate some of my favorite  places and times of year. The beach, a summer get together, and autumn to name just a few. Sims says she often feels like a stage director – creating the backdrop, setting the mood and then introducing the actors before seeing how much of a story she can tell in a single image.


Kirsten Sims-2-Design Crush

Kirsten Sims-3-Design Crush

Kirsten Sims-4-Design Crush

Kirsten Sims-5-Design Crush

Kirsten Sims-6-Design Crush


Wayne White X Fishs Eddy Serving Trays

Wayne White X Fishs Eddy Serving Trays-1-Design Crush


Fishs Eddy always pulls together some fantastic collaborations that capitalize on both parties and their notable combined expertise. This time they’ve teamed up with Wayne White to create a series of nine fiberglass serving trays featuring some of his distinctive text-based paintings. Any one of them would make a great addition to any art lovers home.


Wayne White X Fishs Eddy Serving Trays-2-Design Crush

Wayne White X Fishs Eddy Serving Trays-3-Design Crush

Wayne White X Fishs Eddy Serving Trays-4-Design Crush

Wayne White X Fishs Eddy Serving Trays-5-Design Crush


Swen Swenson

Swen Swenson-1-Design Crush


Swen Swenson has a talent for capturing the beauty in ordinary situations in his minimal illustrations. Serene camping scenes, the fear of a platform diving board, and so many more scenes are brought to life through superb attention to detail. Swenson also designs some fantastically graphic skateboard decks that you can purchase, as well as prints of his artwork.


Swen Swenson-2-Design Crush


Swen Swenson-4-Design Crush

Swen Swenson-5-Design Crush

Swen Swenson-6-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1/ Cheryl Sorg
2/ All Things Coffee
3/ Daniel Taylor
4/ Marc Figueras
5/ Mix&Match
6/ All Patched Up
7/ Rice Krispie Treats 12 Ways
8/ Tom Blachford’s Midnight Modern
9/ Alessandro Calabrese’s A Failed Entertainment


1/ Russian family poses for sweet and surreal photos with a real bear in the woods.
2/ Exploding paint cans in slow motion.
3/ Camera traps capture striking photos of African animals at night.
4/ The crazy things you can use as tiles.
5/ Mesmerizing acrylic and resin swirl table brings the universe to the dining room.
6/ Technicolor rainbow tape floor installations by Jim Lambie.
7/ The Moment, a short animation that will punch you in the gut with emotions.
8/ A stunning house that can change colors like a mood ring.
9/ An antique piano cut in half, connected only by a wishbone.


Alessandro Calabrese / A Failed Entertainment

Alessandro Calabrese-1-Design Crush


Alessandro Calabrese‘s A Failed Entertainment series was created with the help of Google’s Image Reverse Search, with the goal of questioning the role of photographer as author. It investigates photography as a medium rather than communicating a story or feelings. The process is really fascinating.

Using a custom plugin built by a friend, I obtained a random selection of these related, anonymous images, and printed each one on separate acetate sheets [a type of transparent sheet] at the actual download size. The next step was overlaying the original photographs – my photographs – with those Google had returned as similar. Finally, I backlit and scanned each group of photographs into a single image.


Alessandro Calabrese-2-Design Crush

Alessandro Calabrese-3-Design Crush

Alessandro Calabrese-4-Design Crush

Alessandro Calabrese-5-Design Crush

Alessandro Calabrese-6-Design Crush


Rice Krispie Treats 12 Ways

August means back-to-school and school means rice krispie treats – it’s simple math really. When I was in elementary school few kids had crazy food allergies like today, so it was always exciting when one of my classmates had a birthday and their parents sent along a classroom treat to celebrate. My favorite was always rice krispie treats. I loved their texture and the sticky way they pull apart, and I still do. Check out these twelve recipes for some creative takes on the classic!














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Marc Figueras

Marc Figueras-1-Design Crush


Spanish artist Marc Figueras captures the best street scenes. Women walking and biking through urban backgrounds that he paints in an almost sartorial light, nearly always from behind with the occasional three-quarter view. I like to imagine where they’re headed or what exactly they’re on vacation from.


Marc Figueras-2-Design Crush

Marc Figueras-3-Design Crush

Marc Figueras-4-Design Crush

Marc Figueras-5-Design Crush

Marc Figueras-6-Design Crush

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