Joe Rudko

Joe Rudko-1-Design Crush


Loving these abstract mixed media pieces by artist Joe Rudko. The cut up packaging and photographs are recognizable for what they originally were, but taken out of context and paired with colored pencil sketches everything works together to create something fresh and new.


Joe Rudko-2-Design Crush

Joe Rudko-3-Design Crush

Joe Rudko-4-Design Crush

Joe Rudko-5-Design Crush


Gabriela Ibarra

Gabriela Ibarra-1-Design Crush


You can file these pieces by Gabriela Ibarra in the She Made That How? file. The short answer is that they’re linoleum prints. The long(er) answer is that Ibarra begins the process by layering collaged tissue paper, then arranges each lino-print flower, and finally paints and draws on top of the botanical layers she’s created. The neon end result is utterly fantastic.


Gabriela Ibarra-2-Design Crush

Gabriela Ibarra-3-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Bryan Ray

Bryan Ray-1-Design Crush


The art of Bryan Ray might surprise you, at least the mediums he uses to create it. What I initially guessed to be textile works are actually acrylic and paper on wood. WHOA. The Portland-based artist creates such movement and momentum in his pieces that your eyes are immediately drawn left to right. The result is a juxtaposition of sorts, creating a feeling of futurism and analog all at once.


Bryan Ray-2-Design Crush

Bryan Ray-3-Design Crush

Bryan Ray-4-Design Crush

Bryan Ray-5-Design Crush


Cosmic Nuggets / Maskz

Cosmic Nugget-1-Design Crush


Cosmic Nuggets’ Maskz illustrations overlay magazine pages and feel decidedly circus-like to me, making them extra perfect for summer. I love the symmetry and the limited palette of red, yellow, and black that give each and every piece an almost sinister feel.


Cosmic Nugget-2-Design Crush

Cosmic Nugget-3-Design Crush

Cosmic Nugget-4-Design Crush

Cosmic Nugget-5-Design Crush


Print Edition: June


Diamonds and Monsters by The Adventures Of // Dots – I by Elizabeth Fredriksson // Hug More by Beauchamping // I Do What I Want by Sams Simple Decor // Lunar Fruit by J.P. Ormiston



Thumbs Up by Strawberry Moth // Mermaid by Matou en Peluche // Painted Protea Pattern by Micklyn // Patchwork by Holly Exley Illustration // Wipeout by Stephanie Sherman



Kristen Martincic / Pool Series

Kristen Martincic-1-Design Crush


With the temperatures climbing slowly towards miserable, any form of refreshment is welcome. Including pool art in the form of Kristen Martincic‘s Pool Series. She’s been exploring water environments – pools, lakes, showers – with a special interest in how we interact with the different levels of privacy each one offers.


Kristen Martincic-2-Design Crush

Kristen Martincic-3-Design Crush

Kristen Martincic-4-Design Crush

Kristen Martincic-5-Design Crush

(via Miss Moss)


Merve Özaslan / Natural Act

Merve Özaslan-1-Design Crush


Merve Özaslan‘s Natural Act collage series shows off city and suburban scenes with portals to the natural world. Özaslan explores the relationship between nature and humanity, in the end reassuring us that each one is a part of the other.


Merve Özaslan-2-Design Crush

Merve Özaslan-3-Design Crush

Merve Özaslan-4-Design Crush

Merve Özaslan-5-Design Crush


Sipho Mabona

Sipho Mabona-1-Design Crush


Sipho Mabona, well known for his origami masterpieces, has branched out in another creative direction that feels similar yet wildly different. Mabona has been making a modern version of stained glass with … wait for it … melted sugar and liquid watercolor. Temperamental, delicate, and majorly beautiful.


Sipho Mabona-2-Design Crush

Sipho Mabona-3-Design Crush

Sipho Mabona-4-Design Crush

Sipho Mabona-5-Design Crush

(via My Modern Metropolis)


Liz Payne

Liz Payne-1-Design Crush


Good things happen when Liz Payne combines hand painted textiles with embroidered thread, wool, beads, and sequins. The real aha moment came along when she realized her art is interesting from both sides. So to capitalize Liz created a frame that allows you to view it from both sides – genius. I also love the pouch and shoes she’s created, available for sale along with her art in Liz’s shop Flirting with Yellow.


Liz Payne-2-Design Crush

Liz Payne-3-Design Crush

Liz Payne-4-Design Crush

Liz Payne-5-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)



Talwst-1-Design Crush


Miniature dioramas make me anxious by nature, they’re just so tiny and the artist has to be so precise. Toronto’s Talwst creates his version in antique ring boxes, though the events within often take place in present day. He describes the process as meditative, just going to show it takes a special kind of person to give the detail required to these small masterpieces.


Talwst-2-Design Crush

Talwst-4-Design Crush

Talwst-5-Design Crush