Bekka Palmer

Bekka Palmer-1-Design Crush


I especially love when an artist gravitates towards one medium or material and runs with it in every possible direction. Case in point, Bekka Palmer‘s hand-sewn rope necklaces and embroidered film series.  Her necklaces are just about perfect for your summer wardrobe while the embroidered film is part of a larger project – 100 Days of Thread and Film.


Bekka Palmer-2-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-3-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-4-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-5-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-6-Design Crush


Xuan loc Xuan

Xuan loc Xuan-1-Design Crush


Xuan loc Xuan is a freelance illustrator based out of Ho Chi Min City. I’m a fan of his style, in particular this series of portraits created from a mix of digital art, illustration, and painting. Be sure and check out his entire portfolio – it’s lovely in its entirety.


Xuan loc Xuan-2-Design Crush

Xuan loc Xuan-3-Design Crush

Xuan loc Xuan-4-Design Crush

Xuan loc Xuan-5-Design Crush


Kueng Caputo

Kueng Caputo-1-Design Crush


Kueng Caputo is a collaborative art effort between two design school friends, and each consecutive collection seems better than the last. My favorite is Never Too Much, a series of benches, stools, bowls, and lights made from leather and enamel that have been splattered with organic vegetable stains in to create a chromatic effect. Just looking at them I can feel joy rising up within myself!


Kueng Caputo-2-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-3-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-4-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-5-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-6-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-7-Design Crush


Dorris Vooijs

Dorris Vooijs-1-Design Crush


The layered mixed media works of Dorris Vooijs are a study in what beauty can come from the combination of traditional and digital techniques. Collected vintage pictures, digital sketches, markers, spray paint, embroidery, and ink all play their roles as Dorris turns it all into something that matches her current state of mind.


Dorris Vooijs-2-Design Crush

Dorris Vooijs-3-Design Crush

Dorris Vooijs-4-Design Crush

Dorris Vooijs-5-Design Crush

Dorris Vooijs-6-Design Crush


Maya Freelon Asante

Maya Freelon Asante-1-Design Crush


Bold color choices and the manipulation of tissue paper is what it all comes down to for Maya Freelon Asante. Shades blur into one another, showing themselves to be both vulnerable and powerful all at the same time as each of her works throw themselves into the three dimensional world.


Maya Freelon Asante-2-Design Crush

Maya Freelon Asante-4-Design Crush

Maya Freelon Asante-5-Design Crush

Maya Freelon Asante-6-Design Crush


Genevieve Barbee

Genevieve Barbee-1-Design Crush


One of the more recent friends I’ve connected with in Pittsburgh is the multi-talented Genevieve Barbee, aka The AP Collection. In fact, if you follow me on social media you’ve already seen her work without realizing it because she’s the artist behind my avatar. Genevieve has her hand in many creative pots, my portrait being part of her That’s What You’re Good At (TWYGA) project where individuals are asked to submit their talents to be translated into art. Mine was trendspotting and the result is one of my favorite depictions of myself ever.



Genevieve Barbee-3-Design Crush


Genevieve Barbee-4-Design Crush


Victoria Wagner / Woodrocks

Victoria Wagner-1-Design Crush


The 100+ year old Norwegian maple tree in my front yard is half-dead and being taken down today, so Victoria Wagner‘s Woodrocks seem especially fitting to share. She uses large pieces of reclaimed wood sliced into geometric shapes and painted using oils to create each gem-like work. I’m thinking of keeping a piece of my tree and creating a little something to pay homage to it.


Victoria Wagner-2-Design Crush

Victoria Wagner-3-Design Crush

Victoria Wagner-4-Design Crush

Victoria Wagner-5-Design Crush


Justyn Hegreberg

Justyn Hegreberg-1-Design Crush


Make it work is Portland-based artist Justyn Hegreberg‘s mantra. In fact, his only self-imposed rule is to never throw away something once he’s begun working on it. And it seems to show through in his work in a lovely way because Hegreberg has a fast and loose style.


Justyn Hegreberg-2-Design Crush

Justyn Hegreberg-3-Design Crush

Justyn Hegreberg-4-Design Crush

Justyn Hegreberg-5-Design Crush

Justyn Hegreberg-6-Design Crush

Justyn Hegreberg-7-Design Crush