Ajean Ryan

Ajean Ryan-1-Design Crush


Installations, paintings, graphite, pastel, sculpture… and dimensional drawings. Ajean Ryan‘s portfolio is a robust one, full of experiment and whimsy. And the last category above is the one that intrigues me most – dimensional drawings covered in bits and baubles from everyday life that all but jump off the page at you.


Ajean Ryan-2-Design Crush

Ajean Ryan-3-Design Crush

Ajean Ryan-4-Design Crush

Ajean Ryan-5-Design Crush

Ajean Ryan-6-Design Crush

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Print Edition: January


Antique Bird Illustration by The Black Vinyl // Banana Bread Recipe by Drunk Girl Designs // Create Something Today by Words Brand // Hanging Pink Moon by Fybur // I Don’t Believe in Magic by Jolie Marche



Make It With Your Hands by Half Hazard Press // Moonrise by Beth Hoeckel Collage & Design // Neighborhood Patterns City Maps by 42 Pressed // Torched by Kaydi Bishop // Virginia Woolf Dreams by Laurel Canyon Dreaming



Albert Ruiz Villar

Albert Ruiz Villar-1-Design Crush


Albert Ruiz Villar‘s mixed media on wood pieces just about pop right off of the screen for me. His structural pieces feel like fantastical architecture that might exist in some far off alternate universe. Don’t you want to jump right into one?


Albert Ruiz Villar-4-Design Crush


Justine Khamara

Justine Khamara-1-Design Crush


Melbourne, Australia-based artist Justine Khamara is a master of digital manipulation. Khamara hand-cuts photographs, then reorganizes and pastes them into other configurations. Sometimes pasted, sometimes woven, always interesting.


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Justine Khamara-4-Design Crush

Justine Khamara-5-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

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Stacie Green

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By looking at Stacie Green‘s mixed media art you can tell she finds great peace and meditation within each one as it’s created. Her love of textiles and Southeast Asia is evident as is her wanderlust. And now Stacie has a shop full of art up for the buying – do you think those properties might transport over? I hope so.


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Antoine Cordet

Version 2


Antoine Cordet‘s mixed media portraits seem just about perfect for the overcast days of mid-November. The acrylic paintings with marker on canvas feel moody and emotional, kind of how I feel getting geared up for the holidays.


Antoine Cordet-2-Design Crush

Antoine Cordet-3-Design Crush

Antoine Cordet-4-Design Crush

Antoine Cordet-5-Design Crush

Antoine Cordet-6-Design Crush


Sarah Illenberger / Wonderplants

Sarah Illenberger-1-Design Crush


Sarah Illenberger is an artist in the truest sense of the word, she can do a little bit of everything it seems. In fact, we wrote about her last January for something completely different. This ten part series – Wonderplants – was created during a 6-week stint in Portugal, using nothing but plants and supplies from local craft stores. Art really is all around us if we just stop and look around.


Sarah Illenberger-2-Design Crush

Sarah Illenberger-3-Design Crush

Sarah Illenberger-4-Design Crush

Sarah Illenberger-5-Design Crush

Sarah Illenberger-6-Design Crush

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Annie O’Dorisio



An addition of wool to Annie O’Dorisio‘s pen and ink drawings takes them to another level, another plane. She explains that the wool is not only a way to add texture and sculptural dimension to each piece, it’s also an element of warmth added to what can be rather masculine drawings. A practice in restraint, no doubt.







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