Francoise Nielly

Francoise Nielly-1-Design Crush


Two words come to mind when viewing Francoise Nielly‘s paintings – raw and emotional. Each portrait is created with Nielly’s trademark palette knife technique, making every vividly hued face feel that much closer to a sculpture.


Francoise Nielly-2-Design Crush

Francoise Nielly-3-Design Crush

Francoise Nielly-4-Design Crush

Francoise Nielly-5-Design Crush

Francoise Nielly-6-Design Crush


Print Edition: February


May Day by Hayley Mitchell Art // Bath Time by Natalie Trovato // Composition Series 2: B by Kate Miss // Fleur Femme by Wayne Pate // Grace Coddington by Gray Day Studio



Houseplants by Hartland Brooklyn // It’s Okay by Matthew Taylor Wilson // Miko Sorry by Mathilde Aubier // Morning River by Lauren Adams // No Dancing Except on Tables by Planeta 444



Palmistry by Ms Matilda // Persistence is Fruitful by Anthony Burrill // Pillow Land by Clare Elsaesser // Pyrite Light No. 1 by Hamish Robertson // San Francisco is for Carnivores by Drywall


Jonas Wood

Jonas Wood-1-Design Crush


Jonas Wood‘s paintings are wonderfully quirky, making them all the more slice of life. My favorite just might be the last one below, with its stack of pet carriers in the basement or garage. Now that one really hits close to home!


Jonas Wood-2-Design Crush

Jonas Wood-3-Design Crush

Jonas Wood-4-Design Crush

Jonas Wood-5-Design Crush

Jonas Wood-6-Design Crush

Jonas Wood-7-Design Crush


Santiago Salvador Ascui

Santiago Salvador Ascui-1-Design Crush


Chilean-born Santiago Salvador Ascui creates massive, colorful, bold paintings of nondescript figures. Some of my favorites are those in which the figures are so numerous that they take on the appearance of being a pattern. (I also secretly love that there aren’t any with lone characters.)


Santiago Salvador Ascui-2-Design Crush

Santiago Salvador Ascui-3-Design Crush

Santiago Salvador Ascui-4-Design Crush

Santiago Salvador Ascui-5-Design Crush

Santiago Salvador Ascui-6-Design Crush


Ashley Eliza Williams

Ashley Eliza Williams-1-Design Crush


Otherworldly is the first word that came to mind after seeing Ashley Eliza Williams‘ paintings for the first time. The Boulder, Colorado-based artist’s paintings reveal glimpses of a complex internal world influenced by dreams and phenomenological experiences in nature.


Ashley Eliza Williams-2-Design Crush

Ashley Eliza Williams-3-Design Crush

Ashley Eliza Williams-4-Design Crush

Ashley Eliza Williams-5-Design Crush

Ashley Eliza Williams-6-Design Crush


Monica Rohan

Monica Rohan-1-Design Crush


Australian artist Monica Rohan is the star of her own portrait series, perpetually rifling through and searching for the unknown. With her painted face forever hidden, Rohan depends on the figures’ body language to express emotion.


Monica Rohan-2-Design Crush

Monica Rohan-3-Design Crush

Monica Rohan-4-Design Crush

Monica Rohan-5-Design Crush

Monica Rohan-6-Design Crush

Monica Rohan-7-Design Crush


Alexandra Valenti

Alexandra Valenti-1-Design Crush


Alexandra Valenti accomplishes some amazing things with color in her work, both in manipulated photography and my favorite: watercolors. While some look intentional, other takes on a nearly microbial appearance.


Alexandra Valenti-2-Design Crush

Alexandra Valenti-3-Design Crush

Alexandra Valenti-4-Design Crush

Alexandra Valenti-5-Design Crush


Print Edition: January


Antique Bird Illustration by The Black Vinyl // Banana Bread Recipe by Drunk Girl Designs // Create Something Today by Words Brand // Hanging Pink Moon by Fybur // I Don’t Believe in Magic by Jolie Marche



Make It With Your Hands by Half Hazard Press // Moonrise by Beth Hoeckel Collage & Design // Neighborhood Patterns City Maps by 42 Pressed // Torched by Kaydi Bishop // Virginia Woolf Dreams by Laurel Canyon Dreaming



Erin Armstrong

Erin Armstrong-1-Design Crush


Toronto-based artist Erin Armstrong uses swift and decisive markings over acrylic-based images to create expressive people in everyday situations. The result is more about creating an atmosphere than mimicking reality.


Erin Armstrong-2-Design Crush

Erin Armstrong-3-Design Crush

Erin Armstrong-4-Design Crush

Erin Armstrong-5-Design Crush

Erin Armstrong-6-Design Crush


Print Edition: December


Bayleaves Watercolor Canvas by The Savvy Heart // Bowl of Ferns by Stellaire Studio // F + V by Young American Creatives // Frame Two Flat by ALSO // Good Day by Moon Rabbit Press



Good Vibes by Cat Coquillette // Indigo Lines by Sycamore Street Press // Inspirational Quote by Easy, Tiger // New York Rooftop by Idlewild Co. // Orange Sun by Honey & Bloom



Rose Poster by Fine Little Day // Subtle Horizon by Georgia Paraschiv // This Print Wished You Would… by Laure Prouvost // Vintage Beer Photo by The Beer Book // We Are All Made of Stardust by