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This week on Design Crush:
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Grant Haffner

Grant Haffner-1-Design Crush


Long solo drives are like therapy for me, and I’ve often thought that some of the views that pass by are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Cornfields in Kansas, sunsets in Oklahoma, even my street – the list just goes on. Grant Haffner must feel the same way because his acrylic paintings capture nothing but the view, relying on color to express the energy of the open road.


Grant Haffner-2-Design Crush

Grant Haffner-3-Design Crush

Grant Haffner-4-Design Crush

Grant Haffner-5-Design Crush

Grant Haffner-6-Design Crush



Amateurs-1-Design Crush


Paris-based couple Jin Angdoo Lee and Mathieu Julien are freelance illustrators and artists who operate under the name Amateurs. And my, are they anything but. I want to wear their needle felted sweaters and hang everything else on my walls.


Amateurs-2-Design Crush

Amateurs-4-Design Crush

Amateurs-3-Design Crush

Amateurs-5-Design Crush


Roos van der Vliet

Roos van der Vliet-1-Design Crush


Roos van der Vliet‘s floating heads and emotive eyes are stunning. van der Vliet’s realistic paintings not only make me want to make the hair mask a thing to block the cold this winter, they also make me want to pay more attention to plucking my eyebrows!


Roos van der Vliet-2-Design Crush

Roos van der Vliet-3-Design Crush

Roos van der Vliet-4-Design Crush

Roos van der Vliet-5-Design Crush


Kirra Jamison

Kirra Jamison-1-Design Crush


Australian-born and based Kirra Jamison seems like a really fun gal, if you can judge a person by the art they create. (Pssst… I think you can.) Her large scale abstracts are full of color and shape, some teem with inertia while other resemble 2D sculptures forever frozen on a canvas.


Kirra Jamison-2-Design Crush

Kirra Jamison-3-Design Crush

Kirra Jamison-4-Design Crush

Kirra Jamison-5-Design Crush

Kirra Jamison-6-Design Crush


Fanny Nushka Moreaux

Fanny Nushka Moreaux-1-Design Crush


I love the insinuated, the vague, the outlines of art. One day I hope to have an entire wall filled with works showcasing just those qualities, and Fanny Nushka Moreaux‘s paintings definitely deserve representation when I do. Her garbed women are completely mysterious and seemingly just out of reach.


Fanny Nushka Moreaux-2-Design Crush

Fanny Nushka Moreaux-3-Design Crush

Fanny Nushka Moreaux-4-Design Crush

Fanny Nushka Moreaux-5-Design Crush

Fanny Nushka Moreaux-6-Design Crush


Calvin Ross Carl

Calvin Ross Carl-1-Design Crush


Birthday cake? Nope. It’s the latest work from painter Calvin Ross Carl, who we last checked with back in 2014. He works with enamel and acrylic on a primed canvas to create these beauties that make me want to ditch the brushes and experiment with some adult-level finger painting.


Calvin Ross Carl-2-Design Crush

Calvin Ross Carl-3-Design Crush

Calvin Ross Carl-4-Design Crush

Calvin Ross Carl-5-Design Crush


Jane Lafarge Hamill

Jane Lafarge Hamill-1-Design Crush


Do you see what I see? Jane Lafarge Hamill‘s paintings investigate contemporary portraiture through swaths of partially mixed paint and suggested outlines of features.

While painting, I both remember and imagine interactions with people; from the real to the surreal, from the mundane to grand, with anyone from close friends to compelling historical figures; and then try to render them with an emotional flash to establish all the pieces together in a gestural present. In my most recent paintings, the subjects are more fugitive; they’re fleeting figures whose aesthetic roots lie more closely to a brain scan than a traditional profile. These new portraits depict an applied, but honestly felt, emotional space that exists between the memory of looking, being looked at, and going deeper to bring a rich interior life to the surface.


Jane Lafarge Hamill-2-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-3-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-4-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-5-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-6-Design Crush


Oren Haskins

Oren Haskins-1-Design Crush


I’m not sure Oren Haskins is creating any new work, these pieces are from 2013, but I’m still drawn to his confident portrayals of women. Chins pointed up, eyes gazing away with a playfully knowing smile on their lips, each one seems to have a secret she’s dying to share with you.


Oren Haskins-2-Design Crush

Oren Haskins-3-Design Crush

Oren Haskins-4-Design Crush

Oren Haskins-5-Design Crush