Alison Cooley

Alison Cooley-1-Design Crush


Alison Cooley‘s beautifully large paintings are created right in her living room, hanging on the walls as she works. I love that she’s drawn to pinks throughout her portfolio, a color she speaks about so many people hating.

My paintings have a heightened palette pulled from the pigments of the natural world via waxy, glossy, and incandescent colors. I build the fragile depth by playing with juxtapositions — flesh tones and neon, stark twisting lines with creamy, shimmering color fields, transparent ink bubbles and chalky graphite scratchings. Lines, etchings and blooms of color express the range of ways we present ourselves to the world. I love the graphic potential of using graffiti mops and calligraphy pens alongside traditional watercolor, colored pencil, and oil paint, in many cases layering them over each other.


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Alison Cooley-4-Design Crush

Alison Cooley-5-Design Crush


Anna Valdez / Still Life

Anna Valdez-1-Design Crush


I’ve been having tons of summer daydreams this week after an especially unseasonably cold and rainy weekend. Anna Valdez‘s works are a light at the end of the tunnel leading to lazy picnics and coffee-filled sidewalk cafe mornings. My favorite, her Still Life series, is full of lovely oil paintings created using her own household belongings to explore traditions and history.


Anna Valdez-2-Design Crush

Anna Valdez-3-Design Crush

Anna Valdez-4-Design Crush

Anna Valdez-5-Design Crush

Anna Valdez-6-Design Crush


Moon Chanpil

Moon Chanpil-1-Design Crush


Korean artist Moon Chanpil explores the complicated relationship between predator and prey in this series of four paintings. The different levels of both traits apparent in each piece are hauntingly fascinating.


Moon Chanpil-2-Design Crush

Moon Chanpil-3-Design Crush

Moon Chanpil-4-Design Crush


Print Edition: May 2016


Chinese Brush Painting by Celine Printables // Flora by Britt Hermann //
Make It Easy by Making It Fun by Chipper Things // Monogram Initial Print by
Factory Twenty One // Mountains ABC Print by Schoolhouse Electric



Out of Ideas by Ashkahn Shahparnia // Morning Kiss by Raphael Vavasseur //
Sleep Forever by Henn Kim // Study Print by Gabriel Stromberg //
Zebra Succulent by Beetle Ink Co.


Edie Nadelhaft / Flesh

Edie Nadelhaft-1-Design Crush


Few things are as impossibly difficult to mimic visually as human skin, the exception possibly being for painter Edie Nadelhaft. Her minuscule paint strokes make every piece in this series – Flesh – nearly mistakable for photos. And with good reason, Nadelhaft uses digital photography to ensure she captures each and every detail flawlessly.


Edie Nadelhaft-2-Design Crush

Edie Nadelhaft-3-Design Crush

Edie Nadelhaft-4-Design Crush

Edie Nadelhaft-5-Design Crush


Anália Moraes

Anália Moraes-1-Design Crush


I’m definitely drawn to the softness behind each of Brazilian artist Anália Moraes‘ paintings. (Well, that and her penchant for pink.) Her series of faceless women set in sparse settings are storytelling in its simplest form.


Anália Moraes-2-Design Crush

Anália Moraes-3-Design Crush

Anália Moraes-4-Design Crush

Anália Moraes-5-Design Crush


Mineral Workshop

Mineral Workshop-1-Design Crush


Paintings? Kind of, but more specifically hand-dyed paintingsMineral Workshop, aka Carry Crawford, creates these uber relaxing pieces in Fairfax, California. She uses the shibori technique, using natural indigo and other plant-based dyes that she makes right in her studio. The result of her efforts feels serene and bold.


Mineral Workshop-2-Design Crush

Mineral Workshop-3-Design Crush

Mineral Workshop-4-Design Crush

Mineral Workshop-5-Design Crush

Mineral Workshop-6-Design Crush


Giordanne Salley

Giordanne Salley-1-Design Crush


Summer vibes abound in Giordanne Salley‘s paintings. Flashlight battles, plenty of bare feet, and making out abound in the wooded lands she captures in paint. I want to go to there.


Giordanne Salley-2-Design Crush

Giordanne Salley-3-Design Crush

Giordanne Salley-4-Design Crush

Giordanne Salley-5-Design Crush


Jessica Brilli

Jessica Brilli-1-Design Crush


Jessica Brilli‘s ongoing series of paintings – Static – pay homage to a time that no longer exists through vintage cars, telephones, and more. Her eye and hand bring a contemporary eye to the past in everything she touches. Jessica’s current project – Slideshow – is a collection of paintings inspired by slides found at yard sales and in basements in Massachusetts and New York.


Jessica Brilli-2-Design Crush

Jessica Brilli-3-Design Crush

Jessica Brilli-4-Design Crush

Jessica Brilli-5-Design Crush

Jessica Brilli-6-Design Crush