Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

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9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ I’m fascinated by these 12 healing crystals and their meanings and uses.
02/ One of these 100% Sand vases would be perfect for displaying flowers this spring.
03/ Of course I want this wool cat head to be more than a student project so I can buy one. DUH.
04/ Alex Robson has asked over 500 people what freedom means to them.
05/ You knew this was coming, a Hillary Clinton logo typeface.
06/ Passport Index let’s you browse the world’s passports by color, country, and more.
07/ Mordi Levi has created some Game of Thrones portrait art in a polygon style.
08/ Hasan Kale paints teeny tiny things on random teeny tiny objects.
09/ This lavender shortbread looks like an edible version of spring!
10/ Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has created a line based on Matisse’s Cut-Outs, the Color Collection.

This week on Design Crush:
Chemicals meet photographic materials in the work of Meghann Riepenhoff.
Have you entered for a chance to win $150 to spend at Artifact Uprising?!
Dark and twisty art from the Instagram account of Helene Comeositos AKA Monochrome.
Quality means much more than quantity, especially when it comes to these beautiful wears.
Alison Foshee is the queen of incredible art created from office supplies.
Check out 10 April DIYs to flex your creative muscles this month.
Just what’s so great about black + white art? Everything.
Chatbooks + #365quotes have teamed up to make a book!
Das Kreative Haus combines the alphabet and the inner-workings of houses.

Design Crush elsewhere:
Sometimes the gap between a great piece of art and an amazing floor rug isn’t that big.
I’ve been busy adding new pieces to Design Crush: The Marketplace – take a peek.


Black + White Art

Pernille Møller Folcarelli-Design Crush

Pernille Folcarelli

There’s something simple yet striking about black and white art. Whatever form the subject matter takes – illustration, photograph, sculpture – the end result tends to be graphic and attention grabbing. Now that’s a theme I can back 100%.



Clockwise: Deep Space by Samantha Hahn // Black Cat with White Whiskers by Corella Design //
Hexagon by Melinda Wood Designs // Diamonds and Monsters by The Adventures Of



LOVE Set of 4 Typographic Posters by Black and White Posters



Clockwise: New York Typographic Art Print by Yantree // Phases of the Moon by The Adventures Of //
It’s Good to Be Home by Spell and Tell // Crystal Palace No. 4 by Kristina Sostarko


Annie McLaughlin

Annie McLaughlin-1-Design Crush


Annie McLaughlin‘s paintings that focus on that point where floor meets wall sound boring, but are nothing short of the opposite. Graphic patterns, bold colors, and perimeter accessories keep your eye moving from point to point and wanting to step in to investigate in person.


Annie McLaughlin-2-Design Crush

Annie McLaughlin-3-Design Crush

Annie McLaughlin-4-Design Crush

Annie McLaughlin-5-Design Crush


Laura Carlin

Laura Carlin-1-Design Crush


Laura Carlin‘s Animal Mural is the combination of 84 ceramic tiles that will bring the zoo indoors. I love her playful style of painting as well as the fact that you purchase your favorite tiles – from baboons to house cats to gorillas!


Laura Carlin-2-Design Crush

Laura Carlin-3-Design Crush

Laura Carlin-4-Design Crush

Laura Carlin-5-Design Crush


Kate Tucker

Kate Tucker-1-Design Crush


The first words that come to mind after viewing Kate Tucker‘s paintings are organized and chaos. Her style also reminds me of an abstract adult take on that old childhood classic – paint by number. Whatever the case, the end result is nothing short of captivating.


Kate Tucker-2-Design Crush

Kate Tucker-3-Design Crush

Kate Tucker-4-Design Crush

Kate Tucker-5-Design Crush


Valentin Dommanget

Valentin Dommanget-1-Design Crush

Just what happens when real world and virtual influences collide? In the hands of 25-year-old Valentin Dommanget it’s a series of marbled canvases that get stretched and torqued to mimic what look like Photoshop effects. (I’ll take ten.)

Valentin Dommanget-2-Design Crush

Valentin Dommanget-3-Design Crush

Valentin Dommanget-4-Design Crush

Valentin Dommanget-5-Design Crush


Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett-1-Design Crush


Lately I’ve found myself wondering why there aren’t more summer camps for adults. Places to unplug and unwind, with or without family in tow. Amy Bennett‘s At the Lake came along at the perfect time, making me think that maybe it all really is possible through her paintings and tiny pastel cabins.


Amy Bennett-2-Design Crush

Amy Bennett-3-Design Crush

Amy Bennett-4-Design Crush

Amy Bennett-5-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Great. Now I want to rescue a magpie as cute as this one.
02/ What happens when the elderly model street fashion?
03/ Christopher Rimmer photographed cows on the beach and I really like it.
04/ A restaurant where you can order champagne with the push of a button.
05/ See meticulously iconic scenes in miniature thanks to the Ikonen project.
06/ Pop Idol Devotion Candles are a modern riff on religious iconography.
07/ Looking forward to the upcoming documentary on Iris Apfel!
08/ Artist Maria Aristidou uses coffee as watercolor.
09/ A woman in Germany is using an unlikely medium to discuss feminism.
10/ Hey Seattle, look out for Peregrine Church‘s art that only appears when it rains!

This week on Design Crush:
Miranda Lorikeet works what can only be called magic in MS Paint.
Try rice pudding 10 ways.
Laurent Chéhère creates dreamy depictions of flying houses.
A jewelry collection from Seaworthy that’s begging for summer days.
Embroidered mantras from MaricorMaricar.
Mid-century inspired illustrations by Masako Kubo.
Step away from the screen and put the Social Preparedness Kit into action.
Take a peek at the fun, whimsical illustrations of Aiko Fukawa.


Hyunryoung Kim

Hyun Ryoung Kim-1-Design Crush


Some of Hyun Ryoung Kim‘s observations about her own art struck a chord deep down, that resonates on some level I’m only aware of every once in awhile.

It seems all is spontaneous and unintended in disorder, however one can observe some sort of order in them just like the universe, nature, human, birth, death, and relationships between them.


Hyun Ryoung Kim-2-Design Crush

Hyun Ryoung Kim-3-Design Crush

Hyun Ryoung Kim-4-Design Crush

Hyun Ryoung Kim-5-Design Crush


Brenda Cablayan

Brenda Cablayan-1-Design Crush


I’ve been jonesing for a vacation in the worst way this month. Thankfully the snow days have disappeared and the sun has been hanging around a bit more, but I’m still daydreaming about the tropics. Brenda Cablayan‘s landscapes of Hawaiian landscapes and urban life are definitely either making it better or making it worse.


Brenda Cablayan-2-Design Crush

Brenda Cablayan-3-Design Crush

Brenda Cablayan-4-Design Crush

Brenda Cablayan-5-Design Crush

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