Sungsoo Kim

Sungsoo Kim-1-Design Crush



You know I’m a sucker for some monotone art, pair that up with Sungsoo Kim‘s melancholy subjects and it’s the perfect formula. These oil and acrylic on canvas pieces are matched so well in mood and appearance and I just can’t get enough of them.



Sungsoo Kim-2-Design Crush

Sungsoo Kim-3-Design Crush

Sungsoo Kim-4-Design Crush

Sungsoo Kim-5-Design Crush


Elise Morris

Elise Morris-1-Design Crush



My backyard is covered by a canopy of old trees and I’ve spent quite a bit of time under their heavy branches this summer. While lots of it was while I was sitting on my deck working, my favorite reprieve was gazing upward through their leaves. Elise Morris‘ abstract paintings remind me of those moments as they slowly dwindle and the leaves begin to drop as we head into a new season.



Elise Morris-2-Design Crush

Elise Morris-3-Design Crush

Elise Morris-4-Design Crush

Elise Morris-5-Design Crush


Ira Svobodová

Ira Svobodová-1-Design Crush


Ira Svobodová‘s latest series – Papercut – is inspired by architecture and shows off her mastery of shadow and light. Svobodová paints layers of acrylic gels to create the incredibly pure, unmixed colors in each piece. All I know is that her work makes me want to run, not walk, to pick up my sketchbook and do some shading exercises!


Ira Svobodová-2-Design Crush

Ira Svobodová-3-Design Crush

Ira Svobodová-4-Design Crush

Ira Svobodová-5-Design Crush

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Sarah Ball

Sarah Ball-1-Design Crush


My family is full of immigration history, mainly from eastern Europe. Serbia on my Mom’s side and Russia, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Scotland on my Dad’s. I think that’s why Sarah Ball‘s Immigrants resonated so deeply after I first saw these paintings. Each tells their own story without words, and I very badly wish they could open their mouths and speak.


Sarah Ball-2-Design Crush

Sarah Ball-3-Design Crush

Sarah Ball-4-Design Crush

Sarah Ball-5-Design Crush


Melissa Loop

Melissa Loop-1-Design Crush


Melissa Loop captures my vision of the tropics 110% in her bold, saturated paintings. I can just about feel the humidity rising up from each piece with their streaks and runs, can’t you?


Melissa Loop-2-Design Crush

Melissa Loop-3-Design Crush

Melissa Loop-4-Design Crush

Melissa Loop-5-Design Crush


Amanda Happé

Amanda Happe-1-Design Crush


Toronto-based Amanda Happé is decidedly gifted in the painting and drawing areas of life. (As well as in the beautiful-long-red-hair area, but that’s another story.) Not one to shy away from color, Amanda embraces it wholeheartedly through all of her work. Her latest is a series referred to as Runes Waterfull of stark imagery and simple shapes on clean white backgrounds.


Amanda Happe-2-Design Crush

Amanda Happe-3-Design Crush

Amanda Happe-4-Design Crush

Amanda Happe-5-Design Crush


Johan Barrios

Johan Barrios-1-Design Crush


Columbian artist Johan Barrios works in graphite and watercolors to create some of the most beautiful mixed media results. The finished pieces leave me feeling as though I’m looking at washed out film that’s been dipped in a series of chemicals. But nope, just raw talent.


Johan Barrios-2-Design Crush

Johan Barrios-3-Design Crush

Johan Barrios-4-Design Crush

Johan Barrios-5-Design Crush


Seth Smith

Seth Smith-1-Design Crush


While I realize we technically have over a month of summer left it also feels as though we’re crawling towards the finish line. That’s what Seth Smith‘s paintings feel like to me, the last few days and week of warm weather before school and other obligations start to creep in.


Seth Smith-2-Design Crush

Seth Smith-3-Design Crush

Seth Smith-4-Design Crush

Seth Smith-5-Design Crush


Drew Tyndell

Drew Tyndell-1-Design Crush


Nashville, Tennessee’s Drew Tyndell manages to combine painting, sculpture, and collage into one explosion of incredible art. The puzzle-like end result shows off his skills in graphics and woodworking, as well as a killer mastery of color usage.


Drew Tyndell-2-Design Crush

Drew Tyndell-3-Design Crush

Drew Tyndell-4-Design Crush

Drew Tyndell-5-Design Crush