Ruth Root

Ruth Root-1-Design Crush


Ruth Root‘s bold paintings are often characterized by unlikely shapes, unusual patterns, and the use of fabrics. The points of intrigue lie in their often changing relationships with one another and Ruth’s focus on the heart of it all – the paint.


Ruth Root-2-Design Crush

Ruth Root-3-Design Crush

Ruth Root-4-Design Crush

Ruth Root-5-Design Crush

Ruth Root-6-Design Crush


Noël Skrzypczak

Noël Skrzypczak-1-Design Crush


Noël Skrzypczak‘s large paintings feel very springy to me, full of motion and growth. The Toronto-born, Canberra-bred artist manages to mix large fields of complimentary color with perfectly nuanced patterns.


Noël Skrzypczak-2-Design Crush

Noël Skrzypczak-3-Design Crush

Noël Skrzypczak-4-Design Crush

Noël Skrzypczak-5-Design Crush

Noël Skrzypczak-6-Design Crush

Noël Skrzypczak-7-Design Crush


Katty Huertas

Katty Huertas-1-Design Crush


I’m loving the illustrations and paintings of Katty Huertas, particularly her series of self-portraits. (The piece above captures the way I perceive my own internal monologue just about perfectly.) From realistic to whimsical, girl can do it all.


Katty Huertas-2-Design Crush

Katty Huertas-3-Design Crush

Katty Huertas-4-Design Crush

Katty Huertas-5-Design Crush


Antonio Lee

Antonio Lee-1-Design Crush


Brazilian artist Antonio Lee‘s paintings are just vague enough to leave you wondering. Their expressions – and sometimes entire lack of face – leave much to our imaginations, which is always an artistic aspect I love to decipher.


Antonio Lee-2-Design Crush

Antonio Lee-3-Design Crush

Antonio Lee-4-Design Crush

Antonio Lee-5-Design Crush

Antonio Lee-6-Design Crush


Hope Gangloff

Hope Gangloff-1-Design Crush


Hope Gangloff‘s artistic history is fantastic to read about. These days her large-scale paintings are created from frantic and loose modeling by a long list of volunteers and inanimate objects. I love the intentionally exaggerated features in many of her pieces.


Hope Gangloff-2-Design Crush

Hope Gangloff-3-Design Crush

Hope Gangloff-4-Design Crush

Hope Gangloff-5-Design Crush

Hope Gangloff-6-Design Crush


Ian Thomas Miller

Ian Thomas Miller-1-Design Crush


The paint- and illustration-block technique of Ian Thomas Miller is a fresh and captivating approach to storytelling. Lots of hands and pop culture references pop up, and Miller also has a gift for photography. Oh, and he’s only 22-years-old, looking forward to more from this guy.


Ian Thomas Miller-2-Design Crush

ICEE Edit corners

Ian Thomas Miller-4-Design Crush

Ian Thomas Miller-5-Design Crush


Carole Rabe

Carole Rabe-1-Design Crush


This isn’t my home, but Carole Rabe‘s oil paintings captures these spaces in much the same way as I view my house. All blurry with warm light at golden hour is my favorite time of day to sit with a glass of wine in the living room.


Carole Rabe-2-Design Crush

Carole Rabe-3-Design Crush

Carole Rabe-4-Design Crush

Carole Rabe-5-Design Crush

Carole Rabe-6-Design Crush


Clare Woods

Clare Woods-1-Design Crush


Clare Woods‘ artworks are full of loose brushstrokes, biomorphic shapes, and a color palette I can’t get enough of. I’m especially drawn towards the nearly macabre looking portraits she favors, with all of their dark shapes and mystery.


Clare Woods-2-Design Crush

Clare Woods-3-Design Crush

Clare Woods-4-Design Crush

Clare Woods-5-Design Crush


Caitlyn Murphy

Caitlyn Murphy-1-Design Crush


Caitlyn Murphy‘s slice of life gouache paintings capture everything from corner bodegas to backyards with pets to sporting events. I love her way of blurring the details in favor of the bigger picture.


Caitlyn Murphy-2-Design Crush

Caitlyn Murphy-3-Design Crush

Caitlyn Murphy-4-Design Crush

Caitlyn Murphy-5-Design Crush

Caitlyn Murphy-6-Design Crush


Print Edition: March


Anchors Aweigh by Jon Contino // Becca Stadtlander Flowers by Little Otsu //
County Line by Max Wanger // Enjoy the Little Things by gumberrypl //
Fruit Art Print Set by Idlewild Co.



La Vie En Rose (Color Wheel) by Yellow Owl Workshop // Night Night by Mathilde Cabanas //
Owl Sketch by Isaiah K. Stephens // Relax There’s Whiskey by Allison Comu //
Table Top by Lovely Sweet William