Happy Weekend

1/Christo floats a 3km walkway across an Italian lake  2/This company is revolutionizing the way we put on sunscreen  3/Thirteen animals made from 13 circles  4/Glittering galaxy-inspired donuts  5/Works by Van Gogh recreated by swirling pain in water  6/Lifelike wooden animals sculpted using a chainsaw  7/MI Guitar can make us all experts  8/This plate absorbs excess oil from food  9/Ceramic shards found on the beach are turned into chopstick rests using kintsugi  10/Shitty Rigs, a tumblr of DIY filmmaking rigs  11/A turntable that lets your friends know what you’re listening to  12/Tattoos that integrate ink with body curvature


1/Courtney Mattison’s Our Changing Seas  2/Backyard Spaces  3/Benoit Paille’s Surreal Mexico  4/Abeego  5/Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains  6/House Plant Mobiles  7/Bodil Jane  8/The Dreslyn Tarot Deck + Guidebook  9/Rose Wong


Reyes de la Flor

Reyes de la Flor-4-Design Crush


This week has been sweltering, well, just about everywhere. Reyes de la Flor‘s paintings set in everyday urban life are resonating because of it. Can’t you almost smell the street smells, the humanity of it all? This type of summer heat seems to pull people out of their homes rather than keep them inside, and that’s just what she captures.


Reyes de la Flor-1-Design Crush

Reyes de la Flor-2-Design Crush

Reyes de la Flor-3-Design Crush

Reyes de la Flor-5-Design Crush

Reyes de la Flor-6-Design Crush

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Kris Knight

Kris Knight-1-Design Crush


I had never really considered how many artists focus on females until I came across the paintings of Kris Knight, the male form is the subject of his work. His exploration in oils are ambiguous and intimate in one fell swoop, never directly addressing the viewer.


Kris Knight-2-Design Crush

Kris Knight-3-Design Crush

Kris Knight-4-Design Crush

Kris Knight-5-Design Crush

Kris Knight-6-Design Crush


Cécile van Hanja

Cécile van Hanja-1-Design Crush


Cécile van Hanja finds inspiration for her paintings in the Modernism of the beginning of the 20th century finding order in a time of chaos in the work of Bauhaus and De Stijl. The transparant layering of each painting intensifies the depth and the confusion within each structure she captures.

Besides the beauty of their creations, I’m also fascinated by the lost idealism of progress and malleability where this movement stood for. In my paintings the images of modern architecture are based on a rhythmical pattern of verticals and horizontals in which an uncertain world is created; a multi coloured labyrinth of spaces and look-throughs in which it’s not clear if one is inside or outside. The painted façade seems to consist of parts that come forward and recede. The window sections in between may reveal something of the interior, in vibrating light. A lost modern world symbolising confusion and uncertainty that depict our time.


Cécile van Hanja-2-Design Crush

Cécile van Hanja-3-Design Crush

Cécile van Hanja-4-Design Crush

Cécile van Hanja-5-Design Crush

Cécile van Hanja-6-Design Crush

Cécile van Hanja-7-Design Crush


Nicole Tijoux

Nicole Tijoux-1-Design Crush


I’ve been absorbed in art depicting water and swimmers this summer. Chilean-born Nicole Tijoux has been painting the subject matter since at least 2004, and tracking her progress up to the present is something special. She also has some phenomenal work focusing on riots and protests, which is unfortunately timely here in the U.S.


Nicole Tijoux-2-Design Crush

Nicole Tijoux-3-Design Crush

Nicole Tijoux-4-Design Crush

Nicole Tijoux-5-Design Crush

Nicole Tijoux-6-Design Crush


Endre Penovác

Endre Penovác-1-Design Crush


Though Endre Penovác paints with oils as well as draws, it’s his watercolors that I’m drawn towards. The depth and detail he creates with pigments spreading across the wet paper on their own is utterly mesmerizing, made all the more so then the simplicity of most of Endre’s subjects is considered.


Endre Penovác-2-Design Crush

Endre Penovác-3-Design Crush

Endre Penovác-4-Design Crush

Endre Penovác-5-Design Crush

Endre Penovác-6-Design Crush


Rebekka Connelly

Rebekka Connelly-1-Design Crush


Rebekka Connelly makes her own rules when it comes to painting by using stencils in some of her pieces. Each stencil print painting is individually unique, created using acrylic paint on cotton paper with super sharp edge lines. The result ends up feeling very organic to me despite the more streamlined process used.


Rebekka Connelly-2-Design Crush

Rebekka Connelly-3-Design Crush

Rebekka Connelly-4-Design Crush

Rebekka Connelly-5-Design Crush

Rebekka Connelly-6-Design Crush


Amy Judd

Amy Judd-1-Design Crush


Whimsical, surreal, mythological. These three themes lie just beneath the surface of Amy Judd‘s body of work, each painting delving into the relationship between woman and nature. The lighting pulling you right into tales of folklore, the birds used as armor and familiars.


Amy Judd-2-Design Crush

Amy Judd-3-Design Crush

Amy Judd-4-Design Crush

Amy Judd-5-Design Crush

Amy Judd-6-Design Crush

Amy Judd-7-Design Crush