Shelby Ling

Shelby Ling-1-Design Crush


I’m digging Shelby Ling‘s loosey goose style, particularly in the plant illustrations. Maybe it’s because I have warm weather on my mind, and can hardly wait to whip my backyard into decent shape and haul out the deck furniture this weekend. At any rate, you can pick up something for yourself in Shelby’s shop!


Shelby Ling-2-Design Crush

Shelby Ling-3-Design Crush

Shelby Ling-4-Design Crush

Shelby Ling-5-Design Crush

Shelby Ling-6-Design Crush


Inès Longevial

Inès Longevial-1-Design Crush


Paris-based art director and illustrator Inès Longevial creates lots of fantastic work across many mediums, but the one that resonates most with me are her paintings. Inès focuses on using mostly blocked out colors to create her pop inspired pieces that successfully draw the viewer’s eye in deeper and deeper.


Inès Longevial-2-Design Crush

Inès Longevial-3-Design Crush

Inès Longevial-4-Design Crush

Inès Longevial-5-Design Crush

Inès Longevial-6-Design Crush


The Joy of Swimming

The Joy of Swimming-1-Design Crush


Artist Lisa Congdon’s books never fail to impress or inspire, and such is the case with her latest – The Joy of Swimming: A Celebration of Our Love for Getting in the Water. A longtime swimmer herself, Lisa has created an illustrated collection of vintage swimsuits and pool signs, hand lettered quotes on the subject, dozens of watercolor portraits paired with personal stories, and more. With summer just around the corner The Joy of Swimming is the perfect book to get you swimsuit ready!


The Joy of Swimming-2-Design Crush

The Joy of Swimming-3-Design Crush

The Joy of Swimming-4-Design Crush

The Joy of Swimming-5-Design Crush

The Joy of Swimming-6-Design Crush

The Joy of Swimming-7-Design Crush

The Joy of Swimming-8-Design Crush


Jordan Buschur

Jordan Buschur-1-Design Crush


My shelves are filled with books, so why not cover the walls too? American artist Jordan Buschur first photographs her subjects – piled, jumbled, and stacked – before painting the final creations. Be sure and check out the junk drawers of friends and family that she captures in the same way.


Jordan Buschur-2-Design Crush

Jordan Buschur-3-Design Crush

Jordan Buschur-4-Design Crush

Jordan Buschur-5-Design Crush

Jordan Buschur-6-Design Crush


Julian Meagher

Julian Meagher-1-Design Crush


Portraits, reclaimed bottles, and plenty of plant life all play parts in Julian Meagher‘s paintings. Some so dimensional that I had myself questioning just what I was looking at. I’m pinning it on the fact that Meagher is a former medical doctor with an innate understanding of 3D, though he’s also trained in traditional oil portraiture in Florence, Italy and carries over some of those techniques. Whatever the case, just wow.


Julian Meagher-2-Design Crush

Julian Meagher-3-Design Crush

Julian Meagher-4-Design Crush

Julian Meagher-5-Design Crush

Julian Meagher-6-Design Crush

Julian Meagher-7-Design Crush


Ruth Root

Ruth Root-1-Design Crush


Ruth Root‘s bold paintings are often characterized by unlikely shapes, unusual patterns, and the use of fabrics. The points of intrigue lie in their often changing relationships with one another and Ruth’s focus on the heart of it all – the paint.


Ruth Root-2-Design Crush

Ruth Root-3-Design Crush

Ruth Root-4-Design Crush

Ruth Root-5-Design Crush

Ruth Root-6-Design Crush


Noël Skrzypczak

Noël Skrzypczak-1-Design Crush


Noël Skrzypczak‘s large paintings feel very springy to me, full of motion and growth. The Toronto-born, Canberra-bred artist manages to mix large fields of complimentary color with perfectly nuanced patterns.


Noël Skrzypczak-2-Design Crush

Noël Skrzypczak-3-Design Crush

Noël Skrzypczak-4-Design Crush

Noël Skrzypczak-5-Design Crush

Noël Skrzypczak-6-Design Crush

Noël Skrzypczak-7-Design Crush


Katty Huertas

Katty Huertas-1-Design Crush


I’m loving the illustrations and paintings of Katty Huertas, particularly her series of self-portraits. (The piece above captures the way I perceive my own internal monologue just about perfectly.) From realistic to whimsical, girl can do it all.


Katty Huertas-2-Design Crush

Katty Huertas-3-Design Crush

Katty Huertas-4-Design Crush

Katty Huertas-5-Design Crush


Antonio Lee

Antonio Lee-1-Design Crush


Brazilian artist Antonio Lee‘s paintings are just vague enough to leave you wondering. Their expressions – and sometimes entire lack of face – leave much to our imaginations, which is always an artistic aspect I love to decipher.


Antonio Lee-2-Design Crush

Antonio Lee-3-Design Crush

Antonio Lee-4-Design Crush

Antonio Lee-5-Design Crush

Antonio Lee-6-Design Crush