Camille Chew / Deity Masks



Only ten days until Halloween, and eight until my friends’ party, and I have yet to decide upon a costume! (Though a Nasty Woman shirt is the current frontrunner.) Camille Chew‘s beautifully constructed deity masks made out of digital prints that are painted, collaged, embellished, stamped, beribboned, beaded, wired, glittered, and more would be perfect. And yes, it would then be hung on my wall for all of eternity.







Happy Weekend


1/ Shower to the People, a mobile unit that provides free showers to St. Louis’ homeless
2/ Japan’s Ghostbusters-inspired marshmallow burger
3/ Beautiful tooled leather bike saddles
4/ Paris’ first floating hotel
5/ Bit Leaves: square flowers and plants by Baku Maeda
6/ The lunar cycle displayed through 15,000 colorful origami birds
7/ Vibrant, realistic frescoes painted over old building facades
8/ Charming cut paper silhouettes transform famous U.S. landmarks
9/ How to give a car a wicked paint job using gravity
10/ Sweet Dreams
11/ This musician tattoos the names of suicide survivors among his fans
12/ Greenlid compostable compost bin



1/ Alexandria Coe
2/ Print Edition: September 2016
3/ Lisa Sofield
4/ Nick Pena
5/ Oxford Pennant
6/ Thomas Mailaender’s Illustrated People
7/ 12 places to find great bedding
8/ Where to Eat Pizza
9/ The world of Whirlpool


Liz Sofield

Liz Sofield-1-Design Crush


Paper, ink, and thread are all it takes Liz Sofield to create these beautiful works of art. It’s apparent that geometry and nature are inspirations in each piece, usually created with watercolor paper. I love the monochromatic palette Liz uses, making the folds and shadows stand out all the more.


Liz Sofield-2-Design Crush

Liz Sofield-3-Design Crush

Liz Sofield-4-Design Crush

Liz Sofield-5-Design Crush


Lorraine Nam

Lorraine Nam-2-Design Crush


Lorraine Nam is a paper illustrator out of Brooklyn who works with flat sheets of paper to create miniature 3D paper objects. The end result is usually a photograph or animation, so she likes to think of each creation as a prop. Lorraine also cuts into single pieces of paper to create one large image for massive impact.


Lorraine Nam-1-Design Crush

Lorraine Nam-3-Design Crush

Lorraine Nam-4-Design Crush

Lorraine Nam-6-Design Crush


Clare Pentlow

Clare Pentlow-1-Design Crush


London-based Clare Pentolow creates magic with simple sheets of paper. By cutting, folding, and layering she creates beautifully intricate forms and shapes that are downright extraordinary and hypnotic.


Clare Pentlow-2-Design Crush

Clare Pentlow-3-Design Crush

Clare Pentlow-4-Design Crush

Clare Pentlow-5-Design Crush

Clare Pentlow-6-Design Crush


Carly Foulkes

Carly Foulkes-1-Design Crush


Carly Foulkes wears a few different artistic hats, and well, but my favorite is her dreamy collage work. Interestingly enough she never glues her work down, allowing herself to reuse pieces again and again. It all seems to fit together with a philosophy of constant change and evolution, just like in Carly’s work. Swing by her shop to scoop up a piece for yourself.


Carly Foulkes-2-Design Crush

Carly Foulkes-3-Design Crush

Carly Foulkes-4-Design Crush

Carly Foulkes-5-Design Crush

Carly Foulkes-6-Design Crush

Carly Foulkes-7-Design Crush


Print Edition: May 2016


Chinese Brush Painting by Celine Printables // Flora by Britt Hermann //
Make It Easy by Making It Fun by Chipper Things // Monogram Initial Print by
Factory Twenty One // Mountains ABC Print by Schoolhouse Electric



Out of Ideas by Ashkahn Shahparnia // Morning Kiss by Raphael Vavasseur //
Sleep Forever by Henn Kim // Study Print by Gabriel Stromberg //
Zebra Succulent by Beetle Ink Co.


Adrienne Slane

Adrienne Slane-1-Design Crush


Adrienne Slane slays at creating hand-cut collages from old illustrations and antique and decorative papers. Plants, insects, animals, planets, human anatomy, and various objects that date from the 1500s to mid-1900s make up her intricate works of art.


Adrienne Slane-2-Design Crush

Adrienne Slane-3-Design Crush

Adrienne Slane-4-Design Crush

Adrienne Slane-5-Design Crush

Adrienne Slane-6-Design Crush