Honda Cog.

Remember Honda’s Cog commercial that was filmed in one fell swoop after hundreds of takes? If so, renew your love. If not prepare yourself for love at first sight.



I am rarely still on the weekend, so it was a surprise that I was able to sit through not one, but four movies between Saturday and Sunday. My eyes feasted upon the likes of Atonement, I Am Legend and Superbad.

As well as my favorite, Waitress. I’m probably going to need to own this one at some point. I loved it. It’s even better if you watch it while eating homemade blueberry pancakes. Or so I hear…


The Wolfman.

Another astounding piece. This one РThe Wolfman Рall animation and a great little story with the perfect narration and music. (Thanks Zenya!)



No matter your stance on gun control, you’ve at least got to feel the tiniest bit of apprehension come the end of this one…

:: via Fresh Peel


Star Wars vs. Saul Bass.

I’m thinking I would be a waaay bigger Star Wars fan had the entire movie been done like this courtesy of Mr. Saul Bass. Here’s what it might have looked like had it been filmed two decades earlier and Bass had been director.

:: via Neatorama


Paul Rand Tribute.

Paul Rand is amazing. I’m not sure how I haven’t seen this tribute film from the 2007 One Show, but this morning as I watched it I couldn’t help but think everything that came out of Rand’s mouth was so true and so quotable.

My favorite? “Don’t try to be original. Just try to be good.” If you’re good the originality should follow naturally.

:: via swissmiss



I haven’t been this excited about a movie in a long time. I can’t wait to see Juno.

UPDATE: Saw it. Loved it. Immediately went on my Top 10 Favorites Movies list.


Helvetica and Swatch.

Today I was reminded once again of what an awesome design shop I’m a part of. This afternoon we had our holiday gift exchange and I have to say how floored I am. My awesome co-worker, Chris, gave me Helvetica the movie which I’ve been pining over since it’s release. And my incredible boss, Jeff, gave us each a Swatch that matched our individual personality. An incredible shop and great people. I really do have it good.