Forget the Film, Watch the Titles.

Remco Vlaanderen is the Amsterdam-based editor of Submarine Channel – a website devoted to the art of title sequence design. He’s collected a series of well-designed title sequences and hosts them on the site with the idea of honoring artistic first impressions. Each clip contains detailed info and a short interview with the title sequence designer. This is one of those sites you could literally spend hours exploring.



Last night I saw the opening night performance of Wicked in Oklahoma City (it’s the next Broadway, dontcha know!) and it was absolutely amazing!

I’d read Gregory McGuire’s book back in 2004 when I was living in New York and the musical had just openned on Broadway. It seemed every person I saw on the subway had a copy of it in their hands, so I took their unspoken advice and bought a copy. I’m always hesitant about seeing a movie or performance after reading the book because most times so much is left out that it turns into a huge letdown (RE: Jurassic Park. The first time I’d ever read the book before seeing the movie – I was 12 and slighted for life!), but luckily this wasn’t the case.

The actresses who portrayed Elphaba and Glinda were amazing and full of life and personality. The set design was minimal, but intricate. And the score was awesome. I highly recommend getting tickets if it’s coming to your city any time soon. They go incredibly fast, so strike right away. We got ours the second day they were in sale and ended up ten rows from the very top in the balcony. Another piece of advice, rent the binoculars – it’s well worth it.