Black Swan.

I’m a big fan of Darren Aronofsky and can hardly wait to see his latest film, Black Swan. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis star in the thriller that zeros in on a relationship between a veteran ballet dancer and her rival. (You can check out the creeptastic trailer here.) Until then I’m content to ogle these gorgeous limited edition prints. I love how the same design style is used throughout, but the font use successfully varies with each print. Lovely, brave work.


Happy {Labor Day} Weekend.

+ I may have finally found a use for my paint chip collection!

+ Can’t wait to try my hand at these gift toppers.

+ I’d love to get a sweet note on one of these minis.

+ I can’t believe September is here and neither can my desktop. 1, 2, 3, 4

+ When a bicycle and a pickup truck have babies

+ Mad about the old-meets-new site design of Quipsologies.

+ I need this ID Blocker for my junk mail! I’m so tired of shredding everything.

+ It’s not too late to pass out invitations for a Labor Day shindig!

+ Have you seen this interactive film from Arcade Fire? Totally worth your time.

+ Hipster dinosaurs? Yes, please.

+ I need an iPad so I can buy one of these cases.

+Tea towels as curtains. Brilliant.

+ Loving Cee Lo Green’s F*ck You song and video!

Happy Labor Day!
Happy Weekend!

Hey, wait! Don’t forget, you have until Monday at 9am CST to tell me about the room in your home that needs a little TLC not the band for a chance to win a Design in a Bag!


Happy Weekend.

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+ Love the look of this redesign for America’s currency.

+ Photographer Sharon Montrose opened the doors to The Animal Print Shop.

+ I’m mad about this color wheel bike!

+ Adult-only foods. Naughty!

+ Wikipedia desktop history wallpapers by Pavel Fuska.

+ No need for a light fixture when the bulbs look this good.

+ Really looking forward to seeing Darren Arnofsky’s latest film, Black Swan, when it’s released.

+ When a wall full of ABC gum becomes art it’s magical.

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

+ Are your recipes organized? Bet these would help.

+ This Letterboard app alone makes me want an iPad

+ This free disguise kit made me giggle and click PRINT

+ I write like Stephen King

+ Contemplating this DIY frame shelf project

+ Because every summer cocktail needs a parasol

+ I love movie intros – have you seen The Pacific’s?

+ This insect hotel is nicer than places I’ve actually spent the night

+ I’ve been wanting to make jam all summer (just to be able to say I’ve made jam of course) and think these canning party invitations might be in order

+ The Periodic Table of Swearing

+ Serious Post-It art

+ The ability to customize chocolate bars? Yes, please!

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

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+ popbar, you need to open a location in Oklahoma City!

+ My iPhone is sporting this sweet Katie Kirk illo wallpaper

+ It’s taking all I have not to book a trip to The Pantone Hotel right this second

+ I want to make four of these poufs for game nights around the coffee table

+ I’ve always wondered how to spin sugar

+ The ten best documentaries that you need to see right now

+ Big time loving this rock & roll wedding

+ If I had a BF I would have bought this cassette tape tie days ago

+ Sweet CD sleeves and labels for you to download for your summer mixes

Happy Weekend!


Alice in Wonderland.

I’ve been waiting for Tim Burton’s remake of Alice in Wonderland for at least the past year, maybe longer. I’m not a die-hard fan of the original, but I am a big fan of Tim Burton and of course, Johnny Depp. And now we’ve all got just about a month left because on March 5th it hits theaters. Don’t you just love the tag line? We Are All Mad Here.


Happy {Columbus Day} Weekend.

I bring up Columbus Day because my office will be closed Monday, so posting will pick back up where it left off bright and early Tuesday. Next week I have lots of amazing calendars to share with you and will be posting not one, but four, calendar roundups! (You are signed up for the Design Crush/Greedy Girl 2010 Calendar Swap, right? I thought so.)

**NOTE: Just a little reminder, you have until Tuesday at 9am CST to enter the MusicCooks giveaway and win one of two collections of recipes and music!

• Pioneer Woman’s cookbook is finally in print!

• cut and build a haunted house paper model for Halloween

• hop on over to Pattern Wall for patterns you can download

• check out paper crave’s roundup of Halloween freebies

• think ahead to treats for the holidays with this tutorial for sea glass candy

• I love every detail of Carly + Dan’s wedding day

• I’m obsessed with these PJs inspired by Where the Wild Things Are!

• Genius idea: Expense a Steak

• adorable DIY homemade jam labels for you to download

• check out Man Shops Globe to tag along with Anthropologie’s buyer at large

• lovely October desktop calendar that’s adorning my laptop at the moment

• say hello to scoutie girl gifts!


Art & Copy.

I’m stoked to see Art & Copy! Four years in the making, it’s a film about advertising and inspiration (yes and yes!) directed by Doug Pray. Art & Copy reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most noted ad creatives of our time and the cultural impact their work has on society. (Psst… it’s already open in select cities as of August 21st…)