Doucement is an independent textile art and design studio helmed by Monica Hofstadter. The textile objects she creates from natural fibers and radiant plastics blur the line between minimalist art and over the top creature comforts. Each piece is inspired by the love of being home, creating serene moments for the senses, and the magic and spirituality of the tangible world.









Sophie MacNeill


Embroidery may as well be called slow expressionism. Vancouver-raised stitcher Sophie MacNeill (aka Slow Stitch Sophie) is very much influenced by what’s around her, examining themes of ecology and connection. The thread and fabric she uses is often hand-dyed with natural materials from her surroundings. Such a meaningful, intentional process, along with Sophie’s day job as a landscape architect, makes for some powerfully beautiful environmental advocacy.








Sissel Blystad


It’s virtually impossible to show a cross-segment of Sissel Blystad‘s work because she’s been creating since 1972! Take a look at her portfolio to see how Sissel’s style has grown and evolved over the years, from rugs to smaller textile pieces she makes using saturated colors and bold pattern.







Ezgi Pamir


Ezgi Pamir is a real wiz with embroidery thread. Not only is she able to create the smallest of details, she often trails some of them off the fabric itself. A scarf, a hat, a branch. But this is really just a pastime for Pamir, who lists herself as a stage and costume designer. So much talent, so few hours in the day!







Chris Roberts-Antieau / Genius Eyes


Self-taught textile artist Chris Roberts-Antieau blames her success on her failures. (You read that right.) She wasn’t the best student and didn’t go to college or art school, and as a result no one ever told Chris what not to do. Instead she listened to that inner voice we all have and started creating some amaaaazing art, like my favorite series Genius Eyes, that focuses on the eyes of those considered geniuses in their respective fields of work




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Silk Diaries


I’m 100% behind what Silk Diaries is creating, especially during these harrowing times. They’re hand-dyeing silk as a self-soother for stress and anxiety to empower women in the workplace. Their most recent collection, Good Intentions, is 100% Habotai silk that’s botanically dyed with various plants, fruits, vegetables, tree barks, and cochineal (a tiny bug on the cactus flower, once thought to be as valuable as gold!). Silk Diaries is continuing to move the brand towards more sustainable practices.

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Adam Pitchett


Adam Pitchett – aka The Old Needle – is a 26-year-old textile artist and sewing enthusiast who really has a way with thread. Nearly all of his embroidered art revolves around nature, featuring things like spiders, greenery, and birds among other things. I love how Adam has taken a craft that’s so closely associated as being precious in most people’s minds and turned it into something much more interesting.

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