Sarah K. Benning


Sarah K. Benning is a fiber artist who splits her time between the United States and Spain. It wasn’t until after graduating college that she realized her love for embroidery and turned it into a career, however. All bets are off as Sarah creates, picturing each piece as an illustration and often abandoning traditional stitches and techniques in favor of creating textile art that’s vibrant and fresh.








Lana Crooks


A combination of science and fantasy, Lana Crooks works with fabrics and found objects to create faux specimens and soft curiosities. Her technique easily fools you into believing what you’re looking at is actual bone that’s been bleached by the sun.








These Rumpl blankets use the very same materials used in sleeping bags and puffy jackets, so you know they’re super light and mega warm. They’re comfortable, durable, and tested in harsh environments (that means when you curl up with yours on the couch it’s not going to fall apart) and give off an ever so slightly ’80s vibe that I love.






Zoe Gilbertson


The title embroidery artist is just one slice of the creative pie when it comes to Zoe Gilbertson, albeit a delicious one. She creates her art by fusing the hand-stitched and digital worlds. The geometric nature of the canvas lends itself well to designs that evolve into pixels or stitches. Be sure and check out Zoe’s Instagram and shop, too!







Norma Lehmeier Hartie


Norma Lehmeier Hartie‘s art is a two part process, first she creates fiber felted balls and then she digitally photographs and manipulates them. Each ball is playful, vibrant, and invites you to explore the tiniest of details. You can’t help but feel happy just looking at them!






Quiet Town


Quilted and color-blocked canvas shower curtains made in Brooklyn and naturally water resistant. Hand-woven, hand-dyed cotton kilim bath rugs constructed in India. Custom, local dye jobs that allow risks to be taken and lower our environmental impact. I can’t find one thing not to like about Quiet Town‘s collection of bath textiles.










āsum‘s line of bags are the definition of effortless style. Creative, practical, casual yet with great lines. Project Runway alum Angela Sum’s draped bags are made of soft linens, washed cottons, and full grain leathers, and each one is manufactured ethically. I love the artful look each one could bring to any outfit.







Reeta Ek



I have a huge crush on Reeta Ek, the Helsinki-based artist who you may know from her work for Marimekko. I love her print work just as much as her textile designs, and would happily display any of them on my walls or my body.