Happy Halloween

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Did you have a fantastic weekend celebrating Halloween?? It snowed/slushed in Brooklyn which put a damper on some of my grander plans, but left room for a yummy dinner of linguine, browned butter, grated romano, and an over-easy egg. So I can’t really complain.


Happy (New York or Bust) Weekend

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You all were so gracious and supportive when I lost my job last month, it’s only fair I tell you about my next step that begins tomorrow. I’m heading off to New York for a long-term freelance job that will keep me there through the end of the year! Exciting stuff, for sure. I’m subletting a sweet little studio with a full kitchen in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and I couldn’t be more thrilled. After doing a fast tally, I realized I have many more friends in NYC than OKC and I’m looking forward to catching up with every single one while in town. I’ll keep you posted as everything unfolds, but in the meantime I hope you’ll forgive me if things slow down just the tiniest bit for the next week as I get adjusted to my new digs and schedule. Until then, here are a boatload of good things to keep you going.


01/ the Henry Rollins tattoo whiteboard!
02/ knit a sweater, help a penguin in need
03/ create your own wall art for (almost) free
04/ deconstructed map art of Italy
05/ free printable quote posters
06/ homemade pixie stix
07/ another way to buy some damn art
08/ DIY bungee cord bracelets
09/ a knockoff Pumpkin Pie Blizzard



They were selling these trick or treating bags during NYFW and I thought they were fantastic both in the looks and cause department. Constructed from FEED’s signature burlap, each bag generates funding to help UNICEF provide nutritious meals to children in developing countries so they can lead happy, healthy lives.


Happy {Halloween} Weekend.

{Katherine Squire}

+ Keep the vampires at bay with this garlic necklace.

+ Have you seen these spookified decoration displays from Making it Lovely and Brooklyn Limestone?

+ If I were in the market for a headstone this would be it.

+ For when you can’t find your phone but have internet access…

+ I’m a sucker for novelty cameras.

+ Check out this great tutorial for making your own pyrite bookends.


+ Definitely making this chicken + noodles recipe within the next week!

+ Why has no one thought of cinnamon toast butter before?!

+ I didn’t have time to throw together a Halloween mixtape, luckily K.I.D. Collective did.

+ And so did Kitsune Noir!

+ Skull wallpaper. Yesssssss.

+ In love with this last minute costume, a flowing hooded cloak.

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Hey: Sunday is the last day to sign up for this year’s Calendar Swap! Get on the ball or miss out until next October. (And possibly be wandering around for an entire year in the meantime, clueless as to what month or day it is. But you know, your choice…)


Halloween Goodness.

emma who


The story behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Granny Grimm’s Book of Ghoulish Grammar
The Belmez Faces
10 Haunted Houses in the U.S.
4 strange cases of demonic possession
The Witches of Salem


10 obscure, geeky DIY costume ideas
How to make a Zombie Barbie Garden
Colorful handcut paper leaves
Loving this super simple costume
Ominous DIY favor bottles (two words: Pop Rocks!)
• Loving this project for ‘Harvest Houses’
Geekstravaganza Halloween decorations
Forest Scene Pumpkin
Print + stick zombie wounds
• Loving these morbid terrariums!


• Would love to throw a Witching Hour party with the girls
Get pumpkined!


15 creepy-cool Halloween party foods
12 super gross candies for trick or treaters
Potted Pumpkin Pies (so cute!)
Halloween Refrigerator Donuts
Red Hot Devil Macaroon Lollipops


Mexican Pumpkin Punch
Caramel Apple Martini
Autumn Coffee (with a kick!)
Vampire Blood Martini
Holland Razor Blade


Mod Pumpkins.

I’m completely off the ball this year when it comes to pumpkins. I had the best intentions of getting mine a few weekends ago, but then got sick and not thinking about pumpkins so much. I’m hoping today’s the day. And since carving jack o’ lanterns can be time consuming I’ve decided to go this route, that of the Mod Pumpkin. Some poster paint (or tempera), masking or painters tape, and they’ll be good to go! {via Happy Mundane}


Skeleton Apron.

First thought, I’ve been watching way too much Dexter because I automatically think of him when I see a long apron. Second thought, this skeleton apron would come in handy for messy me when I make caramel apples tomorrow night. Third thought, I’m short – I wonder whether or not all the bones would line up correctly?