Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

It’s supposed to be a beautiful day here in OKC today – perfect trick or treating weather. And not too shabby for the costume party I’m attending tonight either. What will I be, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Two years ago I was Alice in Wonderland and this year I’ll be recycling the ensemble with the key addition of chains – tada – Alice in Chains!

:: photo via ffffound


Paper Jack o’ Lanterns.

I’m all about pumpkins galore for Halloween, but these paper jack o’ lanterns are a nice alternative and change of pace.

• Scissors or an exacto knife
• Orange card stock
• Wooden skewers
• Small votive holders
• Votives

Take your orange card stock and draw a Jack O’ Lantern face, a haunted house scene, a spider, or whatever you desire. Cut out your creation with either scissors or an exacto knife. Take your wooden skewer and thread it through the paper horizontally. Place your votive candle holder and candle behind the entire piece.

:: via Create My Event


Presidential Pumpkins.

As everyone should know by now the presidential election is November 4th, only four measly days after Halloween. So if you’re feeling extra passionate about your candidate why not carve their likeness into your jack-o-lantern this year? Download templates for Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin right here.


Halloween Ribbon Wreath.

Love, love this idea for a Halloween ribbon wreath. So simple and stylish – especially if you’re not one to go all out for the 31st. I’d actually like to adapt this to other holidays as well!

12″ foam wreath form
24 yards 1 1/4″ black grosgrain ribbon (or less if using a wider ribbon)
Measuring tape

Cut 45-50 16″ pieces of ribbon. Tie one strand of ribbon in a knot around the wreath. I used a “messy knot” — right over left, then right over left again, pulling in the opposite direction. It doesn’t really matter how you do it as long as you are consistent all the way around. Repeat with the knots, pushing them close together, until you fill the wreath. Cut one long piece of ribbon (48″) and tie one end to form a knot. Leave a long loop for hanging and tie another knot onto the wreath. Trim any frayed or long ends.

:: via CasaSugar via the long thread


Halloween Candy Bars at CHOW.

I’m not knocking the store bought stuff by any means because we’ve gotten through some tough times together, but holy crap do these homemade candy bars from CHOW look so, so good. Not only are these rockstars sharing their recipes for PB Cups, almond jay, TWIXT and Snickles, they’re also giving us a PDF wrapper to download for each one. A fun and well-designed one at that.


Halloween Tags.

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and I’m a fool for all aspects of the Big Day. That includes goody bags and presents which friends and co-workers fall prey to each and every October. And these apropro seasonal tags from Bluebird Lane would be a great final touch. Make sure and check out Bluebird’s Etsy shop because there are many, many more styles of tags to choose from.