Bonnie and Neil

Bonnie and Neil-Design Crush


I first came across Australian textile design studio/duo Bonnie and Neil about a year ago, and it gave me butterflies. Their vibrant range of home products incorporate botanicals, bright patterns, and an occasional nod to Australiana culture, with designs influenced by their surroundings and a love of color. My favorites though are Bonnie and Neil’s plate collection (get in my cupboard already!).


Livada Fragrance Vase

Livada Fragrance Vase-1-Design Crush


One of my summer goals is to have fresh flowers around constantly. It’s one of my favorite ways to keep my home feeling fresh, and I usually pick up a bunch at the grocery store when I make my weekly run through. Designed by Studio Macura, the Livada Fragrance Vase is a glass vase meant to hold a small bouquet of flowers or herbs. Made to enhance and enjoy the fragrance of flowers, it consists of two glass pieces – a small glass container and a cover that’s pierced with a small hole to allow fragrance to make its way out.


Livada Fragrance Vase-2-Design Crush

Livada Fragrance Vase-3-Design Crush

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Sage and Clare

Sage and Clare-1-Design Crush


Sage and Clare is my kind of boho – global treasures that are handmade, soulful, and eclectic. Husband and wife duo Chris and Phoebe’s passion for color, texture, and objects with heart comes through with every piece. Serious about ethical practices, they spend months every year working side by side with weavers, block printers, and screen printers to bring Sage and Clare designs to life.


Sage and Clare-2-Design Crush

Sage and Clare-3-Design Crush

Sage and Clare-4-Design Crush

Sage and Clare-5-Design Crush

Sage and Clare-6-Design Crush

Estella Chainstitch Cushion // Sakara Handwoven Bedspread // Friday Moroccan Tea Cup // Bowie Fringe Throw Over // Shashi Vintage Platter // Dreamy Fabric Garland


Studio Yama

Studio Yama-1-Design Crush


I’ve noticed lately that the more stress I’m experiencing, the more I look forward to a solid start to my day. Namely my morning cup of coffee. I make it a ritual of sorts – Chemex, quality beans, and just the right mug. The ceramic pieces of Studio Yama have caught my eye, with an aesthetic rooted in both Japanese and Swedish culture and design traditions their pieces strike a lovely balance of aesthetics.


Studio Yama-2-Design Crush

Studio Yama-3-Design Crush

Studio Yama-4-Design Crush

Studio Yama-5-Design Crush


Gather Vases

Gather Vases-1-Design Crush


One way I make fresh flowers and greenery last longer is by deconstructing an arrangement as it starts to wither. By pulling pieces that are still in their prime, trimming up the stems, and discarding the rest a bouquet can hang around for a few weeks. This collection of Gather Vases would be just right for turning what’s old in something new again.


Gather Vases-2-Design Crush

Gather Vases-3-Design Crush

Gather Vases-4-Design Crush

Gather Vases-5-Design Crush

Gather Vases-6-Design Crush


Oslo Hanging Planters

Oslo Hanging Planters-1-Design Crush


I’ve just about exhausted every horizontal surface in my home, much of them hidden under a blanket of greenery. You know what that means – time to think vertically. These Oslo Hanging Planters come in three varied, yet complimentary, designs and would be such perfect little baskets to nestle extra plants in. I wouldn’t mind a few in my kitchen either to stash fruits and veggies.


Oslo Hanging Planters-2-Design Crush

Oslo Hanging Planters-3-Design Crush

Oslo Hanging Planters-4-Design Crush


Mae Engelgeer

Mae Engelgeer-1-Design Crush


Dutch textile designer Mae Engelgeer opened her own studio waaay back in 2014 in Amsterdam. By combining new technology and materials she creates the most stylish of textile collections, two of which are launching this summer. POP is a bright and playful towel series, while JET is its minimal and neutral counterpart.


Mae Engelgeer-2-Design Crush

Mae Engelgeer-3-Design Crush

Mae Engelgeer-4-Design Crush

Mae Engelgeer-5-Design Crush