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I posted a sneak peek of the kitchen last week, but this time it’s the real deal. I’m finally beginning to share how my new (old, built in 1900) house is shaping up. I think I’ve said before that I bought this home knowing that it was a flip, and fully expecting all of the weirdness/issues that normally accompany such a project. We’ve already done some updating to a few things – roof repairs, a plumbing issue, bringing outlets up to code, etc – and there are of course still things that need done and yet others I want to do aesthetically. But I’m really starting to feel like this house is much more me than the last one in Oklahoma City. There’s character, there’s charm, there’s quirks. I plan on being here for years to come and I’m so happy to share a bit of the journey with you.





The living room is directly to the left of the foyer area. One of the main attributes that had me laying down my money for this place was all of the lovely light – 31 windows! – and openness. My last home had 11 windows and it was a big problem area for me.




The fireplace isn’t functioning, but I’m hoping to change that once I talk to a professional about what the deal is. I really love the stonework. You can’t tell from this photo, but it’s not all flush and they stick out randomly for some fantastic texture. The interior is black which works really well for featuring other pieces (aside from that MIA fire). My old home had a gallery wall in the living room and it feels really nice to be able to break up my collection a little more here.




Before I made the move from Oklahoma back to my home state of Pennsylvania, I sold and donated several things that were no longer my style or not what I saw working in this space. My photographer, Quelcy Kogel, asked me while we were shooting whether minimalism came naturally to me and I had to admit the answer was no. However, I’m loving this more pared down lifestyle that I’ve aspired to for years and am attempting to make it my mindset going forward.




I keep going back and forth on whether or not to remove the shutters on the windows flanking the fireplace, but settled for ripping out the old greying lace curtains that came with the house before the movers even had a chance to arrive. I have an unspoken rule that there will always be fresh flowers in this room because they add such life.




Another old house quirk – the floors are most definitely not even remotely close to being level, as my bookshelves can attest. While I still find it charming and funny I’d eventually like to invest in some sort of built-in for my library collection that would be slightly more sturdy and, well, level.




This is my view every evening as I settle down with the pups and attempt to unwind. There’s a beautiful fir tree just outside the window there and I can’t wait to see it covered with snow.




So are you all ready for a giveaway? I thought so. is giving away the 5 x 8′ Tasman Shag Handwoven Rug that I have in my living room. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this thing. We didn’t have any floor coverings for several weeks when I first moved in, and the moment this beauty arrived and was laid down both I and the dogs lost our minds. It feels so soft underfoot and Bebe and Piper love sprawling out for a good nap in front of the couch. And if you spy another rug you love on (yes, way more than lamps!), know that every one comes with a free rug pad. Essential for not slipping and giving your piece a good base.



To Enter:
1. Simply follow @designcrush and @lampsdotcom on Instagram! Then leave a little comment saying you did so along with your Instagram handle.
2. We’ll choose a random winner next Monday.
3. Good luck!

Reeve Mid-Century Coffee Table c/o West Elm // Gold Wire and Wood Accent Table // Stoneware Cylinder Vase (similar) // Basque Steel Brushed Nickel Arc Floor Lamp (similar) // Heywood Triple Natural Wood Bench // Samantha Armchair // Darrin Sofa // Still Not Scared by Kristi Kohut c/o Minted // Tasman Shag Handwoven Rug // Frontier Flatweave Handwoven Rug c/o // 14″ Globe Pendant c/o West Elm // A Helpful Reminder by Annie Clark c/o Minted // Sometimes I Wish Beginnings Were Ends c/o Jaime Derringer // You’re the Best and the Mostest c/o Read Between the Lines // Ellen by Tuesday Mourning // small painting on mantel by Pippin & Pearl // bar cart no long available

Photos: Quelcy Kogel

  • Cori Magee

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    I love it! It’s coming together and looking awesome!

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    Looking awesome!!!! Love how light and bright it is, and all your “stuff” is looking beautiful in the new abode. Xoxo

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    Great rug. Great light. Must feel so nice to settle down and see this house bloom.

  • rooth

    November 17, 2014 at 2:19 pm Reply

    Love all the books! That’s exactly how mine look – stacked and colour coordinated 🙂

  • Sarah

    November 17, 2014 at 4:39 pm Reply

    I’m so impressed with how much you’ve gotten done in a relatively short time! It’s really coming along beautifully. I actually know Quelcy, we went to high school together!

  • Ellie

    November 17, 2014 at 8:35 pm Reply

    Great job Kel….it looks beautiful and cozy

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    I love your living room. I wish I could put something together like that.

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