Back to School.

This week is Back to School time in Oklahoma. It seems crazy to me being from Pennsylvania originally and never starting school until the very end of August, if not after Labor Day. Being the Paper Lover that I am, I was always excited to go shopping for school supplies. And I still am. Every year I never fail to end up roaming the school supply aisles of Target and buying at least one notebook (that I don’t really need) just to reminisce. Now with places like Russell + Hazel and See Jane Work it’s kind of like year-round Back to School for gals like me.

I’d mentioned a few months back about Thomas Paul coming out with a new line of office supplies and stationary, but until recently I couldn’t find it anywhere. Now his entire collection is available through See Jane Work. I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on some of this!


Tiny Living.

The genius store Tiny Living was created as a response to New York City’s cramped living conditions by a husband and wife team who have spent many years living in cramped NYC apartments- one of which was a studio that measured a mere 200 sq. ft.! Tiny Living offers a range of cleverly designed, affordable items that are small in scale, multi-purpose, flexible or organizational.

Row 1: reusable single cup coffee filters, wall wine rack, stainless steel cheese slicer;
Row 2: magnetic stainless steel cylinder, stackable mugs, chrome over-toilet magazine holder



Moo dreams up new tools that help people turn their virtual content into beautiful print products. I’m loving their MiniCards and StickerBooks!

The StickerBooks are generated out of your Flickr stream or from your very own designs – 90 different, full color, glossy Stickers, printed on 15 different sheets and bound into a pocket-sized book ($9.99). There are also readymades available if your pictures suck and you want to use Moo’s. There’s free shipping on StickerBooks for July only, so hurry up and take advantage.

MiniCards are roughly half the size of a normal business card. Same deal – choose up to 100 of your own designs or pictures from your Flickr stream (or use Moos) and add up to six different lines of text on the back. The cards show up on your doorstep in a reusable plastic box ($19.99). And I figure you can probably do tons of different things with these besides using them as their intended purpose.



Imagine productive brainstorms and efficient meetings. (Who, me? Yes, you!) Behance’s Action Pad was the first product designed for the creative work environment. I’m really hip on the Action Book ($15), Action Cards ($5) and Action Stickies ($6). Give me a good sticky note and I will definitely put it to use.


Paint Chip Card Holders.

I’ve mentioned my affinity for paint chips – and my inability to not collect piles of them – before.

This morning I found this genius idea on designverb: paint chip business card holders. It seems it may only work with Behr chips since they are the widest, but there’s a template available that you can download to your desktop for a standard 3.5 x 2″ business card. It’s not mentioned in the post, but I think it might be a good idea to laminate the chip before doing anything else. It doesn’t seem like it would be very durable otherwise.

Woohoo! Looks like it doesn’t take too much to make me happy today.


Time to Organize.

Once again, See Jane Work has some equally functional and eye-pleasing office supplies. I’m loving these bold graphic items as well as the more standard, industrial pieces. The cups and coasters are $18 and $12 each, while the stapler and index are $145 (ouch) and $35. And they just released Snow & Graham’s 2008 desk calendar! This is going to be on my desk come January without a question. You can pick one up for $18.


The Daily Planner.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I could live and die by my planner. It’s amazing that I don’t have pee breaks scheduled in it. Anyway, someone alerted me to The Daily Planner, a site that has planners, journals, notebooks, address books – basically all of my organizational vices. Woohoo! They don’t have their 2008 daily planners out yet, but I did find these cute envelopes and memo mousepad.


Andy Warhol is in my office.

Well, not technically in my office. But he could be. And in my bathroom, too. And he would look adorable on my desk.

Decorative Things has these great Warhol-inspired pieces made out of melamine. I bought my friend, KK, a bowl from this line for her birthday a few months ago and she loved it. So did I, it was hard to let go!

Clockwise: toothbrush holder, soap dish, dust pan, clipboard and wastebasket.


Fine Finishing Touches.

I’m an organizational freak and love office supplies – especially pretty, fun ones. That’s why I love Russell + Hazel. The details of the collection are inspired by vintage architecture, classic Hollywood and contemporary couture.

Audrey Fine Finishing Touches Set ($45)
– Boxed set includes place cards, book marks,
page finders, notes and gift enclosures
– 10 of each style—80 pieces total
– Assorted shapes and sizes

Self-Adhesive Note Set ($40)
– set of Self-adhesive To-Dos in olive
– set of Self-adhesive Memos in tangerine
– set of Self-adhesive Squares
– set of Self-adhesive Minis
– set of Self-adhesive Chicklets

Recipe Binder Set ($110)
– 2 slim binders (in white/charcoal or blue/red)
– Set of 15 section tabs & 1 measuring equivalents
– Recipe Pages, 40 pages
– Recipe cards, 50 cards
– Menu Planning Sheets, 60 pages