14 Days of Gifts Guide: Day 4.

1. For the girl who’s been very, very good (or maybe just naughty enough), a Missoni Hector Throw

2. For the person on your list who wants to keep track but isn’t very consistent, a five-year long One Line a Day journal

3. For the kitchen whiz who loves stylish organization, this recipe box

4. For a token of your affection, a tiny personalized signet ring

5. For the commuter who loves to show off their cutting-edge style, a pair of Urbanears


14 Days of Gifts Guide: Day 2.

1. For the stylish pooch or devoted animal lover, a harness, collar or rope leash from Found My Animal (25% of all profits go directly to the Louis Animal Foundation)

2. For the style-conscious gent in your life, a iPhone case from the Griffin + Chilewich collection

3. For the typophile, a Helvetica Bold 108pt bag

4. For the modernist workaholic, the Infiniti Letter Opener by Frank Nichols

5. For the kid who can’t wait to grow up, a MeasureMe Stick


14 Days of Gifts Guide: Day 1.

Beginning today and ending December 18th (my last day blogging before I take a little holiday break!), I’ll be bringing you five gift ideas a day in the 14 Days of Gifts Guide. I hope you enjoy them and maybe see a thing or two for people on your own gift list!

1. For the overworked momma who just needs a little break, the Breakfast in Bed print

2. For the kid who loves nap time, a bright and playful cushion from Bobo Choses

3. For the aspiring cook, a set of chef pencils complete with culinary definitions for reference

4. For the experimental mixologist, the Chemistry Cocktail Set

5. For the stylish yet chilly girl, a chunky cable knit scarf


Wish Gift List: Design for Mankind.

Today’s Wish Gift List is that of the ever lovely Erin of Design for Mankind

This year, my husband and I have our eyes on a cute little fixer-upper, so we’re keeping the holidays as inexpensive as possible. We’ve made a deal with our families that instead of exchanging gifts this year, we’d like to pay it forward to five of our favorite “unsung heroes.”

Here are a few affordable goodies we plan to gift the people that make our lives so much easier!:

1. I didn’t know there could exist a gal that loves coffee as much as I do, but my barista does. I plan to gift her this tea scoop’n’clip for her morning fix!

2. I’d love to gift my tech-savvy programmer the Notepod. He’s the smartest man I’ve ever met, and loves to create new Apps in his spare time. The perfect pad for the perfect pal!

3. My hairdresser is going back to school in the spring to pursue a career in graphic design. This comb USB drive is perfect!

4. Have you ever looked at the fingers of a UPS gal? Our poor delivery worker, Sharon, has the most paper cuts of anyone I’ve ever seen. So bad, in fact, that earlier this summer, she came in and asked if we had a Band-Aid she could have. I gave her a few, along with some cupcakes we had on hand, and we were fast friends. A few weeks ago, I spotted these cuties and can’t wait until Christmas to gift them to her!

5. My favorite librarian once told me that she loved her job because of how the new shipments of books smelled (I couldn’t agree more, and my Amazon bill is proof!). I plan to gift her a can of this New Book Smell Air Freshener. She’ll be thrilled!

You can find Erin typing away at Design for Mankind as well as shelterpop, diy life and design milk (I don’t think she ever sleeps!) She has some great themed gift guides going on right now on DFM, so fly over and have a look-see!


Gifted: Flight Bag.

I love the vintage look of Wm. J. Mills & Co.’s flight bags. They remind me of the days when getting on an airplane was a luxury and sort of glamorous. You know, the days when you were actually served instead of herded. But I think they could also remind me of a lunch bag to haul my daily necessities back and forth from work! (They come in a ton of colors, but I’ve been on a gray and canary kick lately.) {via housemartin}


Gifts: Sleepy King.

Sleepy King has some of the most huggable stuffed handmade woodland creatures ever. I have two little cousins who just might be lucky enough to call one their own come Christmas Day!