Happy Weekend.

Gabriela Da Costa

+ Filing this Bicycle Drawing Machine under Wish I’d Thought of That

+ December desktop love: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

+ These watercolor holiday invites are lovely. And free.

+ I’m ready to hightail it to Caboodle Ranch.

+ A fantastic garland roundup.

+ Scheming with these prank gift boxes!

+ In love with this winter wedding.

+ If my cards weren’t written out, this holiday card download would be the way to go.

+ It’s cold outside, but these Maple & Squash Pumpkin Pie Popsicles look incredible.

+ My favorite advent calendar!

Happy Weekend!


Handpainted Porcelain.

This past summer I bookmarked a project on A Merry Mishap on how to jazz up white porcelain dishware with a paint pen. Yes, as in those things you can buy for a few bucks at the craft store. Wouldn’t it be great to personalize a platter or large bowl with a design all your own for someone on your gift list? After completing your design you bake it in the oven at 300º for 35 minutes and presto change-o, instant one-of-a-kind.


Homemade Spirits.

I’m only speaking for myself here, but my holiday budget is tighter this year than it’s been in some time. I’m talking pre-career. The nice thing about that is that it’s made me think about the gifts I’m giving even more than I normally would. Starting today I’ll be sharing some ideas for handcrafted gifts to make and give.

Sure, I could buy a friend a bottle of their favorite alcohol at the liquor store, but something homemade might be even better. And cost a little less. And be a little cooler, just think of all the bottling possibilities!


Coffee Liqueur

Cranberry Liqueur


Happy Weekend.

{The devil’s crayon}

+ I love these DIY flower bulb favors.

+ Yesterday I shared some out of the ordinary wedding rings over on Oh, hello friend.

+ I also answered a few questions for Annie at Poetic + Chic.

+ More Halloween cards + invitations.

+ I’ve been wanting to paint some Mason jars, so this DIY is perfect timing!

+ Sad I didn’t think of this idea when I moved into my first apartment.

+ Every designer, actually every human, needs to read these words from Milton Glaser.

+ Wowed by these courtroom sketches.

+ Web designers rejoice and meet the Gridulator!

+ I can’t wait to pick up a copy of Baked’s second cookbook.

+ WANT: these Maple Candied Apples in my face.

+ One more reason I need to my ass to NYC: FoodParc.

+ Did you know you can visit illustrator Edward Gorey’s house?

+ Looking for a reason to make + wear a fall leaf mask.

+ New garb for your desktop 1, 2

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

+ Looking forward to making a batch of these Red Velvet Pancakes this weekend!

+ Some great gift ideas to get you started for Father’s Day

+ If you’re the crafty type check out these 12 free tutorials for bags and purses

+ Excited to get my scissors and some pretty paper out to try my hand at David Stark’s paper flower shop

+ I really, really need to make my own list like this!

+ Cupcake liners. Not just for cupcakes anymore.

+ I’m developing a massive luggage fetish

+ Claire Huxtable as a paperdoll – YES!

+ The sweetest first birthday party ever

+ If you have 30 seconds, please pop over and support Greyhound Rescue & Rehabilitation. It supports retired racing greyhounds suffering form broken legs. you can vote daily until May 31st!

Happy Weekend!

PS: Don’t forget, if you have until Monday at 9am CST to enter the Davina + Daniel giveaway!


Happy Weekend.

This week has been swamped with fusterclucks, both at work and at home. So you’ll have to excuse me while I only post a weekly roundup of good stuff today instead of my usuals. Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!

+ Can you believe Mother’s Day is less than a month away?! Here’s a gift guide and a freebie to get you started down the right path.

+ Feeling inspired by these circus-y photos be Wendy Bevan

+ Cute desktop wallpaper to get you all set for iced coffee weather!

+ And a few other desktop wallpaper beauties from Ruche

+ Looking forward to making a few of these paper bag lanterns for my first summer get together

+ Check out Design for Mankind’s new design and latest feature – The House that DFM Built

+ The tiniest modern miniatures

Happy Weekend!