Drawing For Dogs


When artists use their talents to give back I swear my heart grows three sizes. Hannah Rowlands is using hers to support Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and the animals who are there waiting for their forever homes. For £12 (about $19.50 US) Hannah will draw a custom portrait of your dog and donate £10 of the proceeds. She’s accepting order requests until December, the perfect gift for a dog lover! (via Creature Comforts)


Family Cookbook

I’m all over this idea of gifting a family cookbook. All over it. Anjali gave hers out as favors at her wedding, but I’m picturing a book full of my family’s favorite holiday recipes. Everything from main courses to cookies to the breakfast casserole we’ve eaten every Christmas morning for as long as I can remember. In fact, I think I’ll get started after the New Year of designing separate ones for both my dad’s and mom’s sides of the family. (via the kitchn)


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Gabriela Da Costa

01/ a papercraft nativity set to print and assemble
02/ the most attractive way to store firewood – ever
03/ I like big buns and I cannot lie
04/ this paper tree looks so fun
05/ gorgeous agate windows
06/ magic beans to keep your coffee warm longer!
07/ great gift idea for a cook
08/ make hot cocoa ornaments


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Abby Trys Again

01/ I love this Charlie Brown wreath made from tree trimmings
02/ super well-designed pop-up trash + recycling bins
03/ I had no clue disposable loaf pans existed, perfect for gifting
04/ the most insane ornaments + trimmings roundup
05/ learn how to make the perfect omelette in a baggie
06/ Mountain Dew + Dorito cupcakes, whoa
07/ pretty field of light blossoms
08/ make these paper gem tree ornaments
09/ love these revamped Virginia Woolf bookcovers
10/ the storybook fantasies of Dara Scully
11/ 14 charity gift sites, add one to your list


Turntable Kitchen



I’m all kinds of in love with the notion behind Turntable Kitchen. Music! Cooking! Vinyl! Recipes!

San Francisco couple Kasey and Matthew started connecting good and music on their site with hand-selected recipes and musical pairing, and recently they began offering up a Pairings Box. It’s a curated food and music discovery experience delivered to your door, you can either order by the month or subscribe. Fab concept, no? My favorite part is that the music shows up on vinyl. Maybe, just maybe, this is the perfect gift for the foodie/music lover in your life.

PS: Don’t miss their backlog of stellar mixtapes!


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Malerie Marder


01.  redesigned logos for every NBA team by Michael Weinstein
02.  love this video about the making of a cake
03.  great gift ideas for cool guys in your life
04.  the best screensaver, oh, ever
05.  homemade cotton candy, no machine necessary!
06.  a honeydew hefeweizen smoothie? yes, please!
07.  alcohol-infused rainbow sprinkles
08.  love these simple coasters, I’d use them on the patio
09.  score a print of bouncy balls having their way with San Francisco’s hills
10.  50 quotes from Albert Einstein


Happy {Mother’s Day} Weekend

PHOTO: The Edge of Love, the vamoose


I’m calling it an early week so that I can head off and celebrate the marriage of two good friends. Have a superb weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there!


01.  is this the future of the paper bag?
02.  the rare film gift pack, for the camera lover in your life
03.  Adam Goldberg has a new band, The Goldberg Sisters
04.  A DIY update on the classic rope bracelet
05.  pretty, pretty, pretty illustrated maps
06.  a bazillion (okay, 30) desktop wallpapers for the month of May
07.  The Beastie Boys, Annotated
08.  love these candy colored pushpins
09.  ropes walls? yes!
10.  Jane has a new shop, Coterie