Tips&Tricks: Photography


Photography is the everyman’s art form, anyone can pick up a camera (or a smartphone) and start snapping away. It remains to be seen whether you’ll be any good at capturing beauty through the viewfinder, but man is it fun to try! Here are some tips&tricks for everything from your phone to manual mode.


Basic photo tips for bloggers.

How to take better photos with your phone.

Understanding ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

10 tips for food photography and styling.

20 things I wish I knew about photographing in manual mode.

How to make a photo light box.

13 popular photography tips.

100 photography tutorials for beginners and professionals.

How to manage your personal photo collection like a professional photographer.

Essential photography gear.

Your guide to manual mode magic.

An introduction to digital photography.

A shutter speed chart.

How to create a home photography studio.


Tips&Tricks: Beauty + Fashion


There are tips and tricks aplenty out there when it comes to appearance, they’re everywhere. Pinterest, magazines, blogs, everywhere! I’ve combed through more than my share and come out the other side with my favorites. Do you have any tried and true tips for beauty and fashion??


How to backcomb your hair without looking like a…

Homemade whipped coconut body oil.

All about false lashes.

Beauty secrets from backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Master the cat eye with this tutorial.

Bronzing 101.

Repair those split ends with these tips.

Big booty bouffant hair tutorial right here, ladies.

A year of sugar scrubs.

DIY surf spray for wavy locks.

Learn to blow dry your bangs perfectly.

Get your feet ready for summer.

Homemade natural bronzer recipe.

Refreshing homemade cucumber aloe mist.

Makeup tips to make you look more awake.

How to apply eyeshadow in ten easy steps.

How to easily remove glitter nail polish.

How to un-shrink clothes.

Make your own Kate Spade-inspired skirt.

How to wear a t-shirt and look stylish.

Breaking in tight shoes.


Tips&Tricks: Gardening + Landscaping


I can be described as having a brown thumb at best. I have an odd talent for growing African violets that thrive, and not much else. Succulents hate me and I even once killed a cactus. I’m That Girl. So with all of that out in the open – whew! – you can see why I’m always on the look out for tips & tricks that might help me out a bit.


Square Foot Gardening: How to Get Started for $50. (Infographic)

Propogating succulents from leaves.

Build a $10 cedar raised garden bed.

Get your kids’ involved in gardening.

Paint rocks like strawberries to protect the real thing.

Growing citrus indoors.

How to plan your vegetable and herb garden.

DIY Glowing outdoor orbs for your patio.

Nine ways to bring nature indoors for brown thumbs.

Make an easy shoe and foot washing station.

How to fix dents in wooden floors and furniture.

Build your own pergola.

Take advantage of this printable garden planner.

Learn how to garden in gutters.

Gardening in raised beds.

Ten secrets for extending the life of cut flowers.

Homesteading: How Much Land Do You Need to Go Off the Grid.

Use vinegar to kill weeds.

Ten indoor plants you can’t kill.

Ten spring window gardening tips.

Make a planter’s yardstick.

Fifteen must-haves for the herb gardener.


Tips&Tricks: Blogging



This month I’m sharing tips & tricks on one of the things I know best, blogging. Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran there’s always something to learn. And we’ve got it all – design, coding, social media and more. Have something you rely on that’s missing? Leave it in the comments, we’re hungry for knowledge!


01/ Tips for building a bright + successful blogging brand.
02/ 50 online tools to better your blog.
03/ Blog design resources for 2013.
04/ The how of effective homepages.
05/ A social media size cheat sheet.
06/ An HTML cheat sheet list of HTML tags.
07/ The top 9 social networks for business.
08/ Your blog post promotion checklist.
09/ Do you know the best way to engage your users?
10/ Why brands with consistent messaging are worth more.
11/ How to write the perfect blog post.
12/ Tax tips for bloggers and small businesses.
13/ 10 blog layout tips.
14/ How to work with a designer.
15/ Social media dos and don’ts.
16/ 7 Google Analytics metrics you should monitor.
17/ 5 legal concerns for small creative businesses.
18/ 15 minutes to a better blog: Free Resources.
19/ Beautiful minimalist WordPress themes.
20/ Top 10 tips for food blogging.
21/ 99 ways to increase blog traffic.
22/ A free printable blog planner to get organized.
23/ Get to know your readers.
24/ 18 blogging tips.
25/ Editing and saving blog photos for the web.




Welcome to our newest monthly column, Tips&Tricks! Ways to make your life easier, save you time, and generally make your days better. Each month we’ll be sharing a collection of helpful ideas from around the web, most will focus on a specific theme but we’re starting off fast and loose for February. Feel free to chime in with tried and true tips and tricks of your own in the comments!


01/ How to clean up files for a faster Mac.
02/ The easiest way to hang anything with T-slots.
03/ How to remove leftover wax from candle jars.
04/ Make homemade Vicks Vapor show disks.
05/ Revive gross old paintbrushes.
06/ 50 new uses for old things.
07/ How to calculate yardage for window coverings.
08/ Eucalyptus in the shower.
09/ How to ditch water rings on wood.
10/ How to fix wooden floor dents.
11/ Get your paperwork organized for 2013.
12/ The best times to buy certain things.