Snapbacks Are Where It’s At

Katin K Man Patch Snapback Hat

I’ve never been much of a hat girl, though I have plenty of aspirations. Last year I finally began to embrace cool weather loving wide brimmed hats so who knows, maybe snapbacks are next? Of course this style has been around for ages in sports, but lately I’m noticing more and more designs with a nod towards fashion.


Black Snapback Hat with Wooden Brim // Blondie Brownie Embroidered Snapback Caps // Hackman Hat in Vintage Red


Homegirl Black Snapback Hat // Hurley Beach Cruiser Snapback Hat // Obey Tropics Floral Snapback Hat


Neff Tropik Snapback Hat // The Quiet Life Primary 5 Panel Cap // OBEY Cliffside Strapback Hat



AH:OK-1-Design Crush


You’ve probably heard it said that writers should stick to telling of what they know, what they’ve lived. So really it only makes sense that clothing designers should create pieces they’d want to have in their own closets, no? AH/OK does just that, designing pieces that are clean, basic, and eclectically characterized by contemporary prints.


AH:OK-2-Design Crush

AH:OK-3-Design Crush

AH:OK-4-Design Crush

AH:OK-5-Design Crush

AH:OK-6-Design Crush


Fossil x Opening Ceremony

Fossil x Opening Ceremony-1-Design Crush


A few months ago Fossil and Opening Ceremony teamed up for a capsule collection of eclectic style with a vintage twist. In other words, it’s kind of phenomenal. The limited edition line features a little something for both men and women with its statement watches, reversible bags, and other accessories. The end result of Fossil x Opening Ceremony is playful yet innovative.


Fossil x Opening Ceremony-2-Design Crush

Fossil x Opening Ceremony-3-Design Crush

Fossil x Opening Ceremony-4-Design Crush

Fossil x Opening Ceremony-5-Design Crush

Fossil x Opening Ceremony-6-Design Crush


Lee Coren

Lee Coren-1-Design Crush


Urban surroundings and the need for fresh air both inspire the bags and scarves that Lee Coren creates. The pieces feature handmade screen printed fabrics and original prints from scenery captured on a camera. Lee sources and produces locally and ethically, using cruelty-free, vegan friendly materials, and when sourcing leather replacements chooses high quality, italian-made, cotton-backed microfiber polyurethane. It always feels good when love something that’s doing good for the environment.


Lee Coren-2-Design Crush

Lee Coren-3-Design Crush

Lee Coren-4-Design Crush

Lee Coren-5-Design Crush

Lee Coren-6-Design Crush



Shwood-1-Design Crush


As it turns out, I have a bit of a problem with sunglasses. For some people it’s coats or shoes or jewelry, but I’ll just take all of your sunglasses thankyouverymuch! Eyewear company Shwood has designed a pair utilizing oxidation, brass inlays are subjected to the chemical reaction in-house to create one-of-a-kind versions of their best selling frame – the Camby.


Shwood-2-Design Crush

Shwood-3-Design Crush

Shwood-4-Design Crush