Chris Earl

Chris Earl-1-Design Crush


Chris Earl‘s upbringing in Papua New Guinea instilled in him a respect for creating objects to fulfill a purpose, create a story, and build community. He puts it all into play in his line of furniture, tabletop, and ceramics where that trifecta is the guiding light. Functional, graceful, and timeless.


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Julian Meagher

Julian Meagher-1-Design Crush


Portraits, reclaimed bottles, and plenty of plant life all play parts in Julian Meagher‘s paintings. Some so dimensional that I had myself questioning just what I was looking at. I’m pinning it on the fact that Meagher is a former medical doctor with an innate understanding of 3D, though he’s also trained in traditional oil portraiture in Florence, Italy and carries over some of those techniques. Whatever the case, just wow.


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Fox & Ramona

Fox & Ramona-1-Design Crush


A serious love of home accessories, interior design, and home decor was the driving force behind Fox & Ramona‘s 2011 inception in Melbourne, Australia. Each and every concrete piece is made in shop owner Kristy’s home, which she then juxtaposes them with freeform paint strokes.


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Favor-1-Design Crush


When picking jewelry I generally gravitate towards simple pieces that will be in rotation for years to come. Favor‘s thoughtfully composed jewelry line ticks all the boxes with their high quality materials, ethically-sourced stones, and the fact that all pieces are designed to compliment one another. Group them together or add to your other favorites seamlessly.


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Dorris Vooijs

Dorris Vooijs-1-Design Crush


The layered mixed media works of Dorris Vooijs are a study in what beauty can come from the combination of traditional and digital techniques. Collected vintage pictures, digital sketches, markers, spray paint, embroidery, and ink all play their roles as Dorris turns it all into something that matches her current state of mind.


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Ruth Root

Ruth Root-1-Design Crush


Ruth Root‘s bold paintings are often characterized by unlikely shapes, unusual patterns, and the use of fabrics. The points of intrigue lie in their often changing relationships with one another and Ruth’s focus on the heart of it all – the paint.


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