Beautiful Wears: Spring 2016


June Dress // Henry Dress // Lenny Dress in Vodou Print // Luisa Embroidered Dress



Natalie Silk Crepe Dress // Black Silk Backwards Sailor Top // Striped Jump Suit //
Gabardine Two Piece Trench Coat



The Bustier Dress // The Lazy Dress // The Dotty Blouse // The Stamped Mini



Black Stretch Tank Dress // Floral Halter Dress // Convertible Dress & Skirt // Gray Cotton Drop Pant



Alice Jumpsuit, Engineer Stripe // Rampling Textured Jumpsuit, Licorice // Eldin Jumpsuit, Ocean //
Olive Dress, Navy Cement Stripe



Daniel Sailor Pants // Crop Poncho // Menlo Denim Jumper // Geo Print Jumpsuit



Yohamy Side-Slit Maxi Dress // Mini Billie Sheer Lace Blouse // Natsuko Cut Back Tunic // Ada Tie
Waist Sleeveless Dress


Print Edition: May 2016


Chinese Brush Painting by Celine Printables // Flora by Britt Hermann //
Make It Easy by Making It Fun by Chipper Things // Monogram Initial Print by
Factory Twenty One // Mountains ABC Print by Schoolhouse Electric



Out of Ideas by Ashkahn Shahparnia // Morning Kiss by Raphael Vavasseur //
Sleep Forever by Henn Kim // Study Print by Gabriel Stromberg //
Zebra Succulent by Beetle Ink Co.



Darkroom-1-Design Crush


London’s Darkroom is an independent design label and store changing up the generic and the bland. Their beliefs that good design should be accessible to all and that there is a basic human desire for beauty and comfort guide everything Darkroom creates and does. Everything is dynamic and if you’re not already familiar, I think you’ll enjoy their offerings immensely.


Darkroom-2-Design Crush

Darkroom-3-Design Crush

Darkroom-4-Design Crush

Darkroom-5-Design Crush

Darkroom-6-Design Crush


Edie Nadelhaft / Flesh

Edie Nadelhaft-1-Design Crush


Few things are as impossibly difficult to mimic visually as human skin, the exception possibly being for painter Edie Nadelhaft. Her minuscule paint strokes make every piece in this series – Flesh – nearly mistakable for photos. And with good reason, Nadelhaft uses digital photography to ensure she captures each and every detail flawlessly.


Edie Nadelhaft-2-Design Crush

Edie Nadelhaft-3-Design Crush

Edie Nadelhaft-4-Design Crush

Edie Nadelhaft-5-Design Crush


Stone & Cloth

Stone & Cloth-1-Design Crush


Some girls love purses, I love bags. Especially ones founded on helping others. Matthew Clough came up with the idea for his company, Stone & Cloth, while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. After learning that his porter didn’t make enough money to send his children to school Clough returned home to L.A. and set up a business model for selling great bags and raising funds to help students in Tanzania. What a go getter!


Stone & Cloth-2-Design Crush

Stone & Cloth-3-Design Crush

Stone & Cloth-4-Design Crush

Stone & Cloth-5-Design Crush

Stone & Cloth-6-Design Crush