Anne Ten Donkelaar

Anne Ten Donkelaar-1-Design Crush


I definitely have an obsession with flowers, one that’s only come about in the past five years or so. I dream of having a cutting garden in my backyard and do my best to have fresh blooms in my house at all times, even if that means picking up a bouquet at the grocery store. Anne Ten Donkelaar‘s collages take up less space and are some of the prettiest “flower gardens” I’ve ever seen.


Anne Ten Donkelaar-2-Design Crush

Anne Ten Donkelaar-3-Design Crush

Anne Ten Donkelaar-4-Design Crush

Anne Ten Donkelaar-5-Design Crush


Paper & Clay

Paper & Clay-1-Design Crush


Brit McDaniel credits Scandinavian design, good coffee, and her pup as the inspiration behind Paper & Clay‘s lovely designs. (I’d say that’s a combination for success.) The Memphis-based shop creates small batches of handmade ceramics with the best color palettes that I’d proudly display whether in use or not.


Paper & Clay-2-Design Crush

Paper & Clay-3-Design Crush

Paper & Clay-4-Design Crush

Paper & Clay-5-Design Crush



CHIAOZZA-1-Design Crush


CHIAOZZA is the combined efforts of Terri Chiao and Adam Frezza. Their colorful large-scale wooden sculptures are happy inducing, and I love how some of them even look like they could be functional! Make one of their lovely pieces yours through their shop.


CHIAOZZA-2-Design Crush

CHIAOZZA-3-Design Crush

CHIAOZZA-4-Design Crush

CHIAOZZA-5-Design Crush

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Tattoorary-1-Design Crush


I have seven tattoos and a list of a few others that I hope to get eventually, but they aren’t for everyone. Thankfully there are tons of gorgeous temporary options for those of you who want to add some less permanent body decoration. And what better time than summer? Check out these temporary ink designs from Tattoorary, I guarantee you’ll be hooked.


Tattoorary-2-Design Crush

Tattoorary-3-Design Crush

Tattoorary-4-Design Crush

Tattoorary-5-Design Crush


Fumi Koike

Fumi Koike-1-Design Crush


My days are filled with my routine, my work, and my pets for the most part – I’m a homebody. The second I saw Fumi Koike‘s art that focuses on life’s domesticities I felt comforted. Those moments when we recognize a piece of ourselves in another can be breathtaking, especially when they’re captured so lovingly.


Fumi Koike-2-Design Crush

Fumi Koike-3-Design Crush

Fumi Koike-4-Design Crush

Fumi Koike-5-Design Crush

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Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Elemental Turntable is the best looking simple turntable for vinyl newbies.
02/ Artist 1010 created a giant optical illusion on a highway – Le Périphiérique.
03/ Check out Kit Animalium – a 3D chocolate animal kit!
04/ Mimi O Chun’s Stuffed Hipster Emblems are detailed and awesome.
05/ I’m convinced these paper clips would up my organization game.
06/ Crushing on Christoph Niemann’s Brush Girl.
07/ Take a peek at 12 of the best in coffee brewing technology.
08/ Explosive dance portraits by Alexander Yakovlev capture powerful movement.
09/ Akilah Hughes documented her week in a visual diary of used makeup wipes.
10/ A government building in New Mexico has a cat library where workers can check out adoptable cats!

This week on Design Crush:
Let your playful side out with these Scribble Rugs.
Download this desktop wallpaper that was inspired by summer + HP Sprout!
Incredible architectural reliefs from Chisel & Mouse.
Definitely snatching up my sign in the Good Twin’s Zodiac Pin + Post.
Cosmic Nuggets’ Maskz series is colorful and dark – in other words perfect.
Admit it, you have a summer wish list all thought out too.
Laura Agusti’s Ashdown Cats are amazing.
Fourteen Father’s Day cards… because it’s this coming Sunday.
Bryan Ray‘s incredible work is teeming with color and loads of momentum.


Bryan Ray

Bryan Ray-1-Design Crush


The art of Bryan Ray might surprise you, at least the mediums he uses to create it. What I initially guessed to be textile works are actually acrylic and paper on wood. WHOA. The Portland-based artist creates such movement and momentum in his pieces that your eyes are immediately drawn left to right. The result is a juxtaposition of sorts, creating a feeling of futurism and analog all at once.


Bryan Ray-2-Design Crush

Bryan Ray-3-Design Crush

Bryan Ray-4-Design Crush

Bryan Ray-5-Design Crush


Father’s Day Cards


ROW 1: Emily McDowell // The Detroit Card Co. // All her Glory
ROW 2: Sad Shop // Dear Little Darling // My Dear Fellow Co.
ROW 3: Cardtorial // Moglea
ROW 4: Igloo Letterpress // Emily McDowell // laLa Grace
ROW 5: Allison Cornu // August & Oak // Wit & Whistle


Laura Agusti / Ashdown Cats

Laura Agusti-1-Design Crush


This one goes out to all my fellow cat ladies! Laura Agusti‘s Ashdown Cats is my favorite series of her illustrations, many of which focus on animal-human hybrid species. These felines are total bohemians in style, their hair and wardrobes spill the truth.


Laura Agusti-2-Design Crush

Laura Agusti-3-Design Crush

Laura Agusti-4-Design Crush

Laura Agusti-5-Design Crush


Summer Wish List


1. Metal 4-Inch Steel U Hairpin  2. Cactus Print Half Sleeve Blouse
3. V Column Dress (Ink Lines)  4. Hillary Clinton for President 2016 Tee

Summer has unofficially been here for a few weeks now, but I’ve been coveting these wardrobe additions for even longer. A few tees, some shades, and I’m basically set. This is the lowest maintenance season and I plan to not only show it, but embrace it 110%. What’s on your summer wish list??



5. Rose Quartz Triangle Gold Necklace  6. A Detacher Ruthie Romper (Hills & Dales)
7. Yami Backpack  8. One Piece Wide Strap Tank



9. Vacay Times Tee  10. Super Duper Thistle Sunglasses
11. Lapis Stud Earrings  12. Alabaster Yama Imo Hat