Snapbacks Are Where It’s At

Katin K Man Patch Snapback Hat

I’ve never been much of a hat girl, though I have plenty of aspirations. Last year I finally began to embrace cool weather loving wide brimmed hats so who knows, maybe snapbacks are next? Of course this style has been around for ages in sports, but lately I’m noticing more and more designs with a nod towards fashion.


Black Snapback Hat with Wooden Brim // Blondie Brownie Embroidered Snapback Caps // Hackman Hat in Vintage Red


Homegirl Black Snapback Hat // Hurley Beach Cruiser Snapback Hat // Obey Tropics Floral Snapback Hat


Neff Tropik Snapback Hat // The Quiet Life Primary 5 Panel Cap // OBEY Cliffside Strapback Hat



bunglo-1-Design Crush


bunglo is the 2013-born business baby of Shay Spaniola. The artist and designer’s free-spirited curiosity lead the way as she explored cultural touchstones and created a diverse color palette to base her line of textiles around. It all has a relaxing, bohemian vibe about it, and right now you can save 20% throughout thanks so a summer sale!


bunglo-2-Design Crush

bunglo-3-Design Crush

bunglo-4-Design Crush

bunglo-5-Design Crush

bunglo-6-Design Crush


Lorraine Nam

Lorraine Nam-2-Design Crush


Lorraine Nam is a paper illustrator out of Brooklyn who works with flat sheets of paper to create miniature 3D paper objects. The end result is usually a photograph or animation, so she likes to think of each creation as a prop. Lorraine also cuts into single pieces of paper to create one large image for massive impact.


Lorraine Nam-1-Design Crush

Lorraine Nam-3-Design Crush

Lorraine Nam-4-Design Crush

Lorraine Nam-6-Design Crush


Eight New Notebooks

It’s back-to-school time, which means it’s also time for our semi-annual notebook roundup! An avid notebook collector/hoarder myself, I’m forever on the lookout for just the right pages to hold my lists, ravings, and notes.


ROW 1: Back Pocket Notebooks Remixed // Classiky Note with Pocket
ROW 2: Energy Pattern Sketch Book // Gradient Notebook // Hawaiian Floral Notebook Set
ROW 3: Hay Edge Notebook // Inspiration 5mm Grid Notebook // Square Dyed A7 Notebook


Michelle Fader

Michelle Fader-1-Design Crush


I’m over here today crushing on the photography of Michelle Fader, some of which is based on exaggerated memories from her own life or stories that have been told to her. The hazy edges and realness of every shot makes them so familiar you might start to wonder if they’re moments from your own life instead.


Michelle Fader-2-Design Crush

Michelle Fader-3-Design Crush

Michelle Fader-4-Design Crush

Michelle Fader-5-Design Crush


Sigrid Calon Memory Game

Sigrid Calon Memory Game-1-Design Crush


I grew up as an only child activities that I could do on my own were kind of a staple, and memory games were one of those things for sure. I’ve added this grownup, graphic take on the classic featuring fluorescent, Risograph print-inspired patterns by Sigrid Calon to my game collection at home. The cube holds 52 paired cards and works as a design-savvy gift, mental challenge, and beautiful art object.


Sigrid Calon Memory Game-2-Design Crush

Sigrid Calon Memory Game-3-Design Crush


Daniel Entonado

Daniel Entonado-1-Design Crush


Madrid-based Daniel Entonado is a painter, yes. But he’s also a painter who deconstructs some of his pieces and puts them back together as collages! The result is brilliantly beautiful and inventive.


Daniel Entonado-2-Design Crush

Daniel Entonado-3-Design Crush

Daniel Entonado-4-Design Crush

Daniel Entonado-5-Design Crush

Daniel Entonado-6-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

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