Leslie Weaver

Leslie Weaver-1-Design Crush


Vibrant color, pattern, texture, fashion, design, quirky composition, and global culture all play roles in artist Leslie Weaver‘s beautiful female faces. Their personalities run the gamut from polished professional all the way to punk rocker. Check out Leslie’s shop to make one your own!


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Leslie Weaver-3-Design Crush

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To Wallpaper or Not To Wallpaper



In my first house the guest room featured a wall of patterned navy blue wallpaper behind the bed’s headboard that I loved. But one short year after completing the room I picked up and moved halfway across the country, and the walls in the 1900 house are paperless. Having been in the space for nearly two years I’m beginning to see things in a different light, and considering an accent wall here and there. The second floor bath or perhaps a wall in the dining room, maybe something subtle or something bold that knocks your socks off the moment you walk into the room. Here are ten wallpapers I’ve got my eye on – thoughts?












Endre Penovác

Endre Penovác-1-Design Crush


Though Endre Penovác paints with oils as well as draws, it’s his watercolors that I’m drawn towards. The depth and detail he creates with pigments spreading across the wet paper on their own is utterly mesmerizing, made all the more so then the simplicity of most of Endre’s subjects is considered.


Endre Penovác-2-Design Crush

Endre Penovác-3-Design Crush

Endre Penovác-4-Design Crush

Endre Penovác-5-Design Crush

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Anything featuring tassels is usually either A. a little too grandma or B. a little too hippie for me. Not so with WKNDLA. Brass, wood, and cotton play prominent roles in the different sculptural wall hangings and accessories owner Cindy Zell makes and sells. Their modern, minimal vibe is a breath of fresh air.


WKNDLA-2-Design Crush

WKNDLA-3-Design Crush

WKNDLA-4-Design Crush

WKNDLA-5-Design Crush


Anna King

Anna King-1-Design Crush


Anna King works in oils on paper pasted onto board, drawing into the wet paint with a pencil to create a deconstructed, sketch-like finished piece. Her desolate landscapes and buildings jive so nicely with the end result.

My work explores the margins of landscape – overlooked, peripheral places – abandoned buildings, wastelands, plantations and quarries. These structures are marks we’ve made on the world, and now time passes without human intervention – paint peels, grass grows through cracks in concrete and the temporary nature of our own existence is brought into sharper focus.


Anna King-2-Design Crush

Anna King-3-Design Crush

Anna King-4-Design Crush

Anna King-5-Design Crush

Anna King-6-Design Crush


Bonnie and Neil

Bonnie and Neil-Design Crush


I first came across Australian textile design studio/duo Bonnie and Neil about a year ago, and it gave me butterflies. Their vibrant range of home products incorporate botanicals, bright patterns, and an occasional nod to Australiana culture, with designs influenced by their surroundings and a love of color. My favorites though are Bonnie and Neil’s plate collection (get in my cupboard already!).


Happy 4th of July

I Love to Create-Design Crush
(DIY dyed flag by I Love to Create)

It’s fantastic when a holiday falls on a Friday or Monday for a grand ol’ three day weekend. Yesterday I took this rosé sangria to a get together at a friend’s house and today I’m making these mini blueberry galette stars to take along to a pool party. I hope your day is something special, no matter what you’re up to. See you tomorrow with regularly scheduled programming!


Happy Weekend

Maybe you’ve noticed that Happy Weekend has been inconspicuously missing since last December, or maybe you haven’t. To be completely honest it’s a time consuming post and didn’t seem to be garnering much interest, so I thought no one would notice if it just went away. But as in many things in life I was wrong, and its demise has been mentioned by several of you in the past few months (including my own father.)

So without further ado, here’s Happy Weekend in its latest incarnation! A slew of links from other sites that I share on Facebook throughout the week as well as a roundup of what you may have missed out on right here on Design Crush.


1/Bitchin’ Bugs, a groovy book about the insect world directed towards an adult audience.   2/Abandoned in Place is photographic exploration of forgotten relics of the American space race.   3/ReGen Villages is a self-sustaining utopian village in the Netherlands.   4/Your food is delivered on tiny rollercoasters at the aptly named Rollercoaster Restaurant.   5/Scientists have developed see-through wood.   6/Explore the forgotten spaces below highways and bridges in the Skies of Concrete series.   7/Mini golf gets a modern marble redesign.   8/Cinema Palettes generates the color palette used in iconic movie scenes.   9/Play Werewolf.   10/Instrument 1 aims to make playing music less intimidating.


Jess Riva Cooper / Viral Series   2/Livada Fragrance Vase   3/Underneath It All
4/Rebekka Connelly   5/Paul Trillo / Chromacity   6/Turntables, Speakers + Headphones

7/Jesse Moretti   8/The Roommate Book   9/Clare Pentlow


Clare Pentlow

Clare Pentlow-1-Design Crush


London-based Clare Pentolow creates magic with simple sheets of paper. By cutting, folding, and layering she creates beautifully intricate forms and shapes that are downright extraordinary and hypnotic.


Clare Pentlow-2-Design Crush

Clare Pentlow-3-Design Crush

Clare Pentlow-4-Design Crush

Clare Pentlow-5-Design Crush

Clare Pentlow-6-Design Crush