Kyle Skor


Kyle Skor is an American artist and children’s book author/illustrator. He grew up playing in the prairie snows and forests of the upper midwest, which nurtured in him the spirit of the wandering mystic. At one point he went to Williams College and studied art history and psychology, and chose somewhat prematurely to enter a doctoral program at Harvard at the age of 22. As a graduate student, he spent more time skipping class to read poetry and sketch at the museums of greater Boston and Cambridge than not, an awareness of which ultimately led him to drop out of school and assume a variety of odd jobs, working by candlelight on his “soul stuff”. Between 2005 and 2013, the fruits of most of these efforts found themselves consigned to various landfills around Asia and California.






Megan Krzmarzick


Portland-based abstract artist Megan Krzmarzick uses dramatic, bold colors and textures to get her point across and express deep and resonating emotions and energies.

Through her work, Megan explores healing and identity, the reality of time and beings in flux, and competing narratives that weave in and out of our lives shaping different forms and frames of reality. She is the author of a hand painted poetry zine “Running Away from Home,” a small press publication carried at Powell’s Books. Megan also leads creative workshops as the founder of “Humanities Dept.”





Little Prick


All of UK-based Little Prick‘s pieces are made by hand with pinpricks, then backlit when finished.

“I love the idea of starting with nothing except a blank piece of paper, seeing where it goes and creating something that uses nothing but the paper itself to tell the story. The portraiture pieces are a little older and were a little more pre-planned. I’m moving further and further towards the abstract patterns and forms.”









Print Edition: January 2019

All This And More by Jessica Hische


Anthony Bourdain by Lewis Rossignol Art


Forest by Jean Jullien


Gentlemen by DEF Prints Co.


Gilmore Girls by Sprout Jam


I’m Vegan by Ashley Percival


Mid-Century Modern Art Print by Gallery J9


Pinky Swear by Jazzberry Blue


Tom Waits Cassettes by The Word Association


Tundra by In a Pale Place


Reinventing the Recliner


When you stop to think about recliners, what do you picture? I’m willing to bet your mind will lead you down the same path as mine, toward the bulky upholstered chairs of your childhood that were likely helmed by and reserved for your dad or your grandfather. They probably look nothing like any piece of furniture in your own home today, but thankfully the recliner has been quietly reinvented for a more modern home by American Leather.



I, for one, am thrilled – because man, are recliners comfortable or what?! I have a lot of fond memories of curling up in my Dad’s cumbersome chair, and these new designs are equally as welcoming. The seven sleek silhouettes are stylish and modern, two things I look for in every piece I bring into my own home. And when closed and upright you might never even know that these clean-lined chairs are concealing a reclinable feature.



When creating your chair choose from literally hundreds of color and texture options, making your custom modern day recliner perfectly suited to whatever kind of lifestyle happens within the walls of your home. There’s microfiber for homes with children or clumsy adults, cozy chenilles for the homebody, and of course natural classics like leather for a timeless aesthetic. Even with customizations you’ll have your new recliner in about 30 days.



My favorite design, and the one seen throughout this post, is the Aston. I love its obvious mid-century design influences and the natural walnut frame that conceals its reclining capabilities. It features a slightly curved back that just begs to be curled up in! Have a look at American Leather‘s entire line and see how innovation really is at the heart of everything they do.



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A New Year + Some Changes

Hello, 2019! As the new year starts, I wanted to take a minute and talk about how things have been evolving at Design Crush. For the past several years I’ve continued to do both freelance design and writing for other sites, even though Design Crush was paying the bills. But about two years ago the tide began to turn. I didn’t want to build a team and I didn’t want to add video – two decisions that lead me and the site to where we are today. Lately I’ve had a very full schedule working with two other sites as well as a local agency, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to continue as I have for so long. Design Crush will still be here, I’ll still be sharing my favorite artists and designers as well as things that align with my personal aesthetic and lifestyle, but posting will be more irregular. I’m not going to stress if I miss a day posting, and I hope this new practice will even bring back some of the joy and excitement I had when I started Design Crush way back in 2007. Thank you so much for continuing to support this site that I absolutely love creating in all of its iterations. xo, Kelly


Happy Holidays to You and Yours

Christmas Tree Dress by Libby VanderPloeg

I’m cutting out today for the rest of the year to work on some freelance projects and hopefully enjoy a little bit of holiday downtime as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for hanging around and keeping up with Design Crush for yet another year! There will be some changes coming to the site in the new year, so stay tuned for those. In the meantime, have yourself a merry little Christmas and a happy New Year!