Michael Carson

Michael Carson-1-Design Crush


The underplayed glamour Michael Carson conveys in each of his paintings draws the viewer right in, making them long for the chance to take part of the magic. (Or at least making me long for the chance.) Bars, clubs, cafés, and dance studios set the hazy scene for his characters, while giving a nod to both French Impressionist and post-Impressionist eras in style and technique.


Michael Carson-2-Design Crush

Michael Carson-3-Design Crush

Michael Carson-4-Design Crush

Michael Carson-5-Design Crush


Fireclay Tile

Fireclay-1-Design Crush


I’m generally drawn to safe neutrals when choosing the more permanent features in a space. Hues that help to create a blank canvas to build out a room upon, ones that have legs beyond my current style preference. But then I learned about Fireclay Tile and their incredible, brilliantly designed products that are made by hand in their factory just outside San Francisco. Their expansive collection of designs, shapes, and colors has got my creative engine turning and I’m thinking that maybe I need to take a walk on the wild side!


Fireclay-2-Design Crush

Fireclay-3-Design Crush

Fireclay-4-Design Crush

Fireclay-5-Design Crush


Merve Özaslan / Natural Act

Merve Özaslan-1-Design Crush


Merve Özaslan‘s Natural Act collage series shows off city and suburban scenes with portals to the natural world. Özaslan explores the relationship between nature and humanity, in the end reassuring us that each one is a part of the other.


Merve Özaslan-2-Design Crush

Merve Özaslan-3-Design Crush

Merve Özaslan-4-Design Crush

Merve Özaslan-5-Design Crush


The Messenger

The Messenger-1-Design Crush


My best friend and I used to have this round metal ball with a hinge that we passed back and forth holding little gifts to one another. The Messenger reminds me of that, but with a way better execution. Artist Becky Kent was inspired by carrier pigeons used in times of war to send messages, and created this ceramic bird sculpture with a mid-century vibe that holds a rolled up note. The Messenger comes and goes from your hands but connects you to anyone who receives it for years to come, track it forever online using its unique ID number. You can support The Messenger on Kickstarter right here.


The Messenger-2-Design Crush

The Messenger-3-Design Crush


Mlle Hipolyte

Mlle Hipolyte-1-Design Crush


Mlle Hipolyte folds and cuts paper to create beautiful animal face masks. He layers the paper to create dimension and texture in the forms of fur and feathers in the most complimentary color palettes. The best part? The creature masks can actually be worn!


Mlle Hipolyte-2-Design Crush

Mlle Hipolyte-3-Design Crush

Mlle Hipolyte-4-Design Crush

Mlle Hipolyte-5-Design Crush

Mlle Hipolyte-6-Design Crush





Glop solves two problems right off the bat. The silicone line of dishware designed by Berta Julià Sala saves you both cabinet space and dirty dishes by being so bendy and multifunctional. Use the tall cylinder as a vase or serving vessel. Use a bowl to eat cereal, then bend it up to slurp up the milk. You get the idea, and it’s kind of brilliant.







Caterina Rossato

Caterina Rossato-3-Design Crush


Caterina Rossato combines vintage postcard landscapes into something new by cutting out and placing them on wood blocks for dimension. The resulting sculptures feel fresh and modern, all while retaining the dignity of the original imagery.


Caterina Rossato-2-Design Crush

Caterina Rossato-4-Design Crush

Caterina Rossato-5-Design Crush

Caterina Rossato-1-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

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6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

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9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Lydia Cambron recreates vandalized subway ads with her own face.
02/ Movies turned into graphic pictograms and available as prints over at My Modern Shop.
03/ Amazing – 3D printing allowed this blind woman to “see” her unborn son during an ultrasound.
04/ Filthy Wizardy came up with a way to dip snails in food coloring and create art.
05/ Hannah Jesus Koh paints watercolor landscapes using water found at the destinations.
06/ This colorful kaleidoscope dome in Shatin Park in Hong Kong is a beauty.
07/ The Key in the Hand is an installation featuring 50,000 keys!
08/ Maybe I’d work out more if my equipment looked like these Body Building sculptures.
09/ An ad campaign from BMW that imagines people wearing hair and beard helmets.
10/ How to judge a person by their ice cream choice.

This week on Design Crush:
I gave the Design Crush office a new look for National Painting Week with the help of Sherwin-Williams, now one of you can win $100 towards paint for your own project!
Have you seen Karen Margolis‘s colorful scientific art?
Jacob Hashimoto created the most amazing installation – Gas Giant.
Beautiful textile jewelry from Kari Breitigam.
Julie Blackmon’s Domestic Vacations hit very close to home for some.
I’m loving the form and function of Neoflam cookware.
Nude art done right.
10 May DIYs to keep creative this month.
The amazing pencil art (RE: hair art) of Nettie Wakefield.


Nettie Wakefield

Nettie Wakefield-1-Design Crush


Pencil might seem like the simplest medium to work with, but I’ve always found it far from that. Just because you can use an eraser doesn’t make it entirely forgiving. By now you should know of my obsession for any form of art dealing with hair, and I think that speaks to the difficulties I have in creating it myself. Nettie Wakefield has mastered the medium, and the hair, with aplomb.


Nettie Wakefield-2-Design Crush

Nettie Wakefield-3-Design Crush

Nettie Wakefield-4-Design Crush

Nettie Wakefield-5-Design Crush


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