Happy Weekend

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This week on Design Crush:
Dark and daydreamy paintings by Melissa Loop.
I can hardly wait to snag some Querkles, color by numbers for adults!
Beautifully bleached out photography from Arno de Pooter.
The type-A in me is crying out for this year round calendar tape.
Electric mixed media babes from Javier Martin’s Blindness Light series.
10 August DIYs for the discerning modern design lover.
Whimsical, saturated illustrations by Tom Froese.
I’m crazy about Yield Design Co.’s Field Pack!
SPACES miniaturizes iconic buildings and recreates them in cement.



SPACES-1-Design Crush


Miniatures of just about anything hold intrigue, but miniatures of iconic buildings of the last century cast entirely in concrete are another story. Material Immaterial Studio has created a series celebrating concrete’s beauty and contribution to architecture as a material entitled SPACES and it’s just stunning.


SPACES-2-Design Crush

SPACES-3-Design Crush

SPACES-4-Design Crush

SPACES-5-Design Crush

(via Design Milk)


Field Pack

Field Pack-1-Design Crush


I just returned home from a few days at NY NOW where I got to scope out all things new as well as catchup with some old favorites. One that stuck out were my pals at Yield Design Co., in particular their brand new Field Pack. An evolution of the Field Bag, the Field Pack has one main compartment with a small interior pouch and two exterior side pockets. This water-resistant duck canvas, copper hardware and vegetable tanned leather bag is modern lines at their best. (But really, check out their entire line of bags because whoa.)


Field Pack-2-Design Crush

Field Pack-3-Design Crush

Field Pack-4-Design Crush


Tom Froese

Tom Froese-1-Design Crush


Tom Froese‘s whimsical illustrations have graced the pages of everything from Wired UK to Reader’s Digest and everything in between, on both local and international levels. The saturated colors are juicy and delicious, while his mid-century style seems to be timeless.


Tom Froese-2-Design Crush

Tom Froese-3-Design Crush

Tom Froese-4-Design Crush

Tom Froese-5-Design Crush


Arno de Pooter / Bleach

Arno de Pooter-1-Design Crush


Arno de Pooter is a master at capturing through his lens what most of us take for granted – everyday life. From curves in a residential street to run-of-the-mill concrete buildings, de Pooter sees things different than most. His Bleach series captures these washed out images beautifully.


Arno de Pooter-2-Design Crush

Arno de Pooter-3-Design Crush

Arno de Pooter-4-Design Crush

Arno de Pooter-5-Design Crush


Querkles, Color By Number For Adults

Querkle-1-Design Crush


Lately I’ve been unwinding by doing Thomas Pavitte’s 1,000-dot-to-dots. (I know, I’m a wild woman.) The next logical step is clearly his Querkles, color by number for adults! At first glance they’re nothing but a random arrangement of overlapping circles, but hidden within each one is a famous face waiting to be revealed. You can keep it simple and use one pen or pencil, or you can go colorful with markers or paints. Not sold? There’s even a free download!


Querkle-2-Design Crush

Querkle-3-Design Crush

Querkle-4-Design Crush

Querkle-5-Design Crush


Melissa Loop

Melissa Loop-1-Design Crush


Melissa Loop captures my vision of the tropics 110% in her bold, saturated paintings. I can just about feel the humidity rising up from each piece with their streaks and runs, can’t you?


Melissa Loop-2-Design Crush

Melissa Loop-3-Design Crush

Melissa Loop-4-Design Crush

Melissa Loop-5-Design Crush