Peta Clancy

Peta Clancy-1-Design Crush


Peta Clancy‘s mixed media series is completely fascinating. She explores themes of impermanence, transience, temporality, mutability, and the limits of the human body through piercing, crumpling, creasing, and wax embedding.


Peta Clancy-2-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-3-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-4-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-5-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-6-Design Crush


Stephan Zirwes / Pools

Stephan Zirwes-1-Design Crush


Between the amount of Olympic swimming coverage I’ve been watching and the heatwave that’s happening outside, Stephan Zirwes‘ latest – Pools – seems like the perfect thing. Zirwes is a master of aerial photography, one of my favorite things, and took to the air in southern Germany to capture these manmade bodies of water. Only the pool tiles were manipulated to create a canvas and minimize distraction.


Stephan Zirwes-2-Design Crush

Stephan Zirwes-4-Design Crush

Stephan Zirwes-3-Design Crush

Stephan Zirwes-5-Design Crush

Stephan Zirwes-6-Design Crush

Stephan Zirwes-7-Design Crush



Appointed-1-Design Crush


Being as I consider myself a bit of a stationery aficionado, I’m sort of amazed that I’ve never written about Appointed. It’s only been about a year and a half ago since the American-made brand of luxe utilitarian desktop products funded themselves on Kickstarter. All of Appointed’s paper goods and accessories are thoughtfully handcrafted with the finest of materials, making functional synonymous with beautiful. Be sure to check out the classic-yet-modern monogramming they offer as well!


Appointed-2-Design Crush

Appointed-3-Design Crush

Appointed-4-Design Crush

Appointed-5-Design Crush


Mark Ollinger

Mark Ollinger-1-Design Crush


Vancouver-based Mark Ollinger truly has hidden a number of street sculptures around the world as a response to street painting (aka graffiti, which he also creates). He plays with words, their meanings, and their physical appearance, breaking each one down into a metaphorical and thought out piece of art that depends on your mind to decipher it.


Mark Ollinger-2-Design Crush

Mark Ollinger-4-Design Crush

Mark Ollinger-5-Design Crush


Let’s Talk Stairs

Art and Chic-Design Crush
Art and Chic

Let’s call staircases what they really are: a functional sculpture. If you live in a multistory home you’re lucky enough to have your very own. And while you might be thinking my staircase is definitely not a piece of art, there are plenty of ways to turn that on its head. Grab a can of paint – the most budget-friendly way to change most parts of your space – or lay down a rug for starters. Check out these ten traditional and modern flights for a dose of inspiration.


archilovers-1-Design Crush


sfgirlbybay-Design Crush


Home Adore-Design Crush
Home Adore


Kelly Sauer:Once Wed-Design Crush
Kelly Sauer


Home Adore-2-Design Crush
Home Adore


ishka designs-Design Crush
ishka designs


Home Adore-1-Design Crush
Home Adore


Cabbages & Roses-Design Crush
Cabbages & Roses


archilovers-Design Crush


Christopher Saunders

Christopher Saunders-1-Design Crush


Christopher Saunders‘ paintings make me feel like I’m driving through moody summer storms and brushfires on a road trip. Steam and smoke. He captures it all so well you might think you’re looking at a photo for a moment.


Christopher Saunders-2-Design Crush

Christopher Saunders-3-Design Crush

Christopher Saunders-4-Design Crush

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Happy Weekend

1/ Giant living painting with 26,500 real flowers at London’s National Gallery.
2/ Spanish street artist Pejac hangs gravity-defying shoes over city streets.
3/ Rocking chair bed.
4/ Inside the crazy world of Olympic pin trading.
5/ Aerial photos that capture the divide between rich and poor in South Africa.
6/ The creative projects inspired by the 2016 Rio Olympics.
7/ A glimpse inside a handmade amusement park 40 years in the making.
8/ Mesmerizing kinetic sculpture at the 2016 Olympics glitters like the sun.
9/ DNA-shaped suspension bridge inspired by the Olympic rings.
10/ A clever ring that let’s women point out the obvious.


1/ We’re giving away a George Nelson Bubble Lamp on Instagram!
2/ bunglo
3/ Daniel Entonado
4/ Eight new notebooks
5/ Lorraine Nam
6/ Michael Nykamp’s Mid-Century Modern Homes
7/ Ring Soap
8/ Sigrid Calon Memory Game
9/ Snapbacks are where it’s at


Snapbacks Are Where It’s At

Katin K Man Patch Snapback Hat

I’ve never been much of a hat girl, though I have plenty of aspirations. Last year I finally began to embrace cool weather loving wide brimmed hats so who knows, maybe snapbacks are next? Of course this style has been around for ages in sports, but lately I’m noticing more and more designs with a nod towards fashion.


Black Snapback Hat with Wooden Brim // Blondie Brownie Embroidered Snapback Caps // Hackman Hat in Vintage Red


Homegirl Black Snapback Hat // Hurley Beach Cruiser Snapback Hat // Obey Tropics Floral Snapback Hat


Neff Tropik Snapback Hat // The Quiet Life Primary 5 Panel Cap // OBEY Cliffside Strapback Hat



bunglo-1-Design Crush


bunglo is the 2013-born business baby of Shay Spaniola. The artist and designer’s free-spirited curiosity lead the way as she explored cultural touchstones and created a diverse color palette to base her line of textiles around. It all has a relaxing, bohemian vibe about it, and right now you can save 20% throughout thanks so a summer sale!


bunglo-2-Design Crush

bunglo-3-Design Crush

bunglo-4-Design Crush

bunglo-5-Design Crush

bunglo-6-Design Crush