Suit Up


Triangle Top/High Bottom Set

Last week it hit me that Memorial Day Weekend, aka the Unofficial Start of Summer, was only a few weeks away and I needed a new swimsuit stat. I have a one-piece from last year tucked away in a drawer, but was never that in love with it and wanted something fresh. After a bit of searching I settled on a pair of black high-waisted bottoms and a floral printed long-line underwire bustier top. (A tip for busty girls: always try and buy swimwear according to your cup size.) Here are thirteen other favorites I came across during The Hunt.



The Anne Marie // Sangria Royal Bikini // Printed Swimsuit



Royal Splash Bikini // Plunging V Printed One-Piece Swimsuit // Faces Bikini



Ravens One Piece // Halter Bandeau Bikini // Halter One-Piece



Gamma One Piece // Driftwood Bikini // Antibes Maillot


Summer To-Do List


Last week I took a few minutes to think about some important things – namely what I’d like to get out of this coming summer. While it’s been quite a few years since I’ve had a summer off, there’s still something magical about the season and I’m looking forward to this one immensely.

What’s on your summer 2016 to-do list?


Alison Cooley

Alison Cooley-1-Design Crush


Alison Cooley‘s beautifully large paintings are created right in her living room, hanging on the walls as she works. I love that she’s drawn to pinks throughout her portfolio, a color she speaks about so many people hating.

My paintings have a heightened palette pulled from the pigments of the natural world via waxy, glossy, and incandescent colors. I build the fragile depth by playing with juxtapositions — flesh tones and neon, stark twisting lines with creamy, shimmering color fields, transparent ink bubbles and chalky graphite scratchings. Lines, etchings and blooms of color express the range of ways we present ourselves to the world. I love the graphic potential of using graffiti mops and calligraphy pens alongside traditional watercolor, colored pencil, and oil paint, in many cases layering them over each other.


Alison Cooley-2-Design Crush

Alison Cooley-3-Design Crush

Alison Cooley-4-Design Crush

Alison Cooley-5-Design Crush


Valspar Loves Architecture

Valspar Fluropon-1-Design Crush


Living in a home that was built in 1900 has helped me come to appreciate the beating a structure can take from the elements. Whether it’s wind, rain, snow, or ice, the exterior of a space needs to be able to take a lot to help protect whatever lies within its walls.

Valspar is no stranger to helping protect architectural integrity, or to developing the technologies that keep buildings of all types looking their best inside and out. As one of the leading manufacturers of architectural coil and extrusion coatings in the world they carry a proud history of innovation, while their commitment to durability and an ever-expanding palette of color offer unlimited design freedom to countless industries and projects.


Valspar Fluropon-2-Design Crush


Valspar‘s latest additions, ones that were developed in direct response to customer feedback, are Fluropon Extreme and Fluropon Pure.

While Fluropon Extreme is a good choice for a variety of uses, it’s especially well suited to tough installation processes such as roofing. No other coating offers both resistance to abrasion and a smooth finish.

Fluropon Pure is ideal for buildings with extreme environmental requirements or anywhere you may desire a greener product. With reduced hazardous materials, these coatings are formulated with both the environment and our grandchildren in mind. It’s even LEEDv.4 and Living Building Challenge certified and Red List compliant!



The latest color palette, Rustia, is being introduced at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention and Expo May 19th to 21st. Rustia features a soothing, nature-inspired palette that’s never before been available in the Fluropon line, one that provides a calming invitation to linger and savor.

If you’ll be in attendance at AIA, you’re invited to swing by Valspar exhibit no. 3621 to speak with them about the new products and palette in person. You can also attend the Valspar Learning Lounge at the AIA Expo for CEU (Continuing Education Units) courses.



If you’re interested in learning more, download a brochure on Valspar‘s Fluropon Extreme or Fluropon Pure. Or opt to order a product sample online to try either one for yourself.



Fluropon Pure_logo


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AnaHell / Secret Friends

Ana Hell-1-Design Crush


I haven’t come across much fun art lately, that is until AnaHell‘s Secret Friends crossed my screen. She creates her quirky fun characters by having people almost fold themselves in half, then draws any number of expressions on their bare backs before posing them in a random environment and photographing them in a documentary style. If this doesn’t make you smile, well I don’t know what to say.


Ana Hell-2-Design Crush

Ana Hell-3-Design Crush

Ana Hell-4-Design Crush

Ana Hell-5-Design Crush

Ana Hell-6-Design Crush


Anna Valdez / Still Life

Anna Valdez-1-Design Crush


I’ve been having tons of summer daydreams this week after an especially unseasonably cold and rainy weekend. Anna Valdez‘s works are a light at the end of the tunnel leading to lazy picnics and coffee-filled sidewalk cafe mornings. My favorite, her Still Life series, is full of lovely oil paintings created using her own household belongings to explore traditions and history.


Anna Valdez-2-Design Crush

Anna Valdez-3-Design Crush

Anna Valdez-4-Design Crush

Anna Valdez-5-Design Crush

Anna Valdez-6-Design Crush


Linda Siető / Soft Edge

Linda Siető-1-Design Crush


Linda Siető‘s line of premium leather bags are equal parts raw and delicate, which is exactly where their appeal lies. Elegant and edgy, conceptual and technological. These beauties add an edgy touch to any outfit you pair them with. The latest collection – Soft Edge – are sculptural forms in their own right.


Linda Siető-2-Design Crush

Linda Siető-3-Design Crush

Linda Siető-4-Design Crush

Linda Siető-5-Design Crush

Linda Siető-6-Design Crush

(via Design Milk)


Moon Chanpil

Moon Chanpil-1-Design Crush


Korean artist Moon Chanpil explores the complicated relationship between predator and prey in this series of four paintings. The different levels of both traits apparent in each piece are hauntingly fascinating.


Moon Chanpil-2-Design Crush

Moon Chanpil-3-Design Crush

Moon Chanpil-4-Design Crush