No-Knit Scarf.

Confession time.
I have a scarf/hat/winter coat fetish.

So much so that when the cold weather finally recedes and it’s time to store my Winter Wear it takes up an entire storage bin. Not including coats. Gulp. I can’t help it! Every winter there’s always some piece(s) that I just have to add to my arsenal against the elements.

So far this year there are two must-haves on my list. The Scoodie and now this No-Knit scarf. Maybe the No-Knit scarf doesn’t even have to count, it being a craft project and all…


bread + butter.

If you haven’t yet seen the amazing work of Carol, Deb and Kelly at bread + butter you’re definitely missing out. Their letterpress is amazing, but I’m incredibly attracted (yes, you can be attracted to paper products) to their embossed white-on-white cards. The fronts are adorned with simple phrases such as I’m sorry and WTF which pleasingly pop off the background. Sometimes simple says it best of all.


Lucky Half Necklace.

Like a lot of people, my grandmother and I used to have a tradition every Thanksgiving and Christmas where the two of us would break the wishbone. In retrospect it’s a little disgusting (breaking animal bones for luck??). But none the less great memories indeed.

Maybe that’s one reason I’m so infatuated with the Lucky Half necklace by designer Alexis Canter. Who doesn’t want to be a perpetual winner? Although I do hope Alexis decides to create a white gold or platinum version for those of us who don’t wear yellow gold.



verē (pronounced “very”) is the most sophisticated pure chocolate imaginable. Rich in cocoa, low in sugar, totally natural and a taste that could go to head to head with the world’s best. By starting with the very best ingredients available – sustainably grown, persicide-free cocoa beans – and sweetening them only slightly to bring out their flavor, verē presents its chocolate in the purest form possible.

I’m ga-ga over verē’s packaging, too. I’ll say it again and again white space is highly under-rated. By using it in this case, verē really is able to show off the beautiful craftsmanship and quality of their product and let it speak for itself.


Wall Cleat.

I’m a big fan of the Wall Cleat from Oboiler. And I desperately need one for my bathroom! Between hair dryer, straightener and electric toothbrush I’m one outlet short of electrical bliss. The Wall Cleat would cleverly keep me from stepping on the stray cord and impaling my foot on the prongs (which I’ve done before). Technology is great, but keep it out of my way!


Yee-Haw Industries.

Yee-Haw Industries has made my Monday morning – and don’t we all need something to do that?

YHI specializes in original art-like products – from letterpress posters promoting special events, music acts and theatre shows to handmade, woodcut, fine art prints. All of their work is custom-to-order, designed, set, and pressed by hand.

They’ve also managed to feed my obsession with calendars which is never a bad thing in my eyes.

:: via CasaSugar


The Perfect Storm.

It’s been really cold this past week by Oklahoma standards which calls for some sort of autumn beverage – it’s too warm for hot buttered rum and too cold for beer at the moment. I came across The Perfect Storm cocktail in Blueprint this past month and think it’s going to be a Must Try for Halloween parties this weekend. Vanilla, apple cider, ginger brew and dark rum would go down prettily easily I’m guessing…


Helen Dardik.

Thanks to print & pattern I’ve discovered the wonderful world of Lilla Rogers Studio and Helen Dardik. This lady’s work is incredible. While everything has a fun undertone and uses a bright color palettee, her style is extremely versatile. I’ve been really into big color fields lately and Helen knows how to use them as well as anyone.