Happy Thanksgiving

Tallulah Fontaine via Front + Main

I’m taking a moment out of today’s craziness to wish everyone celebrating Thanksgiving a good one. I hope you’re stuffing yourself silly, reflecting on what it means to be thankful, and surrounded by the most important people in your life. Among so many other things I’m thankful for each and every one of you who stop by Design Crush and support me on this wild and crazy ride. Love to you and yours!


Terry Thompson


I’ve wanted to visit the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas, but for now Terry Thompson‘s oil paintings will do just fine. The San Francisco-based artist has a penchant for old signs that have lived to tell their tales and has recently branched out into pop culture foods as well (you should probably check those out in his portfolio, too).









Buy or DIY: Advent Calendars


It’s my favorite holiday tradition – the advent calendar! Whether you’re all in or just need to find one now we’ve got you covered. From free printables to DIY projects to buy it right off the shelf (or the screen). There might even be a few adult versions to help you make through to December 25th mixed in. *wink*



























Brooke Didonato / Roses


I must have florals on the brain this week, because Brooke Didonato‘s Roses project stopped me in my tracks. Colored wax roses delicately perch atop different body parts as they begin to melt and drip across the skin’s surface. The thing I’m no so sure about is how to classify it – maybe that makes it the artiest of art?






Sock Boots

Grand Bootie // Drop of Jupiter Metallic Bootie // Direct Pointy Sock Boots

Sock boots are one of those current trends that I wasn’t sure about at first. But the more pairs I saw made me realize just how versatile the look it, and just how many variations there are. Slim or chunky heels. Leather, velvet, faux, and embroidered. Super fitted or slouchy. This look is about to be all over the place this winter – which side of the fence are you on?


Heel Sock Boots // High Ankle Boots // Edit Velvet Bootie


Kinsley Chunky Sock Boot // Pointy Sock Boots // Qupid Sock Block Heel Boot


Spectrum Sock Boot // Slouched Sock Boot // Faux Suede Sock Boots


Miranda Crooks


Miranda Crooksdouble exposed botanicals feel like a half-formed memory. A hazy summer day with too many long hours spent in the sun or maybe even a dream that you can only recall the edges of. Regardless of what they make you think of I’m just so happy they exist.








Let’s Talk Platform Beds


It’s been almost a year since I redesigned my bedroom and switched from a more traditional headboard/footboard situation to a platform bed. Some have simple an attached headboard but most are free of them entirely, creating the simplest bed possible. I love mine and I’m curious – do you have one or would you switch over for a more streamlined look?














Matt Andres


Matt Andres comfortable navigates through both traditional and digital mediums, and his work explores many different styles. My favorite is maybe the simplest – his explorations of gouache paintings that leave you questioning whether what you’re looking at it the real deal or computer generated.

Shop Matt Andres’ work







Pie 15 Ways

If you’re lucky, you’ve been tasked with making a dessert for Thanksgiving rather than the green bean casserole. There may no sweet more closely associated with the holiday than pumpkin pie, but we’re taking a broader approach. Have a look at these fifteen pie recipes your friends and family would be lucky to have on their dining table next Thursday.