Caroline Kaufman


When you grow up in West Virginia, a quilting and crafting hotspot, you quickly realize that clothing is a wearable canvas. Caroline Kaufman‘s tactile treasures are based on found beauty and the quirkiness of small treasures, her garments are known for their experimental textiles, hand painted prints, use of color, and all around playfulness. So much personality!








Lizzie Fortunato Jewelry


Lizzie Fortunato‘s Spring/Summer ’18 collection is inspired by a summer of love and full of the prettiest golden tones and statement pieces (naturally). It’s a smorgasbord of organic shapes, a 1960s vibe, and fringe – you can also get a peek of FW18 and pre-order!








Marion Vidal Jewelry


Marion Vidal started her jewelry line back in 2004, creating a dialogue between color, material, and shape within every piece. Her geometric creations play with several contrasts – rigidity vs. flexibility, strength vs. fragility, balance vs. break, and gross vs. refined – and I’m especially drawn to Marion’s necklaces.






Kilometre Paris


Kilometre takes extremely vintage shirts and uses them as a canvas to express a love of travel. Hand embroidery reveals elusive locales that may or may not be the hotspots of tomorrow through maps, sketches, and coordinates. All of Kilometre’s garments come with a passport matching the destination of the product with a booklet about the brand and its history.







via Miss Moss


In the Beauty Cabinet

1/Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil   2/Agave Lip Mask   3/Cocofloss   4/Surfs Up Texture Spray   5/Honest Hazel Eye Gels   6/Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick   7/Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer


8/Zero Gravity Volume Powder   9/Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-On Treatment   10/Replenishing Salt Soak   11/Healing Balm   12/Rose Quartz All Purpose Salve   13/Jet Lag Mask   14/Sweet Mint Lip Balm   15/Walnut Hand & Foot Scrub