DOOOM is a mysterious illustrator based out of the U.K., anonymously creating some truly incredible tattoo flash-inspired art. I love how simple yet unique each and every piece is.









Michael Milano


Seattle-based Michael Milano creates fabric-based paintings, doing things to and with fabric that harken back to age old textile traditions. His abstract take on things is a fresh way to keep the history of those methods alive.

In my practice I employ materials that are part of our everyday experience, producing fabric-based paintings that are indebted to textile traditions and the history of abstraction. Thinking through the physical properties of textiles, as well as their cultural associations, I combine processes such as dyeing, pressing, and distressing to create abstract compositions that champion a deeper engagement with our material environment. Whether it involves the piecing of a quilt, or the seam, fold, or drape of a shirt, the ubiquitous and seemingly mundane quality of cloth continues to motivate me in the studio. 







Kirstin Lamb


Kirstin Lamb collects skulls, taxidermy, ribbons, fabric, vintage photographs, and paper ephemera, then organizes it into staged settings to capture in paintings both large and small. I love these miniature worlds Lamb creates with inspiration flying at her from every direction. Have a look at her artist statement to get a better understanding of her vision.

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Carlo Cane


At first look Carlo Cane‘s paintings resemble destruction happening mid-tornado, but what he’s creating is vastly more cerebral. As a lover of nature, evolution, and Darwin, Cane opposes humanity overtaking the environment. His art puts forth undefined spaces where lush vegetation and nature attempt to repossess their lost spaces.






Christina Graham / Ridgewood Reflections


Christina Graham‘s paintings are intriguing, and her Ridgewood Reflections site-specific installation in a DIY space in Queens, New York this past summer is both bright and curious.

The walls and molding are Agnes Martin variations on white paint, caked on from years of layering, a radiator, mirrored closet doors. Everything in the room has character — a sort of proud outer-borough minimalism.

It seemed important to respond directly to the space and not pretend it’s a white cube. I used the windows, doors and radiators as armatures, but let textures from my day-to-day seep in. The mirror and concrete sculptures are supporting acts for the paintings, a way to see the room from unexpected vantage points.






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José Lourenço / Ice Cream


José Lourenço‘s ongoing series entitled Ice Cream is the stuff visual art dreams are made of! Loaded paintbrushes full of swirled, nearly marbled paint look just about good enough to eat. I’d love to see a video of how Lourenço creates these pieces.








Jeff Dietz


The habit of having a camera and sketchbook with you at all times lends itself well to being a pro at capturing moments. Photographer Jeff Dietz finds inspiration everywhere, finding a particularly strong connection to sunlight, trees, and the streets. Do you find yourself wondering about the backstories here, too?








Kevin Cyr


I didn’t know that I needed detailed paintings of old vehicles, some covered in graffiti, in my life – but it turns out I definitely do. Kevin Cyr creates an on-going from across the U.S. as well as parts of Europe, and his van series has me ready to convert to van life asap!