Roxy + Peanut + Piper. Oh My.

After three months of feline/canine cohabitation, the kids seem to have adjusted fairly well. They still have all of their eyes, noses and tails so I’m going to go ahead and take that as a good sign. (See Piper’s tail in motion? It. never. stops.)


On the Rocks: Killer Halloween Cocktails.

At my house it’s become a bit of a tradition to experiment with a new cocktail as soon as the last trick-or-treater leaves and the porch light goes out. So in typical On the Rocks fashion, I’ve rounded up some tasty libations in honor of October 31st!


Container DS.

Always wanted an industrial freight container-inspired piece of furniture in your home? Look no further, let me introduce you to Container DS by Kuno Nüssli. You can even stack a few or outfit them with legs and wheels. No matter the spin, it’s great design.


The Daily Eat: Chocolate Croissants + Chocolate Roundup #3.

Mind you these aren’t just any chocolate croissants, they’re Chocolate Croissants in 30 minutes flat! And worth every second I’m betting.


The Daily Eat: Devil’s Food White-Out Cake + Chocolate Roundup #2.

Chocolate cake with white icing is my dessert of choice over anything else, so this Devil’s Food White-Out Cake is absolute perfection! Can’t wait to try my hand at it.


Welcome: Halloween.

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and ever since buying my house last year I love decorating for the season all the more. Most of my decorations are sort of quirky and that’s just how I like it. What kind of decorations did you put up for Halloween this year?

This little guy is made out of a light resin and hangs on my coat closet door right inside the entry way, giving guests a little hello!

I love these little buckets – vellum is stretched behind their eyes and mouths so that when you light a candle inside they look like little jack-o-lanterns. This year they’re hanging out on the counter in my hall bath.

A little tea light fits in a spot behind the tombstone and looks awesome when lit up at night! The apothecary-style candy jar features a ‘Tricks’ label on one side and ‘Treats’ on the other. I always opt for ‘Tricks’!

I love the deeply recessed carvings in these resin pumpkins.

Mini pumpkins all lined up in a row minding their Ps and Qs while a crow watches on.

The 14″ tall witch and scarecrow are packed beanbags while the grinning cat is a vintage-inspired bobblehead.

And of course there’s no way I could neglect the bar cabinet – I picked up this sweet little sign from Target that says ‘Pick your Poison’. So very, very fitting!

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