Moleskine Passion Books.

I’m freakishly organized when it comes to notes and ideas. I have several journals and notebooks I use for different subjects: design, quotes, future projects, etc. I know, I’m weird. When I saw Moleskine’s Passion Books I felt completely indulged. And a little less weird. Choose from Book, Film, Music, Wine, Wellness and Recipe journals to keep track of the things you want to be keeping track of. Each cover is even embossed with a collage pertaining to the journal’s theme. {via simple blueprint}


Happy Weekend.

+ copyright-free collage images to download for free – the possibilities are endless

+ breath-taking literally underwater wedding photography

+ scads of cotton ribbon in every shade of the rainbow

+ free printable graphic design business forms thanks to the freelance 101 series

+ have you checked out issue #2 of Nonpareil Magazine?

+ fabulous Alice in Wonderland-inspired decor

+ a great roundup of free Easter printables

+ … and another of Easter cards

+ download these free and well-designed black + white wedding printables and save mucho money

+ coloring eggs is my favorite part of easter!

+ wishing my graduation announcements had looked anything like these

Happy Weekend!


Velorbis Classic Bicycles.

In my opinion there are just some things, albeit few, that cannot be improved upon. One is a good, classic bicycle design. After missing out on the limited edition run of Liberty of London for Target bikes sigh I’ve got my eye on these beauties from Velorbis. I wonder if I can talk them into providing this wardrobe along with the bike if I make a purchase? It never hurts to ask… {via Shiny Squirrel}