Still Life Polaroids by Andy Warhol.

Senior year in high school English class we had to write a sizable biography about, well anyone really, and I chose Andy Warhol. Not a lot of people outside of Pittsburgh know this, but the Steel City is the quirky Mr. Warhol’s hometown as well as mine. In fact, there’s a huge museum dedicated solely to his work. (If you’re ever in town it’s a must-see in my book.) The point of this tangent is that even with my 12th grade biography under my belt I had no idea Warhol experimented with Polaroids. Sadly, this exhibition of still life photos has been over for months, but I couldn’t resist sharing.


Vessels and Wares.

I love this solution for kitchen storage from Vessels and Wares – hanging wheelthrown stoneware bowls. Makes me wish I had more room under my wall cabinets to hang one of my very own, though I’m thinking settling for the single bowl just might do the trick! {via the kitchn}



A brand identity for Julian in Kansas City from Jordan Gray Creative. The restaurant features refined twists on familiar comfort food from chef Celina Tio. The name comes from Tio’s main cooking influences – Julia Child and her grandfather Julian. Fantastic color palette and type.


Happy Weekend.

This week has been a bit topsy-turvy (a new theme in my life lately), so I’m thrilled that the weekend is here! It’s going to be filled with the Festival of the Arts, playoff game four of the Thunder v Lakers (4th row!) and dress shopping for a family wedding next month. Happy Weekend!

+ I can’t wait to try out a banana drizzled with honey + sprinkled with almond slivers for breakfast this weekend

+ I’m lusting after this ruffly tunic-style dress

+ Make recycling more stylish and download these bin labels

+ A sweet Just Because card to brighten someone’s day

+ Danni + Nick’s beautiful engagement photos

+ Continue the relief efforts in Haiti through the Haiti Poster Project

+ Check out the cardboard box that will fit anything

+ I’m dying to make one of these DIY fabric pup tents

+ Print off some of these mini wallpaper notes + envelopes this weekend

+ Love the idea of a fleur de lawn – so easy to maintain!

+ Have you seen Jessi Arrington’s rainbow birthday?

+ Colleen Baran creates a ring every single day out of ordinary objects

+ Love, love, love this NYC wedding!


de Palma Handsewn Bags.

Canvas bags are the perfect accessory for summer. Big and roomy enough to toss in whatever you need for the day’s activities – sunscreen, a bathing suit, beer – and go! I’ve got my eye on these de Palma beauties. {via for me, for you}