Mod Pumpkins.

I’m completely off the ball this year when it comes to pumpkins. I had the best intentions of getting mine a few weekends ago, but then got sick and not thinking about pumpkins so much. I’m hoping today’s the day. And since carving jack o’ lanterns can be time consuming I’ve decided to go this route, that of the Mod Pumpkin. Some poster paint (or tempera), masking or painters tape, and they’ll be good to go! {via Happy Mundane}


Upon a Fold.

You love paper? Upon a Fold is the boutique shop for you. Curator Justine has pulled together a unique collection of paper from around the world, everything from paper models to pop-ups to jewelry. Oh, and stationery and card, too. {via oh, happy day}



When pressed to name my favorite shape I inevitably go with the circle. I like its fluid line, how there’s no real start or end to it all. But these days, at least in my own personal shape race, the triangle is closing the lead. It’s like the more angular, striking sister to the circle and I think I’m ready to have more of her in my life.

brass triangle necklace

mountain hoops

Collier Ludlow


Skeleton Apron.

First thought, I’ve been watching way too much Dexter because I automatically think of him when I see a long apron. Second thought, this skeleton apron would come in handy for messy me when I make caramel apples tomorrow night. Third thought, I’m short – I wonder whether or not all the bones would line up correctly?


LOT61 Wine Armoire.

You’ve seen my china cabinet turned bar cabinet which is my pride and joy, but I’m also loving the clean modern lines of the wine armoire from LOT61. It hold nine bottles, has four shelves, and is handcrafted from solid cedromacho wood and stainless steel.

PS: See the gray walls? That’s the exact shade I painted half of the interior of my house recently. I’m in the process of rearranging furniture and rehanging things, but I can’t wait to share because I’m so happy with it!



Loving the leatherwork of aficionado Chloe Townsend, she has a great way of experimenting with color and texture under her label Missibaba that I can’t get enough of. She’s also super passionate about South Africa and supporting the local industries there, which makes buying her pieces feel that much better. {via Shiny Squirrel}


Lace Necklaces.

My aunt is an elementary school librarian by day and a lace maker by night. She’s been creating really beautiful work for the last twenty years or so and one Christmas she even made me my own lace pillow, round with burgundy velvet and nail head detailing around the edge. It was gifted in a canvas bag with straight pins, lace patterns, the works. The only thing was… I was ten and never really got into it. That hasn’t stopped me from appreciating the time and skill required to create such intricate pieces and admiring their beauty.These necklaces (and bracelets and earrings) from White Owl by Spivak & Spivak are gorgeous and perfectly within my price range, which I happily found a little surprising.