Birthday Cake(s).

Is there any better kind? Believe it or not, I’m picky when it comes to food. But cake? Totally different story. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met one I didn’t like. Here are a few I’d be happiest to find on my doorstep, in my mailbox, and in my face come the 4th. (I love the Good Housekeeping circa 1950 names and looks a few of them have!)


Bathing Girls Tea Set.

I like a little bit of snark and sass in my daily life, so this illustrated Bathing Girls Tea Set would fit right in! Designer Esther Horncher illustrated the ladies to look as though they’re taking a bath in your tea. The set comes with four cups, saucers, and spoons. {via Design Milk}


Anna-Wili Highfield.

Paper, copper pipe, string, and a massive imagination. Anna-Wili Highfield is the daughter of a puppeteer, which surely helped guide her in the direction of paper sculpture. Good news for the rest of us, because I have all of these things in my house and will never get close to creating something this show-stopping. {via Creature Comforts}


Kevin Tong’s Tribute to Wes Anderson.

I think we can all agree that writer/director Wes Anderson is flipping amazing. Looks like artist Kevin Tong in on-board, too, with this stellar trifecta of prints. October 30th through November 27th the originals will be on exhibit in “Bad Dads: An Art Show Tribute to the Films of Wes Anderson” at the San Francisco’s LoPo Gallery (1141 Polk Street). The limited edition 18 x 24″ prints featuring The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, and Bottle Rocket will be on sale soon, so keep a watch on this spot if you’re interested.



It wasn’t so long ago that I talked about Moxy Creative House’s Dress the Part print series. I loved that it was geared towards the boys and was really smart. If you liked it like I did, well, today’s your lucky day because they’ve already released two other series under the EveryGuyed umbrella: Framework and Ensemble: The Style of Music.

Framework focuses on eyewear that’s been made famous by particular individuals like Woody Allen, Kanye West, and Buddy Holly. All prints are limited to fifty.

Ensembles is a series of posters featuring iconic outfits from twenty male musicians. Andre 3000, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jackson to name a few.


DIY T-Shirt Aprons.

I love these t-shirt aprons for about 10 zillion reasons.

1. They’re super cute. (Obviously.)
2. They’re easy to make.
3. They’re a great way to save that favorite tee that’s gotten holey.
4. Or take advantage of a great t-shirt sale
5. They’d make an awesome gift.

Okay, five. Five reasons I cannot go on without one.

{via Ruffles and Stuff}