Happy Weekend.

Anna Grapes

+ What a clever idea, a holiday Sputnik mobile.

+ Have you seen this art made entirely out of typewriter letters and punctuation marks? Genius.

+ Cute holiday cookie stencils to download.

+ Thinking about this recipe for Bacon and Egg Soup!

+ If you’re late on your holiday cards maybe consider sending out Happy New Year cards instead.

+ Check out The Twelve Terrors of Christmas by John Updike and Edward Gorey. Love it.

+ Really want to check out this bar.

+ I’ve been reading this poem almost daily for the past two weeks.

+ Love this father/son art blog.

+ Pouring through this from What Katie Ate.

Happy Weekend!


On the Rocks: Eggnog.

People are either strictly pro or strictly con when it comes to eggnog, and I can see why. Raw eggs? Not so appealing. I reside firmly in the pro category, but have yet to make my own. I’ve been doing a little research on some not so typical versions of this classic holiday beverage and here’s what I’ve come up with. As always, just click on the photos to view the recipe source.


Paper Tattoos.

The only thing I love more than my favorite things are when two of my favorites get together and make something incredible. In this case paper and tattoos.  Jacob Dahlstrup uses a tattoo gun on rag paper to create the most beautiful blind images. Take a look at how he does it here. {via d.Sharp Journal}