Kettle Confections Nougat

Just face it, nougat is a beautiful thing. It’s my favorite part of most candy bars and it’s also a fun word. Kettle Confections is in the business of French nougat, and this here is an eight piece sampler with Vanilla French Almond, Chocolate-Orange French Almond, Black Cherry French Almond, Cafe au Lait French Almond, Green Tea French Almond, Pistachio-Cranberry, Pistachio, and Strawberry Ice Cream Almond French nougats. And that is drool on my keyboard.


L’Epice Jars

I love little jars. I love numbers. Put them together and I’m in organizational heaven. These L’Epice Jars are intended to house your spices in the kitchen, but I love them equally as little holders for your office supplies.


Marshmallows Make Me Happy

And I’m willing to bet they make you happy, too, because I’ve met maybe five people in my entire life that feel otherwise. Marshmallows seem like the perfect winter sweet to me. Soft, light, and sugary. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and can be dressed up or down. Making my own is on my list of things I’d like to take on during this chilliest time of year.

Chocolate Malt Marshmallows – Not So Humble Pie

Coconut Marshmallows – The Cooking Photographer

Honey Vanilla Bean Marshmallows – Joy the Baker

Lemon Marshmallows – Technicolor Kitchen

Peppermint Marshmallows – Cookie Baker Lynn

Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows – The Galley Gourmet

Strawberry and Orange Flower Marshmallows – evan’s kitchen ramblings


Alt Summit Hangover/Recap

Alt Summit completely blew my mind, my sleep schedule, and my waistband for the second consecutive year. There were picturesque views from the Grand America Hotel.

Goodie pails for one and all, filled to the brim with treats from the Spoon Sisters, Just Shorn, and Method (among others).

Lots of interesting panels with lovely ladies. (Ahem.)

Not to mention design camp sessions with focuses such as calligraphy, photography, and screenprinting.

Three course keynote lunches with pretty letterpressed menus by Smock.

HP Lounge

Honda Lounge

Lovely lounges were full of conference goers, beverages, and treats between sessions.

Then there were the unexpected freebies, like these from Just Shorn and Etsy.

Lamb’s Grill Cafe

Kate Spade

And the hosted dinners and parties.

I can’t forget to mention DJ Spooky, who spoke (incredibly eloquently) at Friday’s keynote lunch and had to turn down scads of marriage proposals from my table alone.

Everyone became quite adept at striking a pose for the camera.

The highlight of Alt, for me, was listening to Swiss-Miss’s closing keynote. More specifically when I introduced myself to her afterward and she knew of both me and my blog. My only honest to goodness starstruck moment.

And I would be remiss not to mention the libations. Because there were lots at the ready.

I mean I look like I had fun, right? Cause I’m totally counting down the days until the next Alt Summit already. You should be, too, so you can be there.

Because I suck at remembering to take photos “in the moment” these are all from the Alt Summit flickr stream. With the exception of the first, which is from the HP flickr stream and the last, which is from the Kate Spade photobooth.