Cheese Board

Puns are my life, so this 100% Grade A Cheese Board from PLANT suits me quite nice. The slice of Swiss is made of a unique composite that has some of the same qualities as a marble cheese board, if you chill it in the fridge it will keep your cheeses fresh and cool longer than a wooden board. It’s also heat-resistant, so you can place a hot pot on it as a trivet.


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: sonya

01.  a proper place setting placemat
02. a hypothetical company based on puns
03. vanilla milk with chocolate ice cubes!
04. pretty photography of square foods
05. make a striped camera bag strap
06. great article on why we can’t let design become a boys’ club
07. super duper easy DIY concrete planters
08. rad trailer for a hypothetical Wes Anderson Film Festival






Fire meets ice in Shift Space Design’s Funston. Flip one way to use as an ice chest, turn it on its head to use as a grill. There’s even a bottle opener on the side. All bases covered! (via Tastologie)


Amazing Face

Nothing makes me happier than when two things I love collide. Amazing Face is a solidly designed tome full of beauty advice and tips written by Zoe Foster. Beauty experts collaborate between its covers to share info on the best makeup for different occasions, skincare routines, step-by-step hairstyle techniques, and more.