I’m completely infatuated with Jesús González Rodríguez’s 1/2, a mishmash of photos of the same person recreated into one portrait. They’re combined to make a portrait/headshot that is both beautiful and unnerving. (via Roger Allen)


2012 Calendars – Take #2

Flora & Fauna wall art calendar from Anna Cote

printed calendar set from Bookhou At Home

12 month calendar from Leah Duncan

letterpress calendar from Moontree Letterpress

cross-stitch letterpress calendar from Pistachio Press

floral hanging wall calendar from Silhouette Blue

calendar from Southern Fete Creative

calendar from Studio Morran

deluxe wall calendar from susyjack


You’re signed up for the 2012 Calendar Swap, yes?



When I was about ten years old I became obsessed with drawing pool parties. And in them the girls diving into the water were always drawn with their hair hanging down, as if they were hanging upside down instead of throwing themselves into a body of water. It made sense at the time, I guess that’s how I viewed gravity. That’s what this landscape by Vikachu reminds me of, I love how the landscape builds vertically upon itself. And get this – ten dollars.