Warby Parker

I’ve been meaning to order a pair of Warby Parker glasses since they came out. Then since they opened a showroom at Shop Good. Then when they debuted their line of sunglasses. You get the picture. So when my two year eye appointment rolled around this month I knew it was really time. Lucky for me, Oklahoma City is one of four locations in the U.S. that have physical showrooms – it’s located inside Shop Good. I swear I’d been in there trying on frames no fewer than three times over the past year. The owners, Justin and Audrey, are sweethearts who I’ve been lucky enough to know for about a year and a half. After about thirty minutes I settled on the Beckett frames and my order was complete in less than five minutes. Monday I got the email saying my glasses had shipped, and yesterday they were waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work. They showed up in the best box with a case lined in electric blue.  Oh! And a pair of their glasses went to someone in need when I purchased mine, all for a very affordable $95 total.


Then I immediately took my contacts out and tried them on. After ten hours at the office. Just for you.

PS: This is not a sponsored post, I’m just a big fan of the company and their products.


The New + Improved Design Crush.

A new site design and a move to WordPress. What else would a girl like me do over the summer?

After wanting a redesign for the past few years and getting nowhere with it myself (Why didn’t anyone tell me how hard it is to design for yourself?!) I decided to turn it over to some willing and able hands. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some ultra-talented locals – Cooper Multimedia on the site, along with And Kathleen on the new logo – to make it all come together over the past few months. They’ve helped make this transition incredibly exciting and painless. It probably doesn’t hurt that they’re my actual friends! There will also be a few new features being added over the next few weeks.

I’m sure there will be a bug or two to get worked out, but I hope you’ll take a look around. The Categories and Archives bars are collapsible, there’s search capability to make it easier to find that specific something, and all of my favorite blogs are listed under on the Links page. There’s even a little bit about me and some information on becoming a sponsor.



Happy Weekend.

+ Song lyrics presented as Google Map directions.

+ A time-intensive mural made entirely of pennies.

+ Planning on picking up this book. And maybe taking on my own year-long project.

+ The best job description. Ever.

+ Definitely going to concoct my own batch of Hopsicles!

+ Obsessing over this tutorial on turning old paperbacks into custom hardcover books.

+ It’s not often I wish I were a man. This is one of them.

+ This post made the hopeless romantic side of me smile.

+ If you’re an OKCer, hit up Live on the Plaza tonight and get a $40 OKC/405 tattoo!

+ The office supply geek in me can’t wait for Sharpie’s Liquid Pencils to be released this fall.

+ Care to play a little Social Media Monopoly?

Happy Weekend!


Win It: OKCityCard.

This week we’re trying a little something different on the Win It front – a locals only giveaway for Oklahoma City. When Allied Arts contacted me about their OKCityCard I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to spread the word about this incredible little piece of plastic.

This year they’ve team up with 181 discount partners to save you tons around OKC. We’re talking about 16 Attractions + Events, 26 Performing Arts, 58 Shops + Services, 48 Restaurants, 11 Museums, 7 Galleries, 5 Sports, 7 Classes and 3 Hotels. Total madness and all for $50 that go towards supporting the arts. That is unless you’re a Design Crush reader in the OKC area because then, well, you have a chance at winning one of two OKCityCards for free. I love free.

To Enter, Tell Me:
1. Your favorite things to do in OKC on your days off
2. Your email address
3. Do it all before Monday, April 19th at 9am CST

The Fine Print: A reminder that this giveaway is for those of you living in Oklahoma City only. Please leave only one comment. Those who do not leave a valid email address will be disqualified. Winners will be selected randomly and contacted Monday, April 19th.


Happy Weekend.

So, what are your plans for the weekend? Tomorrow I’m taking part in a bowling fundraiser for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, then checking out Momentum. A yearly art show here in OKC featuring artists under 30. Here are some highlights from the past week for your viewing pleasure…

+ A beautiful history of Argentina’s transportation tickets

+ New neighbors? Introduce yourself.

+ Love the design of this DIY family tree

+ Spring is on the horizon, which means fresh flowers, check out this roundup of pretty vases

+ Download these sweet teacup cards and send out a few Just Because notes

+ I love bookplates, download these for your library

+ The real Golden Ticket

+ I’d love to putt around on the La Bolleur mini gold course

+ Get ahead of the game with this printable blog calendar

+ Snap up this really pretty desktop wallpaper

+ Fantastic uses for old things

+ Letterhead of the famous + infamous

Happy Weekend!

PS: One last reminder, you have until Monday at 9am CST to enter the T.ruffles giveaway!


Win It: evie s.

I get really excited to highlight locals and that’s definitely the case with evie s. Evie is smack-dab right here in Oklahoma City and creates some of the most beautiful things. (Not to mention has a great blog!) Recently she’s branched out into pillows and this week is giving away a Sky and Land pillow to one of you. It’s sure to brighten up a dark corner as we trudge through these last days of winter.

To Enter, Tell Me:
1. What’s the first activity you’re planning for when the weather warms up?
2. Your email address.
3. Do it all before Monday, February 22nd at 9am CST.

Please leave only one comment. Those who do not leave a valid email address will be disqualified. Winner will be selected randomly and contacted Monday, February 22nd.


Happy Weekend.

How do you plan on spending your weekend? Tonight I’ll be going to a local benefit, Raising Haiti 2.0. If you’re in Oklahoma you should plan on stopping by, all proceeds are headed straight to Haiti.

+ A little birdie told me about these sweet valentines for you to download

+ Feeling bored with your tableware? Customize it.

+ I’m see this jewelry bust project in my future

+ Sweet lip + moustache lollipops to hand out on the 14th

+ Want to know what makes me happy?

+ And I think these rainbow pancakes would make us all happy!

+ Your search for cute black flats is officially over.

+ Nonpariel magazine is live! (Isn’t that best name??)

+ Pretty desktop wallpapers to welcome in your February 1, 2

Happy Weekend!

PS: You have until Monday morning at 9am CST to enter the Postal Press giveaway for a shot at winning 100 silhouette business cards!


Ice Day.

{via ffffound}

I’m taking an Ice Day today. That’s right, ice, not snow. Equally beautiful but significantly more dangerous. (And unfortunately, no bike riding!) Everyone in the Oklahoma/Texas area stay safe and I’ll see you all tomorrow!