Make It: Faux Stained Glass Windows



The window over my kitchen sink is one of my favorite places in the house. The few plants that I’ve managed to keep alive spend their time there, it gets great light for almost the entire day, and I love it when a breeze is blowing in. I thought I’d give it a little DIY attention by creating a sort of faux stained glass window, and I’m digging the new (not at all permanent) result!




plexiglass sheet cut to the size of your window
• piece of white paper or poster board
• ruler
• pencil
• stained glass paints
ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape
• smallish paint brush (I used one that is 3/4″ wide)
• paper towels




Let’s get started! First thing first, get out a piece of paper or your sketchbook and get to work drawing a rough idea of what you’d like your finished window to look like. I knew that I wanted something Mondrian-inspired with 4-5 colors.




Next you’re going to transfer your idea to a piece of paper or poster board that’s cut to the same size as the piece of plexiglass. Like I said, the sketch was just a rough idea, this will be the real thing that acts as your direct template. I started by going off of my drawing and quickly branched out to something a little more geometric. Some of my original areas were too large, so I broke them down into triangles to add some interest. But really it’s all about what looks good to your eye.




Once you’re content with your finalized drawing, lay it behind the piece of plexiglass. (There may be sheets of acetate on both sides for protection, so make sure you remove that first.) Use a small piece of tape in each corner to affix the two together.




Now it’s time to get taping! You’ll need to work in small sections, I tried to tape off the largest areas first and went from there. There will be lots of drying time in between taping, so even though this project may take a bit to complete (depending on the size of your window) there’s considerable downtime.




Once you’ve taped off all of the sections you’re going to want to take a minute and think about he layout of your color palette. You don’t want any sections touching that are the same hue. Prep the edges of your plexiglass by laying paper towels (or newspaper) under the entire perimeter. Once you’re all set, squirt a bit of your first color of paint onto a section and gently paint it using horizontal strokes. It will look  a little thin and that’s okay. Make sure and paint over the edge of the tape as you go. Rinse your brush and repeat until all taped off sections are painted. Now this is important, remove the tape while the paint is still wet. It’s crucial to creating a crisp line.




Wait 30 to 45 minutes for your newly painted sections to dry, then tape off a new set of shapes and repeat the process until they’re all filled in. At this point you might be happy and ready to call it a day. I opted to do a second coat because I’m crazy like that. This time around I kind of swirled my paint around instead of using clean strokes. Once it dries there’s more depth and unevenness, which makes it look more like stained glass.




When you’re through remove the paper guide from the back of the plexiglass and have a good look. There might be an edge here or there that could stand a little touchup. Now it’s time to make your window happy! If there’s a ledge you might want to simply lean your work of art against the window, or use glue dots around the edges to make it a little permanent. Either way, voila!




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A Dozen Ways to Decorate Eggs + Bing Rewards

At some point my Easter focus shifted from shoving chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps into my face and onto the art of decorating an awesome egg. My mom and I have had a tradition of dyeing a dozen or two together each spring since I was little. I love our time spent together, but our go-to has been a box of Paas most years and I’m ready to mix it up a bit. Last year we branched out a bit by creating some ombre striped eggs and this year I’d love to take it even further.




With Easter less than three weeks away, I started looking for my perfect project by doing a little research on Bing which is now iOS compatible. I recently switched my settings on my phone to make it my primary search engine, and to take advantage of Bing Rewards . Create an account for free and earn points that are good for gift cards to your favorite stores and other rewards by doing  searches. There are new opportunities to earn points daily. That’s right, earn points towards gift cards for projects you’re searching – magic.



A bunch of colorful options popped up immediately and I narrowed them down. (I don’t like eating hardboiled eggs, so keeping them edible wasn’t necessary.) I ended up with a dozen keepers that are in the running and currently being passed on to the deciding deity – my mom – for a final decision. Which is your favorite?

ROW 1:Hibiscus Dyed Eggs // All-Natural Dyed Eggs // DIY Easter Egg Decorations    ROW 2: Marbelized Easter Eggs // Easter Egg Pinatas // DIY Kool-Aid Easter Eggs    ROW 3:DIY Gold Leaf Eggs // Watercolor Easter Eggs // DIY Fruity French Easter Eggs    ROW 4: Marble Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid // Dot Design Easter Eggs // Sharpie Tie Dye Easter Eggs

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Moving Prep

Among the long list of things required for my upcoming move is prepping my house for sale. Oh, the intimidation. I always knew I wouldn’t be in this home for that long in the grand scheme of things, so most updates and decor decisions were made with that in mind. The few places I strayed were my guest room, my front door, and my hall bath – which I  painted a Tiffany blue the weekend I closed on the place. While I love the pop of color it brings to the windowless room, I realize that potential buyers may not feel the same way.


National Painting Week Teaser-1-Design Crush

PHOTO: Better Homes & Gardens

When Sherwin-Williams asked me to team up with them once again for National Painting Week I knew this was the room that needed my attention most. My goal was to have it blend in a bit more with the rest of the house’s relaxed and muted palette while still retaining the feel of being light and open. The wall color was close to the above blue, but kickier with a touch more green. (Just trust me for now.)


National Painting Week Teaser-2-Design Crush

PHOTO: dustjacket attic

The way I saw it I had three options. One was the obvious route of straight-up white. There’s something innately refreshing about a blank canvas, and surely that would appeal to buyers when they were trying to envision themselves living here.


National Painting Week Teaser-3-Design Crush

PHOTO: Canadian Home Trends

The second was a neutralizing grey. Something light with some yellow undertones for warmth that would pull in the dappled brown floor tiles. Plus, nearly everything goes with a good grey.


National Painting Week Teaser-4-Design Crush

PHOTO: Better Homes & Gardens

The third option would be to stick with the blue, just tone it down a bit. Blue bathrooms always seem to have a spa-like quality to them that no other color comes close to.

I’ll be sharing my full bathroom reveal April 7th. will be sharing inspiration, ideas, and more to get your creative juices flowing for your own painting projects all week long so be sure to check in. There will also be projects from 14 other design bloggers celebrating National Painting Week, so get ready for things to get colorful!

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Poppy Barley



Poppy Barley could not have reached out to me about their made-to-measure footwear at a better time. I’d just returned from a conference where some errant cream puff filling had left my lone pair of knee-high boots stained beyond redemption.

The premise behind Poppy Barley is you design, you measure, we deliver. By creating made-to-measure footwear you’re guaranteed to have a great fit – and if you don’t they’ll go back and remake them! I was intrigued and all in.




About a week later their measuring kit showed up in the mail. Inside was a measuring tape, a foot measuring guide, and a selection of leather swatches. I got right to work figuring out numbers for all facets of my lower legs and feet with the tools Poppy Barley had given me, and entering all of that info into their site where I had already decided on the Uptown Boot. I went with Kaki on Kaki coloring because I believe a good medium brown boot can go with just about everything.




When my boots showed up several weeks later (as is to be expected with custom-make shoes) I was ecstatic. As I opened the box and removed the cloth bag containing my new footwear the warm scent of leather greeted me. I immediately took one out, slipped my foot inside, and zipped it up. Like butter doesn’t even do the experience justice – these bad boys fit like a glove.




They have the perfect amount of room in the calves, which is always my problem area when it comes to buying boots. They’re also the perfect height for this 5’2″ girl. My Poppy Barley boots really do look and feel like they were make just for me.

Through March 31st receive $50 off your own pair of made-to-measure Poppy Barley boots!



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Photography: Caroline Cohenour


Time to Brag: Kolo’s Noci



So let’s get real. I love talking about my pets, an embarrassing amount really. I adopted my two oldest cats, Roxy and Peanut, when I was in college. I have almost an entire photo box full of their first few years of life, but then this thing called digital photography happened. Which meant that a decade later when I adopted my  dogs Piper and Bebe, and my kitten Rainey, everything had changed. Yes my iPhone is full of photos that I will most definitely whip out and gush about to you, but I don’t have any printed photos of my furry loves.



Peanut’s huge, manly tomcat toes make a cover appearance.

I first became acquainted with Kolo as a grad student, in fact I used one of their Newport album as my art direction portfolio right out of school! I love the clean lines of their photo books and the beautifully smooth, high-quality paper within. I swear, they have the ability to make even mediocre photography shine.



Just hanging out in a clothes basket, as you do when you’re a cat.

Kolo has grown as a brand since being founded in 1999, and now offers a great range of products. What really stood out to me is that they can “load” an album for you. You upload photos to their free unlimited photo storage, fill the album of your choice with the images, and Kolo prints it all using Canon technology with stunning clarity and color trueness for a super reasonable price. Trust me, these are not the cheesy photo books you’re familiar with. They’re quality in every way, including the environmentally friendly raw materials used in all Kolo products.



Piper uses those amber eyes to get every single thing she wants.

I filled the Noci with 24 photos of my five furry children between its Ivory covers. This was my first experience with Kolo’s Canon printing and I’m completely impressed. Not only do the colors pop right off the page, but the paper feels substantial and luxe. The Noci is the perfect size to create a brag book or remember a specific event, or for business it would work great as a small portfolio or product catalogue.



Bebe playing boss on Halloween and Rainey snug as a bug in a rug.

You’ll also be happy to know that most of Kolo‘s albums are available as printed books or as classic albums where photos can be swapped out. The Noci Original is the same price empty or loaded, which is crazy! My plan is to eventually have several of these cloth-bound albums lining a bookshelf in the fantastic color palette offered, they all work really well together because they’re designed to.



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Spring Update: Minted Art



It’s been almost a week since the last snowfall, so I’ve decided that spring is definitely almost maybe here. Probably. Anyway, I thought I’d do my part to urge it on by starting some spring updates around the house.

My first refresh is the art in my master bedroom, because it’s been several years since I hung a large-scale photograph by Kelly Lynn Jones above my bed and called it a day. This room is my sanctuary and I really wanted to add to that vibe, especially considering my office is directly across the hall.




I went with four prints from Minted that gave me that daydream-filled, relaxing feel that’s so necessary to helping me unwind at the end of each day. The color palette helps reflect it as well, while the white frames I chose for all four pieces hold everything together cohesively.




To keep things interesting I made sure to select varied sizes – 30 x 40″, 24 x 18″, and 16 x 16″. To be honest, this is the most art I’ve had in this bedroom. Ever. I was nervous that it might start to feel cluttered or just be too much but it really isn’t, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Staredown by Amy Carroll // Salinity Now by Denny Holland // Aperture 4 by Susie Allen
// Grass with Seeds by Jorey Hurley

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Warby Parker Spring Collection 2014



I look forward to Warby Parker‘s seasonal frames like some kids look forward to Christmas morning. After years and years of contact lens wearing that began in the 7th grade, I’ve reverted to wearing glasses most days. My eyes feel incredible, more relaxed than they have in years even after hours behind my laptop screen. And let’s be honest, I love all of the affordable stylish frames.

The spring 2014 collection features six everyday frames and three pairs of sunglasses. I went with the Marcel in Aurora. The frames are large without being too large, and round without being too round. In other words, they don’t overwhelm my face. And the dark tortoiseshell is a great dappled whiskey brown that makes my hazel eyes pop. It goes without saying that they’re become instant favorites – I’ve worn them every day since they arrived! Now I’m eyeing these Absinthe green Quimby frames for sunny days this spring.








Disclaimer: I received a pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses. As always, all words and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Design Crush going!


An (Imaginary) Holiday Appetizer Party

Brought to you by Samsung. Click here to learn more about Samsung Home Appliances.

I’ve always wanted to throw a party that’s strictly about appetizers. Think about it, they’re one of the best parts of any special meal and you can typically fill up on them alone. Oh, and my definition of an “appetizer” is basically anything that can be eaten in three bites or less, which leaves plenty of room for interpretation and inspiration. The good news? You’re invited to my imaginary holiday appetizer party! (All links and sources at the end of the post.)



First let’s set the mood with plenty of simple touches. Ice lanterns lining the front walk and a tinseled wreath on the front door. Rustic vases full of berried branches. A festive backdrop for photos and plenty of white paper pendants suspended from the ceiling. Even miniature handmade wreaths for party favors!



The best hostesses always offer a beverage as soon as you’ve walked in the door and they’ve taken your coat! I like to offer a selection of hot and cold, boozy and non-boozy, that way you’re sure to have something for everyone. Most of the beverages above can be made in large batches, making it super easy to use pitchers and allow your guests to refill at their leisure. And of course allowing you to actually enjoy your own party!



When entertaining during the holidays, I like to purchase one or two special pieces for the occasion and rely on everyday pieces for the rest. In this case the purchases are small wooden appetizer forks, napkins and a festive cheese board. Otherwise it’s easy to stick to basics in our white, black, gold, and wood palette.



Last (but definitely not least) are the appetizers themselves. I think the rule of one plate of apps to every two people invited is a good rule to go by. Again, here I like to have a good mix of savory/sweet, soft/crispy, hot/cold, etc. Lots of these recipes can be prepped a day or two ahead of time and popped in the refrigerator until you’re ready to either warm them, assemble them, or set them out for guests. That equals less stress for you and a get together you can not only enjoy, but participate in. Happy Holidays!

Birchwood Vase – Better Homes & Gardens
DIY Mini Holiday Wreaths – The Sweetest Occasion
Ice Lantern Kit – Terrain
DIY Tinsel Garland Wreath – Creature Comforts
Paper Pendants – Serena & Lily
Snowball Curtain – Cox & Cox

Boozy White Hot Chocolate – The Little Ferraro Kitchen
Cranberry Orange Gin Fizz – The Messy Baker Blog
Spiced Sparkling Cider – The Best Remedy
Mocha Coffee Punch – She Wears Many Hats
Peppermint Eggnog Milkshake – The Merrythought
Pink Peppermint Russian – Kleinworth & Co

Arrow Forks – Sucre Shop
Be Merry! Cheese Board – C. Wonder
Gold Foil Cocktail Napkins – C. Wonder
Heath Serving Platter – Canoe
Hot Drinks Glass – Create & Barrel
Leopold Coupe Glass – Cocktail Kingdom
Mercer Burst Salad Plate – Crate & Barrel
Mingle Bar Glass – Crate & Barrel
Nico Platter – Crate & Barrel
Old Dutch Copper Tray – Overstock
Porcelain Serve Platter – Target
Wood Topped Ice Bucket – West Elm

Apple, Sweet Potato + Bacon Turnovers – Savory Simple
Baked Brie with Roasted Cranberry Sauce – A Couple Cooks
Cranberry Crostini – Cookie and Kate
Lobster Crostini – What Katie Ate
Mini Caramel Apple Hand Pies – Freutcake
Pumpkin Cheesecake Phyllo Straws – Rachel Cooks
Pomegranate Jeweled White Cheddar Cheeseball – How Sweet It Is
Cranberry Curd Tartlets – Martha Stewart
Zucchini Chips – Food Fanatic
Pumpkin Butter S’mores – Wit & Vinegar
Spinach Hummus + Sweet Potato Goat Cheese Quesadillas – 24 Carrot Life
Spiced Apple Chutney and Cinnamon Swirls – Great British Chefs

All photos copyright of their respective sites unless otherwise noted.
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Gifting with Pickwick & Weller

There’s not much better than a super soft, great fitting tee that goes with everything. If you haven’t already, meet Pickwick & Weller. Purveyor of affordable boutique-quality tees for men and women that are made right here in the USA, Los Angeles in fact. Friends Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Donahue, and Matt Rowe created the line in 2012, with a name inspired by Charles Dickens’ first novel – The Pickwick Papers. Pickwick & Weller has tees for him and tees for her, great basics to layer under winter clothes or wear alone.

I picked my favorite tee for girls and guys and chose a few gifts I think would be great go-withs! And get this – a discount of 25% off an order of $50 or more when you visit Pickwick & Weller through this link! You’ll take a brief survey about your shirt preferences, and then receive a discount code to use during checkout.



Clockwise from center: The Harlan by Pickwick & Weller // Classic Canadian Mittens // Marble Clutch // Open Scarecrow Ring // Plus Blanket // Pepper Mill and Salt Grinder // Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate Set // Short Arc Earrings // Totem Necklace



Clockwise from center: The Christian by Pickwick & Weller // Dopp Kit // Brass Money Clip // Antiqued Brass Bottle Openers // Alarm Dock // Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker // Great Expectations Flask // Twig Wall Hooks // Push Pencil

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Gifting with Baba Souk

Sometimes you find that perfect shop – let’s call it the sweet spot – that not only fits your own taste and style, but where you can also find the perfect gift for just about everyone on your list. That’s Baba Souk. Full of color, pattern, and inspiration, all under the online roof of an indie boutique.

And they’re helping to make your holiday shopping that much easier by offering a 15% discount with the code designcrush through November 30th! (Thanks, Baba Souk. You’re definitely on Santa’s Nice List this year!)











This post is sponsored by Baba Souk. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush going!