Drawing For Dogs


When artists use their talents to give back I swear my heart grows three sizes. Hannah Rowlands is using hers to support Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and the animals who are there waiting for their forever homes. For £12 (about $19.50 US) Hannah will draw a custom portrait of your dog and donate £10 of the proceeds. She’s accepting order requests until December, the perfect gift for a dog lover! (via Creature Comforts)


100 Book Covers to Fight Illiteracy


Belgian graphic design studio beshart brought together 100 artists from 28 countries for the 100 Book Covers to Fight Illiteracy project. The goal of the project? Redesigning covers for the 100 greatest novels of all time to raise awareness of illiteracy. You can buy your own, and for each poster sold 5 euro will be donated directly to the fight against illiteracy. When a good cause meets great design you really can’t go wrong.




Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Abby Trys Again

01/ I love this Charlie Brown wreath made from tree trimmings
02/ super well-designed pop-up trash + recycling bins
03/ I had no clue disposable loaf pans existed, perfect for gifting
04/ the most insane ornaments + trimmings roundup
05/ learn how to make the perfect omelette in a baggie
06/ Mountain Dew + Dorito cupcakes, whoa
07/ pretty field of light blossoms
08/ make these paper gem tree ornaments
09/ love these revamped Virginia Woolf bookcovers
10/ the storybook fantasies of Dara Scully
11/ 14 charity gift sites, add one to your list


Win It: Help Ink

Let’s kick off this week of thanksgiving with a little bit of just that.

Help Ink is a collaborative art project, and with each purchase you’ll be doing your part to help charitable organizations and individuals around the world. Because as much as we complain about the US of A, let’s face it, our lives are good. This morning I’m really happy to partner with Help Ink for a double-doozy giveaway that features two of their killer pieces of art! Now read carefully, because this is actually two giveaways in one and you’ll need to enter each separately.

GIVEAWAY #1 – Good Deeds by Jon Contino
18 x 24″ giclee
40% of profits of this print support Smile Train 

To Enter:
1.  Tweet about the giveaway! Be sure and include the hashtag #HelpInk (ex. I just entered the #HelpInk giveaway over at @designcrush!)
2. Pop back over here and let me know you posted your tweet by linking to it. (Make sure you do, I’ll be cross-referencing!)
3. Do both before Sunday, November 27th at midnight EST.


GIVEAWAY #2 – Live Free Give Freely by Jon Ashcroft
 18 x 24: giclee
40% of all profits of this print go towards Charity Water

 To Enter:
1.  Sign up for Help Ink’s newsletter here.
2.  Leave a comment letting me know you’re subscribed. (I’ll be checking you twice!)
3.  Do both before Sunday, November 27th at midnight EST.


31 Bits

Consumerism that gives back and makes you feel good? Yes! Kallie Dovel founded 31 Bits after a visit to Uganda when she was inspired to help talented women market their jewelry. She brought three friends on board to help and they began purchasing goods from six women every month. Now they’re up to 99 women and a fantastic online marketplace full of beaded jewelry that’s made from recycled paper. You can read more about what they’re doing in Uganda right here. Beautiful pieces for a beautiful cause.


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: mae noelle

You say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday, too! I’m gearing up for a fun-filled weekend that kicks off with happy hour tonight, but I wouldn’t leave you hanging without the usual weekend links to follow.

01/ fascinating composite portrait made using 500 photographs
02/ love this mix-n-match chocolates concept
03/ Milk & Cookies, undulating breakfast food
04/ check out the senseless drawing bot
05/ looking forward to this Eames documentary
06/ movies recast with cats!
07/ it’s the 5th annual Movember, grow a beard for the cause
08/ play HuffPo bingo
09/ now THIS is some serious concealing makeup
10/ I want to try out the online stencil generator


Happy (New York or Bust) Weekend

PHOTO: anne symons



You all were so gracious and supportive when I lost my job last month, it’s only fair I tell you about my next step that begins tomorrow. I’m heading off to New York for a long-term freelance job that will keep me there through the end of the year! Exciting stuff, for sure. I’m subletting a sweet little studio with a full kitchen in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and I couldn’t be more thrilled. After doing a fast tally, I realized I have many more friends in NYC than OKC and I’m looking forward to catching up with every single one while in town. I’ll keep you posted as everything unfolds, but in the meantime I hope you’ll forgive me if things slow down just the tiniest bit for the next week as I get adjusted to my new digs and schedule. Until then, here are a boatload of good things to keep you going.


01/ the Henry Rollins tattoo whiteboard!
02/ knit a sweater, help a penguin in need
03/ create your own wall art for (almost) free
04/ deconstructed map art of Italy
05/ free printable quote posters
06/ homemade pixie stix
07/ another way to buy some damn art
08/ DIY bungee cord bracelets
09/ a knockoff Pumpkin Pie Blizzard


For Will, For Kate

PHOTO: Kate Miss

If you’ve been following For Me, For You these past few weeks you already know that Kate Miss’s boyfriend, Will, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Will has been unable to work since having a tumor removed and has no medical insurance. You can imagine the mountain of debt the surgery, tests, and appointments have put these two under, and now to make things just a little more difficult they’ve had trouble securing funding for his upcoming chemo treatments. As someone who hasn’t had health insurance for more years than I care to admit, this is my own personal nightmare.

While the duo are refusing cash donations, Kate has set up an Etsy shop full of her and Will’s work – they’re both completely gifted creatives – that will benefit their current situation. So if you want to help one of the sweetest couples I know (on the internet), please consider visiting the shop and purchasing a super affordable piece of art. Will, Kate, and I will all thank you for it.