Herstory of Feminism Poster


Marie de Beaucourt created this Herstory of Feminism Poster that was inspired by Victorian book design. It features a rose tree timeline of the year women gained suffrage in different countries, important legislative victories in Europe and in the U.S., as well as milestones of key feminist figures around the world.

As a fervent feminist, I wanted to create a beautiful piece of art that would synthesise key dates and facts and introduce some of the women that have shaped the movement or that embody feminist values. It took a while to determine the information I wanted to include and how to present it (a Jezebel journalist and women’s rights activist kindly proofread it for me) and countless hours of drawing and painting. I obviously didn’t aim for exhaustivity, but tried to include information about all waves and as many nationalities and ethnicities as possible. I hope it will make people want to learn more about feminism and its historic activists and thinkers.




Lindsey Bull


Sometimes an artist and their work come along and you really can’t find the words for how it makes you feel, and that’s okay. Lindsey Bull‘s paintings make me feel caught off guard and the eyes of her figures seem to look right through me. Some days that’s enough of an experience though, isn’t it?








Conrad Jon Godly


It’s really magical to be completely successful at something for nearly two decades, then pivot to a different creative endeavor. In the case of Conrad Jon Godly, he turned away from 18 years of photography to go down the path of oil painting which he’d studied before becoming a photographer. His paintings focus on natural landscapes with thick, heavy stokes of paint that sometimes drip off the canvas.







Kirsten Beets


South African artist Kirsten Beets works mainly with oils on paper, her main subjects and themes focusing on how people interact with nature in a recreational way. Beets prefers to capture scenes from a high vantage point before filling them in with the tiniest details. Since it’s February in Pennsylvania I’m feeling especially drawn toward these warm swimming pool and park scenes, each one represented by an abstract geometric shape.








John Honeywill


John Honeywill‘s paintings of sweets and flowers feel like the perfect thing to share this Valentine’s Day, and honestly I’d rather receive one of his pieces than their subject matter! His tabletop still lifes have a way of making the viewer feel very present in the moment, visually exploring every nook and cranny while maybe getting a sugar craving at the same time.








Meghan Hildebrand


Meghan Hildebrand often revisits the same symbols and themes throughout her work. Simple shapes take on larger meanings, translating the northern coastal landscape she often depicts into an electrifying dreamscape.

Despite frequent reinvention, her works often return to familiar themes – the childhood dream, a sense of journey over land, and the ‘personality’ of place.  Defined points of interest, doorways and inlets, invite the viewer to enter the image and join the narrative.







Talita Hoffman


I’ve had a rough time getting and staying focused yesterday as well as today, and when that happens I find that searching out art that’s semi-abstract helps. It forces me to dissect whatever is happening in front of me in a methodical manner, and that eventually gets me back on track. Right now I’m digging deep into the paintings of Talita Hoffman, an artist from São Paulo, Brazil.








Print Edition: February 2018

Peace by Ampersand Design Studio


Pink Floral Bouquet I by Lisa Rupp


Pirkei Avos Quote by Grace D. Chin


Rejected La Croix – Male Tears by Kate Bingaman-Burt


RUDE by scoobtoobins


Checkered Poster by Garance Doré


Dans le vent by Stephanie Rivet


Desert Poster by Linda Benziger


Measurements Poster by Chickpea Magazine


OK by Anna Dorfman


Javiera da Fonseca


There’s snow on the ground at my house, and these bright acrylic paintings by Chilean artist Javiera da Fonseca have me craving a tropical vacation! The vibrant background gradients have me dreaming of ocean sunsets and cocktails under looming palm trees.