Die-Cut Photo Cards


These die-cut photo cards from Belle & Union are reminiscent of vintage matted photos, with no tape or adhesive necessary to secure them. The hidden message on each of the six cards is the sweetest little surprise. Choose from Honest to Goodness, Just My Type, No Place Like Home, Pretty As a Picture, Sweeter Than Honey, and Work of Art or opt for the box set.






Johanna Goodman / The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings


The Monday after this year’s Women’s March seems like an ideal day to share Johanna Goodman‘s The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings! All women, all fierce, all powerful. Each elongated figure is a collage combining elements of art, design, and architecture with references to cultural artifacts such as talismans, idols, and totems.

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Polly Fern


Illustrator and ceramicist Polly Fern creates whimsical art that could have been made today or one hundred years ago, it’s that timeless. Domestic everyday scenes, city architecture, and portraits adorn ceramic pieces she’s crafted and prints ready and waiting for your walls. Then there are the brooches, the cards, and the holiday ornaments but you should probably just check out her shop for yourself!

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23 Calendars + 23 Planners for 2018

With only 30 days left in the year it’s time to start looking forward to 2018! I’m roughly 110% ready to put the past twelve months in my rearview mirror and make the most of what’s to come. That means picking out a solid wall calendar for my office and a planner that I’ll carry just about everywhere. (I’m a pen and paper person, I have to write things down to remember them.) Do you buy the same one every year without fail or are you constantly looking to try something different?


Fiercely Female 2018 Calendar
2018 Bingo Desktop Calendar // 2018 Wall Calendar


2018 Wall Calendar // 2018 Desk Calendar
2018 Inspirational Quote Wall Calendar // 2018 Stendig Wall Calendar


2018 Yearly Wall Calendar // Aurora Wall Planner
Big Letter 2018 Wall Calendar // Colorbloc Desk Calendar


Floral Quote 2018 Calendar // Gradient Calendar
Ladies of Literature 2018 Calendar // Make It Count 2018 Calendar


Maps of the World 2018 Calendar // Printable Minimal 2018 Calendar
Modern 2018 Office Calendar // Petite Places 2018 Desk Calendar


Tortoise 12-Month Desktop Calendar // Colors II 2018 Wall Calendar
XL 2018 Wall Calendar // XL 2018 Wall Calendar


17 Month Aurora Planner
2018 Composition Journal // 2018 Egyptian Rose Planner


2018 Green Floral Hard Cover Agenda // 2018 Linen Delfonics Diary
2018 Planning Book // 2018 Pocket Diary


2018 Weekly Simplified Planner // 2018 Wise Words Planner
2018 Year Task Planner // Blush 2018 Planner


Botanical Pocket Planner // Chambray 2018 Spiral Planner
Color Block Planner // Icon Hardcover 2018 Agenda


Infinite 2018 Planner // January 2018 Daily Planner
Metallic 2018 Spiral Planner // Modern Petite 2017-2018 Planner


Penciled In 2018 Planner // Penned Posies 2017-2018 Planner
Unsolicited Advice 2018 Weekly Planner // Weekly 2018 Planner


Clover Robin


Illustrator Clover Robin clearly finds delight in all things botanical, a gal after my own heart. At first glance her work left me wondering whether it was drawn or collaged, and you know how I love it when I’m fooled by mediums! My walls are practically begging for a piece of her work to be hung upon them sometime soon.

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Mega Holiday Card Roundup 2017

1/ Season’s Greetings Wreath
2/ Holiday Stamps Foil Card
3/ Peace to the World Holiday Card
4/Mid-Century Modern Joy! Holiday Card
5/ Festive Foliage
6/ Joyful Holiday
7/ Ding Dong Merrily
8/ Fox Holidays Card
9/ Spirit Lake Holidays Set
10/ Season’s Greetings Holiday Card


11/ Happy Holidays Party Food
12/ Holiday Shapes Card
13/ Peace On Earth
14/ Happy Christmas Time
15/ Embroidered Doves
16/ Santa’s Sleigh
17/ Evergreen Wreath
18/ Winter Wonderland Blind Impression Card
19/ Deck the Halls Card
20/ Merry + Bright Greeting Card


21/ Holiday Centerpiece
22/ Merry Holiday Ribbon Letterpress Greeting Card
23/ Merry Little Holiday Card
24/ Christmas Village Card
25/ Happy Holidays Kraft Card
26/ Oh What Fun Letterpress Greeting Card
27/ Potted Evergreens Holiday Card
28/ Season’s Greetings Holiday Card
29/ Foil Stamped Happy Holidays Card
30/ Cozy Cabin Card


31/ Holiday Santas
32/ Pink Christmas Present Card
33/ Festive Reindeer Card
34/ Love + Peace Holiday Card
35/ Joyful Circles
36/ Give Water
37/ The Big Bauble Note Card
38/ Noel Boat
39/ Enchanted
40/ Penguin


41/ Floral Detail Monogram
42/ Greetings from the North Pole Postcard
43/ Holiday Feast
44/ Have a Very Merry Christmas
45/ Birds of Cheer
46/ 2017 Holiday Cards
47/ Snow Globe Tree
48/ Happy Holiday Hibernation to You
49/ Feline Festive Risograph Card
50/ Christmas in the Village


51/ Frosty Leaves
52/ Tropic
53/ Gold Christmas Jumper Card
54/ Indigo Meowy Christmas Greeting Card
55/ Winter Shibori
56/ Foil-Stamped Gather Good Hearts Near Card
57/ Christmas Feast Greeting Card
58/ Snowy Owls
59/ Holiday Wreath Circle Letterpress Card
60/ Merry Bird Card