Happy Weekend


01/ This DIY wine cork trivet encourages my wine habit. I like that.
02/ Ten famous writers and cocktails.
03/ Kinda digging this chain lock door necklace.
04/ Accessory meets technology with the Bulavkus USB drive.
05/ Pretty nutso over this neon themed wedding.
06/ Yay or nay on this DIY Double Chain Ring?
07/ I can think of few things better than a jar of cake.
08/ These wonderfully impractical public benches are indeed wonderful.
09/ Paint chip table runners are aces.
10/ I want to make these DIY brush glazed mini bowls for every gal I know!


Happy Weekend

01/ Paper + thread garland that’s perfect for every party!
02/ Loving these vintage knitting needle bracelets.
03/ How to DIY a hanging daybed, the easy way.
04/ Radiators that double as art.
05/ Genius photographic specimens.
06/ Reconfigured sheets of music.
07/ This homemade marshmallow crème has me drooling.
08/ I’d love to make a lap or ten around this rainbow panorama!
09/ Love this gentleman’s journal! (Thanks, Erin!)
10/ Cheeky urban plant tags.


Urban Geodes

You can go ahead and file Paige Smith’s urban geodes project under Things I Wish I’d Thought of First. Paige has been installing these metallic paper structures that mimic mineral formations in spaces in buildings and holes in pipes all around Los Angeles. The joy lies in their unexpectedness and the fact that they might be easily missed. Check out Paige’s map of their locations (12 so far) and hunt for them on your own! (via Got a Girl Crush)


Before I Die




Artist Candy Chang has put up a great installation at 900 Marigny Street in her neighborhood in New Orleans. During the course of one month and seven hours she turned the side of an abandoned house into a giant chalkboard to help people remember what’s important in life. If you’re in the area stop by and add your two cents to the Before I die… piece (she even provides the chalk!). {via The Bedlam of Beefy}


Happy {Super Bowl} Weekend

James Acklin

+ February desktop wallpaper love: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

+ My hair is the perfect length right now for this yarn-tied messy bun!

+ A map of NYC’s subway system goes musical.

+ Ben Wilson’s rad chewing gum art.

+ Crazy potato soup that tastes like chili cheese fries!

+ Oh yum, a Strawberry Milk Cake.

+ Desktop cornhole!

+ Best. Pencil. Ever.

Happy Weekend!

{One guess who I’m cheering for in Sunday’s Super Bowl!}