Seasoned Skewers.

In the summer I love to break out the grill. But the barby is one of those areas that I don’t exactly, well, excel. I inevitably forget to marinate the meat ahead of time and wind up with a flavorless dinner. That’s where Seasoned Skewers come in the picture. Since the actual skewers hold the flavor, all you have to do is pop some cubed meat and veggies on or even stick a few through a larger piece of meat. Voila, a yummy meal. Seasoned Skewers seem like an all around great product right down to their packaging and web site. Check it out for recipe ideas.


Askinosie Chocolate.

What happens when a criminal defense lawyer is a chocoholic baker on the side? Askinosie Chocolate of course. In May 2005, Shawn Askinosie quit his day job and pursued chocolate making. (His story is a lot more interesting that that, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself!)

I love chocolate. But if it’s possible, I may love good packaging more. And this here is some very good packaging design. The earthy palette and materials feel very true to what Askinosie was originally out to accomplish – honest to goodness chocolate. Not something that been processed to there and back. Everything feels just rustic enough – like it came to you directly from the source.

Oh, and I bet the chocolate is pretty yummy!


Marcio Simnch.

Innovative. That’s the best word I can come up with to describe both Marcio Simnch’s photography and site design. Simnch’s photos display gorgeous models in an incredibly simplistic form and the end result is breathtaking. The design of his site reflects this perfectly, completely eliminating the need for scroll bars and using minimal navigation.


Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle.

Between now and November 4th (Happy Birthday to me and the election!) you’ll see posts about politics occasionally. Like this site – Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle. Keep clicking away on the screen for different ways Obama is out to help.

I’ll stand up and say loud and proud that I happen to be an Obama supporter, but I honestly don’t care what side you’re voting. If a post sways your opinion in the end, or helps you choose a candidate that’s fantastic, but I’m posting them for the sheer creative force displayed.

:: via roadside scholar


Eco-Friendly Wooden Cards.

Well, technically postcards. These eco-friendly wooden cards from Night Owl Paper Goods are beautiful and such a novel idea. The postcards are a product of sustainable-yield forest management. The wood is cut thin and very little power and no water are used in the process. According to Night Owl, the wood grain varies from card to card, creating something that’s one of kind for every print. The earthy colors used add to the eco-friendly feel very nicely. I’d love to come home to one of these waiting for me in the mailbox.

Besides their awesome wooden cards, they’ve got a nicely-designed site working for them. Love the little owls in the logo!


Fallen Vodka.

Fallen“prefectly imperfect” – vodka is selling the idea that imperfection is so much more interesting than perfection – and in a vodka, that equates to a much more complex taste than we’re used to. Not only that, but it’s available in three different forms: first, The Innocent – smooth, with distinct rum overtones; then The Hero – clean, powerful and rather zingy; finally, The Outlaw, which can only be described as like tequila, but actually drinkable. And when you’re finished with the bottle, you don’t want to toss it because it’s a piece of art in itself. Cheers!



I want to live inside one of these pop-ups on WhippetGrey’s website. If you want to see, quite possibly, the most clever website design ever check it out asap. The online shop is filled with a lovely selection, but the website is really truly original, with each section illustrated by a 3-D pop-up book that represents each room of a house.


Vitamin Water.

I first started drinking Vitamin Water when I was living in New York a few years ago. Ever since then I’ve been a loyal consumer of the tasty beverage. And yeah, the clean packaging and quippy sayings on every bottle help out.

I just found a new flavor yesterday – XXX – and it’s my new favorite (sorry power-C!). The triple-X is for the triple dose of anti-oxidants you get in every bottle: acai, blueberry and pomagranite. (Not porn. Sorry.) It seriously smells and tastes like a melted Slush Puppy, but it’s actually good for you.

The web site is great, too. Not only the design, but the dialogue. More quippiness, like this for multi-V (lemonade with a-zinc): you are not an emotionless, single-minded robot (if you are an emotionless, single-minded robot, you can stop reading now). you are a human being. you wear many hats. you dance many dances. and you try many things. things like using a swiss army knife in a medievil sword fight. vitamin-packed, multi-v helps you keep your horizons broad.


Aaron Jasinski.

Aaron Jasinski is a self-proclaimed artist/illustrator/musician. I’m really digging his illustrations and his web site design at the moment. It’s very minimalist meets organized chaos. Does that even make sense? I doubt it. The navigation is really unique, too. Anyway, it’s really cool and you should definitely check it out.